1.5 hour strategy workshop - £1k
Hi all,
I thought i'd share an interesting workshop I ran recently - hopefully it's helpful for someone else who has a similar challenge or brief!
The client is a large charity and this was their brief:
Produce a short vision statement for our future digital fundraising and engagement and the required transformation over our strategy period (they obviously shared context of their org strategy etc).
I split this up into two stages: 1) Vision & 2) Required Transformation.
Here are the exercises I ran:
1️⃣ Vision
➡️ Lightning Demos (this helped us focus on the market and the team created some really great How Might Wes). We clustered these to use as stimulus for the next exercise.
➡️ Vision Statement Drawing. People drew their vision statement and presented back to the group. I was mindful that if we asked people to write them they would get caught up in the language rather than the overall concepts. We asked them to share their vision and gathered the main themes.
2️⃣ Required Transformation
➡️ We then essentially did a Lightning Decision Jam which I don't need to explain!
This was a fun one to run but I was very worried about timings, we did get everything done on time though which was a relief! I was constantly talking about pace and how it's going to feel like everything is going WAY too fast before and during the workshop and I think that helped a lot! They just could not get people together for longer but all worked out ok!
I've had some really positive feedback from the client and recently ran a training session for them too so hoping to run more sessions with them next year 😁
Shout if you have any questions! 😀
Louis Childs
1.5 hour strategy workshop - £1k
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