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Tips for Virtual Facilitation
Would love to hear some tips or strategies used to keep audience engaged during virtual facilitation.
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@Kyle Newsam Hi Kyle, Please allow me a technical question: These presentations / slides next to you while you speaking - how do you do this? That looks so fancy! I would love to know how that works!
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@Kyle Newsam Thanks for explaining! I check it out and then come back in case I have more questions ;)
Difference between the coach and facilitator
Hello, fellow facilitators! I visited a friend who is a team coach and a question arose: What is the difference between a team coach and a facilitator? What do you think?
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@Simon Tratnik Perfectly put. I totally agree.
This is How I Get C-Level Clients
Discovering new clients doesn't always involve direct sales pitches. In fact, I've found that the best way to get new clients is not by trying hard to convince them. What does that mean? I've been working in the innovation business for 15 years. I know that it's crucial to keep making your product better by talking to customers regularly. For us who run workshops to help customers solve their problems, those problem-solving workshops are our products. So, to get new clients, I reach out to successful senior managers on LinkedIn, like C-Level, SVPs, and VPs. I ask if I can spend 15 minutes learning from them about how they solve problems inside their companies. If they agree, I curiously ask a lot of questions about their process. Why do I do this? - People like feeling important, like heroes. They like being asked for advice. So, I give them what they want, and that makes it more likely for them to say yes to my request. - Sometimes, they just tell me how they solve problems without asking me anything. That's okay - I still learn a lot. - Most times, they ask why I want to know. When I explain my approach, I often hear, "You didn't try to sell anything, but you've sold yourself perfectly." - Success! If you're interested in learning more, please feel free to ask below. PS: What's your approach to finding new clients?
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@Adam Egger Thanks for the example. I think I get an idea 👌. Sometimes it seems so easy that asking some people can bring closure to endless discussions. I experienced this countless times as market researcher and I always felt like 'wow do people pay me for such simple tasks?' lol but I know that it is often not as simple as it looks...
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@Adam Egger Thanks for the swift reply!
5 lessons from World-Class Facilitators.
As the year 2023 is almost over, I'm wrapping up my key takeaways. Grateful for the incredible insights gained from top workshop facilitators, through my podcast UXYZ and the Inner Circle Mentorship at Aj&Smart Sharing my top 5 lessons from these maestros: 1️⃣ Silence speaks volumes - Not intervening is an intervention 2️⃣ Trust is earned, not demanded - Build it before seeking it. 3️⃣ Fun fuels engagement - "People just wanna have fun" 4️⃣ Empower, don't overshadow - You can help, not do it for them ! 5️⃣ Set, manage, repeat - Expectation management is a continuous effort. And you, what was your main learning this year ?
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haha so true!: Expectation management is a continuous effort. It truly is. And a continuous challenge in stakeholder management :DD
#1 What's the Challenge?
Dear all, I would try to start a weekly board project in which each week a question would be posted and anyone is more than welcomed to leave your feedback below. Each feedback can be seen as a sub-topic that may drive curiosity, interaction, sharing and even help. The following is the episode one and let's how it may flow. #1 What do you currently find most challenging as a facilitator and why is that? The question has a chance to bring together a number of challenges people are facing at this moment /stage on their journey of being a facilitator. People with the same challenge have a chance to know and get together with each other and people with strategies, tactics, resources, stories could step out to share. As the process continues, it could be possible for us to create a collaborative challenge-hack map and we could also have a chance to expect what's coming at the next level / stage of the journey. Feel free to leave your comment below and your interaction with those comments are greatly appreciated.
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@Zhuo Zhang Hi Zhuo, I totally feel you and I would love to see a way how to measure the impact of facilitation - that would make sales sooooo much easier! I worked in qualitative market research and it was exactly the same problem. The impact was rather on a mind-set level for the people who were involved, but it always got harder to convince those who were not involved - since you had to see and feel the results of the research (hearing and seeing people talk about your product/service). But on a ppt slide it was not nearly as convincing. Quantitative research alway had it easier because they had numbers and graphs etc. I think for facilitation it is similar - the impact happens on a qualitative level / mindset and that's why it is so hard to measure exactly. Furthermore there is the human attribution error (people will tend to attribute positive results to their performance - even so it might have been the facilitation that created the results). However, there is always the option to take a small survey with the participants of the workshop/ meeting at the end (e.g. with mentimeter). If you use the same survey questions for each and every workshop you do - you could add up the data and create impressive graphs with it - it's not really valid market research but it might do the job to convince a undecided customer ;)
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