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Best whiteboard to for remote workshops?
Hello facilitators! 👋 For remote facilitation, do you use Miro, Mural, or Figma and why? Do you create templates in all of them? Or do you stick to one? I have realized I am creating different boards across all 3 and think it might be best to consolidate to one. 🤔 Hope this post can also shed light on best practices for everyone when choosing !
New comment Aug '23
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Miro. One board to rule them all 😀
😵‍💫The ugly and uncomfortable truth of why you suck ☠️💩 at sales and what you can do about it
🤔 Wonder why you are struggling with sales? People seem to be interested in your products / services / CV but you are not going anywhere because you do not manage to close the sale / being hired / getting the gig. Yu are doing at least one or more of those things wrong in the following order 👇🏻 - You are in the wrong market. If you are living in a rural area where people need agriculture services and you are selling UX research, you have a real problem because neither people around you need your services nor they see and recognize the value you can provide. You lack product - market fit. - You know the wrong people. Maybe you are in the right market and moved from your rural town to a big city with companies that need UX research, but nobody you know in that market actually needs the kind of service you provide. - The right people do NOT know that you and your product / service exist. Maybe you put your research skills at good use and managed to map out the market and right people that need and would buy your services. It does not help you at all that you know that they exist, their names and positions. What it actually helps it that they KNOW that you exist and that you can help them. - The right people do NOT like you. The right people know you and your services but they do NOT like you. They might find you annoying, pushy, obnoxious, unfriendly, arrogant, boring… whatever reason they might find. If they do not like you, they are never going to buy from you. - The right people do NOT see you as “authentic” and different enough. The right people, even liking you, do not manage to differentiate yourself from your competitors so you are one of the many thousands of service providers out there in that market. You are lacking an edge and and authenticity that can separate you from the many and sorry enough the rest of the conversation will be about “cheaper” and discounts, if you are lucky enough - The right people do NOT trust you. Congratulations if you have managed to come so far! Let’s say that you have manage to overcome all the challenges and obstacles and the right people like you and find you authentic and different enough, but they do not trust YOU as a service provider to do the job because you lack something is very important and critical to them like experience, delivery time, credentials, knowledge, quality…. at this point is never about the product but about you.
New comment Feb '23
@David Newman very good valid points you make. I am all about 100% accountability, do not finding external excuses and having ownership of the situation that is why I always say it is only about you. If you have done everything right and you believe that the issue is timing with a potential lead, then it is a matter of increasing the number of leads and pitches so you manage to find one with the right timing. If for most of them timing, they say, is still the issue I would reconsider that reason: maybe you are talking with the wrong person or you are in the wrong market. Clarity of the message it has something to say about your trustworthiness: if you do not manage to convey your manage properly in the way they understand and feel safe with you, then you are not creating trust, which ultimately is what people actually buy
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I do not even know who Chris Do is.... That is my own personal philosophy I gave been using for ages. But thanks for the he ads up about Chris. I will check him out
Reciprocity Ring workshop
This workshop is perfect when you are looking to leverage the power and engagement of a network or community and have people who are actually needing help with something. The Reciprocity Ring is a dynamic group exercise that applies the “pay-it-forward” principle to your team or group while creating and cementing high-quality connections, by both asking for and giving help to create a culture of giving. During the workshop, participants will be expressing areas where they may need support such as connections, introductions, job leads, mentoring, or skill-building to name a few. In return, the whole group will will rally around them and be able to volunteer their support, creating win-wins and fun for everybody. HOW TO Duration: 1 – 2 hours Venue: a quiet, private space with a big wall og whiteboard to stick post-it notes on Supplies: a white board or flip chart stick post-it notes on, two different types of post-it notes (3 x 5 for writing requests, and 3 x 3 for writing how you can help) and pens to everybody. STEPS 1) Prepare a whiteboard or flip chart with each participant’s name and a space for their contact information and request. Give each member some (5-10) 3 x 5 pos-it notes and a stack of 3 x 3 post-it notes and a pen. 2) In the beginning of the workshop, ask the participants to brainstorm and write down in the 3 x 5 pos-it note their specific request for the group. 3) Gather the group together and conduct a short icebreaker. 4) After the icebreaker, ask all participants, one by one, to read out loud their request and allow each participant to spend 2 – 3 minutes presenting and discussing their help request. 5) After they have introduced their help request, other participants may ask clarifying questions. Participants may then right away input their offers of help, connections, or resources. 6) Help offers can be written on 3 x 3 post-it notes and stuck next to the requestor’s name on the white board or flip chart. Do not forget as a helper, to write your name in the corner of tall the 3 x 3 post-it notes offering help, so the requesters know who wrote it and who they can contact with after the workshop.
New comment Feb '23
@David Burton definitively. I know it is used internally in companies to break out siloes and collaborate and help each other across the organisation
Design Thinking in Telco Domain (B2B)
Hello👋 Do we have any Design Thinking Practitioners who have facilitated workshops in Telecommunication (Telco), Media or Network domain areas ? If yes, what are the different wicked problems you have worked with the workshop participants? How has been your experience? Were you able to see any ideas getting implemented leveraging Design Thinking practices ? Would like to know more about the success story and overall journey to get better understanding 😊
New comment Jan '23
I am afraid I have some confidentiality issues here so I can not share specifically too much but product development and service improvement are two strong contenders here. All the ideas that were actually implemented had something in common: they were aligned with the company strategy, key stakeholders were involved right from the start and we actively involved in selecting and framing the problem (they owned it) and we had a implementation plan already agreed on, so we had a team ready to take over and implement the solution. Without that, you are dead on the water
What is your facilitation portfolio and pitch?
Do you facilitate anything or are you specialised in some particular kind of workshop or event? What kind of events do you facilitate? What would you say if someone would ask you the following: " I see in your LinkedIn profile that you are a facilitator. Umm.... interesting. What do actually do by the way? In which situations would I be needing your facilitation services?"
New comment Jan '23
@Will Stammers I like yours focus on innovation as a starting point
@Kerri Price Keep it simple: "I help teams work better together.". Love it!
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