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Freelance facilitation as an introvert?
For quiet some time I’ve asked myself now if freelance facilitation is only something for extroverts. Especially because of the additional marketing aspect that comes with it which requires additional human contact. Am I right or are there any freelance introverts in this community who are happy with it?
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I love this question, thanks for posting it! I’m an introvert who can act more extroverted for work and especially when I facilitate. I love the aspect of bringing out the best im teams, which motivates me and makes it worth it. As for the marketing aspect, I find that as an introvert I have a tighter group of closer ties…which helps to spread strong word of mouth and meaningful testimonials. The one thing I’ve learned though is I need recovery time after sessions! It’s super important to plan for some down time to recover after a big facilitator effort. So you can recharge.
How to make money doing what you ❤️
"First you solve a problem. Then you help other people solve that problem." (Quote Andrew Kirby) What is the problem you solved? How do you complete this sentence (Template form @Aj Smart ) ? I help (your dream customer) _____________________________ to (the result they want to achieve) ________________________ through (what you uniquely offer) __________________________
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I help small to medium businesses and large corporations to unlock growth potential in their teams and business, through blend of innovation coaching, strategic planning, and creative problem solving. It’s WIP! I’ve gotten feedback before that “facilitation” or workshops are not enough of a value prop. But that’s my area of expertise and passion. 🤷‍♀️Would love to hear others.
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@Katharina Brandenberger Thank you! I love this validation and great call out that what might be obvious or easy to us, is actually super valued. I am going to start leaning into owning being a facilitator :)
Workshop momentum and how to maintain it.
I'm interested to learn from more experienced facilitators about their techniques for keeping the momentum of a workshop going, especially during the end game when the participants might be feeling overwhelmed?
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@Paul Piltz Hi Paul! Here are a few tips and ideas: ✳️ Planning is key, but the plan should be flexible. Decide in advance what’s most important as critical outcomes. During the session you might need to cut/adjust to make sure those outcomes have enough of the team’s energy. ✳️ Show the team the checklist or what they have accomplished and what’s left to reach the deliverables ✳️ Intentionally use a mix of activities, both individual work and group work helps people recharge and keeps momentum going. Include different modes-drawing, writing, moving, talking. ✳️ Energizers that help set the tone. Like if you are doing creative work, do a round of one work poetry. Have folks move around and bring in some play (like pipe cleaners or something to fidget with) ✳️ Clear and simple launch instructions-the group should be able to get started right away on any activities, if not break it down or simplify. ✳️ Start strong- the amount of time can creep and then the end of a workshop can feel rushed….so start strong and keep the first half crisp.
How to overcome the challenge of "not enough time"
Hi all! What are some ideas for a client who has internal stakeholders who are skeptical and say "it is a waste of time"? The internal stakeholders are important to get buy into and needed in the workshop. They believe Design Sprints are "fun" but not productive use of time...from what I gather they have had some past negative experiences. So saying that it works and giving other examples from Google etc. won't be enough for these skeptics! Thanks for any tips!
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Wrapping Up Well
Recently I've been reflecting on how much time we spend setting the scene for a workshop. Most facilitators are very intentional about making sure everyone is on the same page about why they are there, and we work hard to ensure people feel safe and comfortable to engage. However, when it comes to the end of the workshop, it often wraps up in a hurry. There might be an action list created, perhaps a quick whip-around to see how people are feeling, but I'm not convinced that the wrap-up is always given the time (and energy) it really needs to be done well. (And for the record...I'm reflecting on my own practice here...maybe I should replace 'we' with 'me'.) I'm keen to hear how others wrap-up their sessions. Are there specific exercises you use to bring things to a close and encourage next steps are actually taken? I've got a few tried and true methods I use, but I'm keen to give it more focus.
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@Rebecca Courtney Thanks for sharing !love this. Would only add that I've also ended after the Who/What/When with another board of - I liked/I learned/I Will ...that is a personal action from the new way of working they experienced. Usually people liked working in this new way, learned they could do SO much in a short time, and will try it more in the's always a positive last write/read/stick moment that everyone cheers for each other on. And YES to group pic! good for teams to look back on where it all started :)
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