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New Leaderboard Unlocks
We’ve added new bonuses for ranking up on the leaderboard! - Members of level 7 unlock a free 1-1 call with Michael Sartain - Members of level 8 unlock a free Vegas Immersion Bootcamp spot To achieve high rankings in Skool you need to make valuable posts and thoughtful comments to receive likes. The more likes your content generates, the faster you will level up. These are some huge unlocks. I'm excited to get to know the first person who gets a free spot at Vegas Immersion!
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@Stefan Eichner they will! For each immersion (which we have many of a year), there will only be 1-2 spots open for level 8 members. If multiple members reach level 8 at the same time and chose the same Vegas immersion, then the next members to reach level 8 will be able to go to the next open immersion.
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@Michael Sartain Mine
The quality that women find MOST attractive in men.
It’s not money. It’s not a six-pack or designer outfits. It’s not “game.” And don’t worry, I’m not going to insult your intelligence and tell you it’s “vulnerability” or “emotional intelligence” or “empathy.” We’re not children here. All of these qualities CAN be attractive to the right women, some even for MOST women … … but one quality is MORE attractive to ALL women: It’s the ability to HANDLE SHIT. The ability to SOLVE PROBLEMS. The ability to take the lead, take initiative, and make HER life easier. Fun exercise – ask a trusted female friend if she has ever gotten a little wet watching her man fix something around the house. Bring popcorn. Now picture this … A woman goes out with a man for a night on the town. She arrives at the pregame party and it’s filled with cool people for her to meet. When it’s time to go to the club, the man has already called an Uber. At the club, the man says two words to the bouncer and the velvet rope opens up, no waiting. The table is ready, and the servers have drinks on the way. The club is bumping. There are other hot women and cool guys for her to meet. If any creepy dudes come knocking, the man immediately intervenes, de-escalates, and escorts them away. When it’s time to go, the Uber is already on the way. The man knows a cool afterparty to take her to. MORE cool people to meet. If things get sketchy, he immediately whisks her away to safety. The next morning, the man has tagged her in a dozen cool Instagram stories from he night that she can repost to make her friends jealous for not attending. She had an AMAZING night … and she didn’t have to do ANYTHING. Just dress up and show up. All because the man she was with had enough competence, leadership, and responsibility to step up and HANDLE SHIT. THAT’S the man that women are most attracted to.
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Cold Approach vs. Social Circle … which is better? 🤔
And the verdict is … . . . . . . FALSE CHOICE! Cold approach and social circle are not mutually exclusive. In fact, cold approach is a PART of social circle! “Cold approach” is just a PUA term for “chatting up strangers and seeing who you click with.” Sound’s like a good way to build a social circle to ME. In fact, before the smartphone age, this used to be NORMAL HUMAN BEHAVIOR! You CAN build a social circle without cold approach … but it will take a lot longer. In MOA, we teach a method of cold approach that is actually WAY EASIER than the cold approach you learn in pickup. Why? Because our first goal is to make FEMALE FRIENDS. Not to pump and dump them, but to build a foundation of female friends that give us better dating options overall. How much easier would it be to cold-approach a woman if your goal was not to “pull” her, but to MAKE FRIENDS with her? (And yes, MAYBE pull her if she’s obviously interested.) If you want to learn how build a high-status social circle of incredible women, click this link here:
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3 WAYS to make high-status people respect you without spending a lot of money … 
Be the … 1. CONNECTOR. Introduce high-status people to other high-status people. This could be wealthy people, high-achievers, or attractive women. You want to be the guy who introduces the high-status guy to his next girlfriend or business partner. If you pull THAT off, you get invited to EVERYTHING. 2. SUGGESTOR. Recommend books. Movies. TV shows. Video games. Restaurants. Nightclubs. Podcasts. Comedians. Your favorite Mini Golf course. Countries to visit. Things to do around town. Experiences. “Hey guys, what are we doing tonight?” Don’t be the guy who says “I don’t know, what do YOU want to do tonight?” HAVE SOMETHING TO SUGGEST. This costs you NOTHING other than the effort it takes to acquire this knowledge … but if you were the one that recommended to a high-status person their new favorite thing, they will forever associate you with that positive impact on their lives. 3. CONTENT CREATOR. Get a nice camera and learn how to use it. Or (even less expensive), be the one guy out of a billion who actually knows how to use his iPhone camera to maximum effect. Get a portable ring light so you take the only well-lit pictures and videos from the event. Learn to flatter the subject. Learn to use FaceApp and FaceTune to make everyone look extra attractive WITHOUT looking overly filtered. You can come to the party, talk to NO ONE, then turn around and hand everyone fire content for their social media and branding. Boom. Instant VIP. Which one do you want to be?
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How to create a high status social network in 25 days
If you’re like most career-focused men, you’ve been putting off meeting high quality women for a long time. It’s always “I’ll do that when…”, but the goal line keeps moving. This causes you to put it off indefinitely. Maybe deep down you’re avoiding taking action because you feel like you’re not good enough yet, or you need to reach some sort of material success. But did you know you can date incredible women and make like minded male friends, without any secret sauce? No need to waste money with dates from dating apps. No need to ruin your sleep going to the dive bar every weekend. No need to feel inauthentic cold approaching strangers. There’s a genuine way for you to date the women that excite you the most, and simultaneously make friends with influential men that will push you towards success. In three Fridays from now, imagine walking into an exclusive event with six jaw-dropping women. Everyone in the event wants to meet you. High status men get to know you. Women turn their head wondering who “that guy” is. The next day, your inbox is flooded with messages from women like “it was so great to meet you 😁❤️” This could be your reality in the next 25 days. This is the real result for Men of Action members, and it’s precisely why we have a special for April before the summer months. For this month only, our coaches have been instructed to perform a deep dive on your current life situation and give you direct guidance on how to build a high status social life in the next 25 days, completely for free. To work with us, our coaches must have exceptional results. They started in the same position as you, and have now built a dream social life for themselves with models and high-level connections in their city. If you want to be “that guy” who dates high-quality women and has high status male friendships, then click the link below and schedule a free coaching call with one of our coaches:
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@Phil M Yes it's right here:
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@Jonathon Harbeck yes our team will be able to help you with that
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