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Can someone help me? Where can I find the speed run challenge video?
Has anyone watched it? In the classroom the title is linked to the same video twice. I've been looking for this speed run challenge everywhere. Do you know where it is?
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@Eva R yay 👏
Sales Call Tracker? I need a template
Hi all. I need a spreadsheet tracker for long term tracking of my client calls that didn't close yet. Does anyone have something I can copy? At the moment I just have a folder with a doc for every client I contact and a long series of dates and notes. I have to go in and open every folder and scan down to the notes. A spreadsheet would be much better but I've never made one before.
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It’s a bit composed.. otherwise just use a Google spreadsheet and have some basic columns for info and follow ups
Everybody wants $10,000/month+ BUT.......... what do you NOT want?
What are we heading AWAY from? If 10k/month is our ally, who's our enemy? If we're trying to create $10,000/months, what are we trying to destroy? Best answer gets a 20 min Zoom call with me 👇🏼
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Debt 💸
Besides making a great YouTube channel...
There is likely no better use of your time. You should be studying & taking action in this realm, daily. In 2024 & 2025, I'm going ALL IN on YouTube long form + short form. Long form converts. (This video will get me clients. I can also upload it to Facebook, Rumble, etc.) Short form nurtures. (This video will remind people to watch my long form. I can also upload it to TikTok/Instagram/FB, etc.) 99% of your income can come from a simple YouTube originated sales flow like this: 1) YouTube video --> Freebie Funnel link in description --> Skool Community --> DM --> Call --> Sale. This flow is great for when you're getting less than 5k views per video to really maximize each view. 2) YouTube video --> Calendar link in description --> Sale. This flow is great for when you're getting 5-20k views per video and still want to get calls booked for yourself or for your team to close. 3) YouTube video --> Checkout page link in description. This flow is great for when you're getting 100k views per vid and can't handle so many booked calls and you already have so many people who love you so much they'll buy directly from a checkout page. If you want to improve your YouTube game, I suggest watching this video by Jordan Peterson and attending any/all future live workshops I do with YouTube experts. You must study & take action. Study & take action. Study & take action. One without the other is idiotic. Cheers, Ted
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I’m doing the same. Glad you’re leading the way, I look forward to mooching off your expert investing 😎
⚠️ NEW: If I say "DM me" and you comment below instead, you're banned.
Here's why: This community (5,000 strong) is for people who want to become massively successful in life and in business. We can't have this community turn into a cesspool of people who can't read or can't follow simple instructions. We want this community to be potent. Full of winners. Full of people who can execute on clear instructions to succeed. Failing to execute on a simple instruction like "DM me" is akin to failing a grade 1 elementary school task. Worse, just blindly copying everyone else who comments without actually reading the post means you're acting like sheep 🐑. So from now on, if you comment below when I say "DM me", you're banned. No warnings. Thank you for understanding. Ted 'Pay Attention' Carr P.S. Here is a recent example of what I'm talking about. Insanity.
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It’s because commenting is quite popular on social media these days, I think people are used to that
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