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Gentlemen, just wanted to let you know that Michael gave me the greenlight to extend the Black Friday deals to the end of the month. If you want more details, DM me.
Ethan Anderson
Matt Teuschel
James Ferguson
Jordan Woods
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DM'd you
Want to learn high-status networking? New (Free) Course Here!
Want to know the exact steps @Michael Sartain takes to build his elite social networks? Then here it is! We're giving away a brand new course -- High Status Networking 101. In it, Michael will explain how you can start meeting the "movers and shakers" and incredible women without yacht-loads of money or fame! To get started, watch the Introduction module here: #Introduction Enjoy! 🏆
Steve Estro
Gilean Benton
Adebayo Hanson
Sid Raina
Lars Barnhart
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And the climb up the social mountain begins.
Which is worthy for IG?
I want to get a second opinion on which is best fir IG and why(so I can learn what makes a good picture)
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Jordan Woods
John Rogalsky
Radoslav Kalinov
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New Guy on Board
Hello everyone, I'm new here and I'm just starting the program. I'm Canadian in Alberta and if anyone has any helpful advise just starting out I could use all the help I can get especially good locations for ig photos. Looking forward to learning and growing with you all!
James Ferguson
Ikenna Okoroafor
Ricky Fowler
Kyle Prisock
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Hey I'm James, although I'm not from Canada I believe this is universally useful MOA tip. Tips for step 1- Fix your F'ing insta Finding location isn't going to be the hard part cause you got testimonials (hopefully 1 or 2) in Canada, common or famous landmark and good old google for instagrammable locations. Now the hard part Pick a locations, once you have it look at your calendar and pick a day and time. Try not to change it, change it once or twice and you will alway find a work around to put it off. GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION, permission to feel nervous, take both good and bad picture and above all to try your best. FINAL piece of advice is The first step is the longest but the most crucial so it's fine to take your time but don't put it off forever. The first step is always the hardest. Change comes to those who take Action and were in MEN OF ACTION
Fitness path question
In yall option for self defence, "bodybuilding"-fitness and overall user versatility which is better Boxing Or Muay thai And if you want to Share you journey with your sport of choice or a beginner video for me that would be appreciated.
Trevor Choy
James Ferguson
Stephen Charles
Maxime Cote
New comment Oct 9
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@Trevor Choy I couldn't think of the right word at the time but I'm talking about physical fitness and physique
Boxing update!
I have not been on in awhile.. but while I was gone I finally was able to start boxing! I have been in it for 3 weeks and I am already in love. I thank everyone who two months ago supported me, I am training as hard as possible.
James Ferguson
Shane Gaskell
Phương Nguyễn
Brant Medina
Maxime Cote
New comment Oct 9
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Where are you at? Both in in your training and location cause I want to get into boxing or muay thai and the words of wisdom of somewhere jumped in would help
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Someone who*
Left or right?
I’ve been practicing on shooting camera angles but I still need more practice and added filters any few pointers that could help and what you guys think?
James Ferguson
Eli Hollingsworth
Gabe Saenz
New comment Jun 17
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Left genuinely more eye catching when the vibrancy is highier, although it makes the building in the back disappear a bit but it's still a good picture
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Naaah they all bleach
I want to a service for the community
Hey everyone of MOA I want to ask everyone here to consider if they need a copywriter, a video editor or content creation assistant. If you have need of any of these skills you can alway message me and we can talk further. If your looking for speed and adaptability, I will have what you need.
Thank you for accepting
So hyped up to be the part of this community
James Ferguson
Ty Buchanan
New comment Aug 28
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WELCOME TO MOA and the journey to creating a solid social circle and network.
Caption help
Anyone got a good caption for this photo
Michal Black
Andrew Leung
Eli Hollingsworth
Erwin B
Gabe Saenz
New comment Jul 24
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The Beauty's brought their A game so we crushed it at "X Place" Then tag them
Vetting my photos vs MOA
Yoo I have been struggling with the first step of MOA-Fix your f'ing insta so a talk with some new MOA members and saying F it, got me these pictures. I wanna vet my photos past yall so im only going to post the top 1/2 depending if its a landslide. If you got advice no matter how direct go for it. I NEED it.
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Thomas May
James Ferguson
Immanuel Brandt
Erwin B
Arun Nahar
New comment Jul 20
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@Thomas May even if your not an expert your going to spot a problem with it if you don't like it or if it's off, so it's appreciated either way.
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Thanks for your votes and feedback everyone
Photo comparison
Which of these should I post? Please let me know in the comments below! Thanks!
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Caleb Mangan
Darius Cheong
James Ferguson
Ben Davis
Mason Brown
New comment Jun 13
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I like both personally, but the one walking towards the camera with a cleaner image and has a more personal or natural look to it, in my opinion
Help choosing between two photos
Hi, both of these are taken in the same space but with very different comps. Could I have you opinions on which one to use?
James Ferguson
Jack Anthistle
Resul Bulut
New comment Jul 8
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Hey I personally like the second one better, although I wish you were closer to the camera or you were more of the focus accented by your surroundings. Cause we can see you but it isn't clear.
What credit card do you use for free points on free dinner and flights?
Justin Ross Lee on one of the calls said that if you use the right credit card you can get free reward points that you can redeem for hotel stays and flights. I ended up using the American Express Delta airlines credit card for 2 yrs now but I haven't taken any flights. I transferred my points to a Chase credit card because i can redeem them for restaurants and hotels which means my solo dates are 100% free. My lesson learned was that instead of Amex Delta airlines credit card, I should have signed up for a Marriot or Hilton hotel credit card. Better perks for my dating situation. Just curious what everyone else uses? Hotels and dinners can be expensive but with points, i save myself from spending more money.
Nick Kozik
Sean Wieland
Jairo Lopez
Raymond A
Marcus Aurelius
New comment Jul 4
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@Sean Wieland is there any particular channel you would recommend looking at for this? If so are they US or UK based creators/systems?
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