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First time course creator buddies?
Anyone else just starting out planning their first course? I'm going to be working on a paid for course over the next few weeks, planning to launch mid June. I've taken lots of Mariah's classes in the past, but this is the first time I'm actually creating a course. I'd love to connect with anyone else who's also just starting out. (I'll be teaching people how to get started selling digital products on Etsy)
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Hey @Lisa Machin ! Yup—first-time course creator here! I have been in a "doing a course" headspace since November and my cart opens April 24. I'm taking it slow, prepping my assets, and getting in the right mindset. As an experiment, I recently ran a 4-day flash sale following Mariah's method. WOW it was a ton of upfront work. So I think it was smart to do that because it reset my expectations for creating a course.
condensing 6 months into 30 days 🙃
Read this article on my website ➡️ | Or listen to the podcast on the Mariah Coz Show ---- I have been head down the last 2 weeks. I mentioned in my last update, how a little idea spiraled into overhauling pretty much everything in my business: ⭐ New website ⭐ New offers ⭐ New content ⭐ New newsletter ⭐ New platforms ⭐ A lot of NEW things! I’m not going to sugar coat it. It’s a LOT of updates all at once. It’s a big project with many moving pieces. I’ve pulled a few 10-hour days last week and that is very unusual for me (you can see my normal day to day schedule in my 3-day workweek breakdown video here!) I’ll be busy this week again as we get everything ready to hopefully go live in a week or so… But I’ve been able to condense what would normally take someone 6+ months to create, into less than 30 days. Specifically because I’ve been telling myself every single step of the process: KEEP IT SIMPLE. Each individual component of this revamp/refresh/relaunch could have easily been a 2-3 month project on its own. ​ I could have spent 2 months on branding and web design for the new site. ➡️ Instead, I stripped down the branding into the simplest form possible. In this new era, I want my thoughts and ideas to shine through, not fancy visuals. My goal for my site is to be able to edit, update, and adjust it as needed *myself* anytime I want, without needing to call a designer or developer for help. This is a crucial parameter for me. This is why we have moved website platforms (a project in itself!). ➡️ Instead of following the traditional website model of having 5-6 individual pages for your services, about page, etc - I developed a format for a 1-page website that does everything I need it to do in one single page (plus a separate page for each product of course). Honestly, who is reading these long multi-page websites anymore? Not me!
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Can't wait for the podcast chat thread to go up!
What are your favorite books?
I find the best coaching and learning simply through reading. I’ve found 99% off problems can be solved with reading. Some recommendations from me: Evergreen affiliate marketing by Nate McCallister Who Not How by Dan Sullivan Slipstream Recent add on Million Dollar Weekend What are your books?
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@Aj Young Awesome! I've read The Big Leap, and the other two will be new to me this year. Thanks for the validation😉
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@Sarah Henson Yes, it's in my post above😉 That's an EXCELLENT book, not only for the content but for how it was crafted. Big fan of her and Alexandra Franzen's work.
bye bye, old me 👋 hello new era!
On Feb 1st I got sick and was stuck at home, mostly in bed for over a week. That day, I started this document - see attached (I'll share the entire 20-page doc in an upcoming video walkthrough)... I started outlining a whole new... everything. Updated product suite + pricing, new courses, lead gen plan, website, automations and more. This spiraled into a separate plan for a brand new newsletter (another 22 page doc)... That spiraled into a brand new content system (and 200+ new high-value content ideas to share with you)... That spiraled into a new website (built on a different platform)... That also translated into revamped offers, new course ideas, and more. (All my planning docs and one sheets really help me tame the chaos in my brain - I'm excited to share them with you as resources soon too.) I feel like I am rebuilding my business from the inside out right now. I wonder if from the outside the new shift will feel as significant as it feels from where I'm sitting. Maybe you'll just see a new website and some new emails and be like "cool, same Mariah, different day". But something about the shift I'm in feels significant to me. More grown up. Closer to how I have wanted to show up for a long time but didn't have the confidence to. I'm in heavy creation mode this month. It's not easy putting together all the assets. ✅ New website ✅ New newsletter and audioletter ✅ New services I've never promoted before ✅ New content It's a lot, but it's all flowing creatively. I'm owning my expertise in a way I've wanted to for years but had so much mindset junk around. I'm not being shy about it anymore. What sparked this whole big project? There was a catalyst. There's always a catalyst 😂 Have you ever had a whole plan for exactly how your year is going to go and then something happens and you're like, "welp, none of this is going to go how I planned..." Yep. One of those. In a moment, I discovered 2024 was not going to play out how I had anticipated.
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I don't love the term "crazy" but I'm on board with "genius." You've always been an early adopter (your words) and an innovator. You have not yet been wrong (at least since I've been paying attention) about the state of doing business online... probably because you're the one blazing the trails. =) Cheers to your new era, Mariah!🥂 (If we have Champagne Clients, can we have Champagne Eras?)
🏆 NEW FREE COURSE! Your First 1KⓇ Mini-Course
Many years ago, I created a course called "Your First 1KⓇ" all about launching your first small product and list-building. In 2024, building an audience and creating your own products has shifted. Today, we're focused on growing our own communities and creating recurring revenue. So I thought, what's the "Your First 1KⓇ" of the new era? ➡️ Get 1,000 free members into your group ➡️ Reach $1,000/month in recurring revenue from a subscription product I pulled together the basics to get started, and I'm gifting it to you as a free mini-course! 🎉 Get started with the Your First 1KⓇ Mini-Course HERE! I'm making this mini-course free for a limited time, so jump in and get started This mini-course even includes a few hand-picked lessons straight from my premium, paid Monetize program - so you can get a sense of what you'll be doing with us inside the Monetize community + curriculum. In this mini-course, you will make some core decisions about your business: - Choose your business model (one-time purchase products or subscriptions) - Choose a pricing strategy that makes sense for your audience size and goals - Choose a profitable product that you'll enjoy delivering, and your customers will love - How to structure a successful subscription offer - How to get your first 1,000 free members - How to reach your first $1,000/month in recurring revenue 🎉 Get started with the Your First 1KⓇ Mini-Course HERE! Let me know your #1 takeaway below! 👇 (*this is NOT any of the same curriculum as the original Your First 1KⓇ course - this is a simple way to get started with creating a free group or a paid subscription type offer. Even if you've experienced the original Your First 1KⓇ, you will want to check this out for some fresh ideas!)
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I loved YF1K! Excited to see the new iteration.
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