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📍Where is everyone from?📍
Hello Facilitators👋 I'm really curious about where everyone is from. I'd love to make this a mega post where we can see how diverse the Facilitator Club community is. Who knows, you might find a lot more people in your area than you thought! Once I have lots of answers on this post, I want to make a nice graph!
Rebecca Courtney
Jakub Michalski
Benedict Odjobo
Victoria Russo
Germán Suarez
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Pune, India
🚨Start here!
Hey there! 👋 Facilitator Club is THE community for Facilitators or those who want to learn the skill of facilitation, where you can… ✅ Talk about facilitation and workshops (like the Design Sprint!) ✅ Talk about facilitation careers and how to build one (and make $$$ as a Facilitator!) ✅ Share workshop/facilitation insights, experiences, and resources ✅ Ask the AJ&Smart team questions about facilitation & workshops! These documents contain important information about the group rules and getting the most out of this community, so please read through everything before you get started! 👇👇👇 👮‍♀️ Group rules 🚨 💃 How to get the most out of the Facilitator Club community 🕺 Really happy to have you here, hope you love the community as much as we do! Lots of love, The AJ&Smart team 💛
Laura Faint
Rebecca Courtney
Sugandha Chapman
Claudia Spinelli
Marianne Noiman
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Hi from Pune, India 👋 Glad to be part of this club. Looking forward to interact, network and contribute.
What kind of facilitation do you do?
I'm curious to know what kind of facilitation everyone does...? While I recognise that Facilitation Skills/ Principles apply across all types of facilitation, I've seen a lot of posts/comments around Design Thinking, Design Sprints, UX... Apart from supporting facilitators to hone their craft, I do a lot of facilitation in the Community Engagement / Social Impact space. Strategic Planning, Community Consultation, Partnership Brokering... that kind of thing. I'm keen to see the breadth of facilitation that's in this community.
Joao Ribeiro
Vicki Norman
Frederik Martens
Jan Mosedale
Holly MacLean
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@Kerri Price ⁣I'm part of Corporate Innovation team and run various internal innovation programs, at same time do consulting to our business units. I have been facilitating on following topics apart from Design Thinking (as core): ✅ Building Minimal Viable Product ✅ Idea Validation/Experimentation ✅ Innovators DNA Skills / Innovation Mindset ✅ Ideation Techniques ✅ Business Model Canvas ✅ Problem Framing ✅ Innovation Campaigns etc.. On top of this I was engaged in Toastmasters Fraternity wherein I facilitated on ✅ Mentor Mentee ✅ Moments of Truth ✅ Leadership Skills ✅ Building a High Quality team and much more..
Accountability Buddies for Design Sprint
Anyone else in here who bought the Design Sprint Masterclass recently? I‘m looking for a group of people to keep me motivated to complete the course and discuss learnings. A bit like a book club The plan: - We split up the course (probably around 5 parts) - Everyone watches the videos by themselves - We meet virtually every 2 weeks to discuss our learnings (CET compatible timezone) Comment on this post if you are interested 🙋 I‘ll set something up if we find at least 4 people to join 🎉
Abdelrahman Hussien
Caroline Van de Venne
Kumar R
Claus Höfele
Andra Stefanescu
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Sounds interesting. I’m interested. Based out in India (IST time zone)
Looking for a growth buddy!
I've recently embarked on my freelancing journey as an innovation facilitator, and I'm in search of a peer learner. I'm looking for someone with whom I can exchange insights, support each other throughout the process, and share our experiences. I firmly believe that connecting with fellow with the same goals can greatly enhance our performance. If you're interested, please leave a comment, and I'll get in touch with you
Sara Caldwell
Rachel Magasweran
Jonathan Courtney
Claus Höfele
David Newman
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Glad to know you as Innovation Facilitator. I’m interested to be in this journey and share/learn together.
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