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Want to learn high-status networking? New (Free) Course Here!
Want to know the exact steps @Michael Sartain takes to build his elite social networks? Then here it is! We're giving away a brand new course -- High Status Networking 101. In it, Michael will explain how you can start meeting the "movers and shakers" and incredible women without yacht-loads of money or fame! To get started, watch the Introduction module here: #Introduction Enjoy! 🏆
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Lars Barnhart
New comment 2d ago
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@John Arshadi Fixed!
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@Savva Altman They need to meet YOUR criteria, so think hard about what that should be
We're giving away Instagram Audits!
The most critical thing when it comes to building a high-status social circle is a great Instagram page. If you don't have a good profile, then you (quite literally) do not exist. People will be creeped out by you the moment they land on your page. Don't be that guy. Have a profile where people continue scrolling and want to meet you because of the access you show. Sounds simple, but the tricky part with Instagram is the nuances. You should be showing access to scarce resources, but don't brag. You should act like a cool guy but not look like a tool. It's enough to make your head spin. But that's why we do Instagram Audits with every new Member of Men of Action, and it's why we're giving them away for free just being part of this group. All audits are done by MOA coaches who are vetted personally by Michael, each having a minimum of two years in the program. In the audit, we will give the personal feedback you need to build an incredible profile that matches your goals. And it's completely free! All you have to do is reach level 2 by getting five likes on your comments and posts here in Skool. When you reach level 2, the link to request your audit will unlock in the courses section here: #Get your free Audit here So make posts, comment on others, and engage in the community to unlock your free audit!
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New comment Oct 21
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@Erwin B We enjoy creating a community of like minded people and bringing men out of social poverty. Some people end up joining our flagship program which has a ton more to offer when it comes to learning high status networking.
How to skyrocket your IG engagement... new MOA addition!
Today we are releasing a new Telegram engagement group exclusively for members of this community! This automated platform will help grow your Instagram engagement by leveraging the Men of Action community. How it works: Engage with other members' posts by liking and (thoughtfully) commenting on a list of posts received from the bot. Then post your link and get the same engagement! You can do this for old and new posts on Instagram. Reels, videos, carousels, and pictures are all supported. To get started, click this link:
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New comment Aug 30
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@Facundo Winat please reach out to John Hindley in the Telegram group. If you click “Rules” his account will be send it a private dm
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@Thomas May no, just start posting now. No one is perfect
I brought 60 models to a fashion event
Hello gentlemen, Last month, I hosted a fashion show in Munich, Germany where I brought around 60 girls. This opportunity gave me massive status boost and really high quality IVE. Here’s the event video: I joined MOA about 4 months ago and right now for me inviting female friends to an event isn’t a problem at all. In fact, so far I have 4 events (2 parties and 2 photoshoots) lined up in July on four weekends. I just followed the 4 steps of MOA to achieve this: - Fixed my IG initially, learned to use light room and photoshop - offered value to the event organizers and hosts (also to other MOA guys) in the beginning to create content for others and volunteered at other people events as @Anthony DiRico suggested in a call Now I hangout with the celebs/influencers of the city: models, tv hosts, event organizers and bloggers etc. Also I am getting invited to very exclusive events where the quality of people is really high. My social life has been transformed and status elevated during the last few months. Looking forward now to push even more boundaries with a simple philosophy in mind “give, give, give, give and keep giving so much that you make people dependent on you and you’ll not even have to ask for anything” ~ Alex Hormozi Cheers! Add me on IG: @anskhalidm @Michael Sartain
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New comment Aug 17
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Nice work Ans 🙌 🎯
Hiccup for building a list. possible Spamming Behavior??
Hey guys has anyone gotten a message like this before when building up a list? I’m currently on Step 2 of the module and working on my 2k plus list by using the search bar and going through tag location and searching profiles like that. It seems that after a certain amount of search activity, I get this message and the loading display appears with no content that pops up for me to go through. It seems to limit me from search people on IG via location tag. @Michael Sartain @Grant Jordan @Billy Kumar or anyone who may have any insight regarding this issues that they could share is much appreciated.
Billy Kumar
Erwin B
Paul Keahey
Anthony DiRico
Brian Morris
New comment Aug 15
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If you do the same action repeatedly in a short time they’re going to flag it. There’s a cool off time period so just start again later.
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@Erwin B No - when you see this message just stop whatever you’re doing and give it a 1 to 2 hour break. We see this all the time when it comes to sending DM‘s, you just need to stop right when you see the message and let it cool off. Otherwise Instagram will think you are a bot.
Reporting spam
We focus on keeping this group clean and fun. We actively turn people away who harm the community because we want to avoid spam like every Facebook group. We encourage friendships, and will ban solicitors. That means if anyone DMs you from this group asking about your problems with something, or they’re trying to hop on a call, or it just seems off, they are trying to sell you. Our team actively checks EVERY profile. We scan websites, Instagrams, bios, etc. We’ve been in this space for years, and we know the tactics of solicitors in online communities. If you are caught doing these then you will be banned without warning. If you have a business, but you aren’t trying to solicit members here, then you’re perfectly fine. Please report suspicious activity to @Guichard Casimir, our community manager, or @Anthony DiRico, our assistant head coach. By doing this you make the community better for everyone and help us create a clean learning environment. Thank you.
Steve Estro
Carl Lane
Will C
Kyle Mullaney
Marko Vaskovic
New comment Jun 9
Female Friends
Just been doing outreach on Bumble and in real life. My lead magnet is offering a meal at the place where I work. Money is tight and especially online I want to make sure the girl is real and not psycho. With Bumble one girl got pissy about splitting the bill....I'm not dating lmao. But does this make me look bad/cheap? If I meet a girl IRL I need to enhance my IG and then exchange socials, I frankly don't like using bumble and don't want to pay the premium add ons. In real life it's been a split of girls think I'm asking them out on a date. A couple others have been down. I'm putting myself out there. I'm not 100% relying on cold approach to get dates. Would rather get warm leads and then close them. PS I do have a couple warm leads where I work. I don't want to stick with one girl for the rest of my life ideally. PPS I'm kind of talking outloud. I think I know what I need to do next if I want to start dating more girls and eventually hotter ones.
Zachery Moy
Grant Jordan
Kyle Mullaney
Will C
Eli Hollingsworth
New comment Apr 29
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I’d recommend always paying for the first date, and don’t date where you work. Instead make her your female friend. Watch #Step 4: Choose Female "Teammates"
Event Invitation
What kind of events do you invite girls to just so that you can open threads with them? How can I find these events, on event-brite?
Grant Jordan
Ty Buchanan
Raymond A
Stephen Anderson
Will C
New comment Apr 28
4 likes • Feb 22
Invite them to something they’re already going to. So you’ll need to find out what that is with IG reconnaissance
Finding Models
How many followers should the models have at least (for the 2000 list)? Or do they just have to be beautiful?
Gilean Benton
Savva Altman
Eli Hollingsworth
Justin Lubert
Will C
New comment Apr 26
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They just have to meet YOUR criteria. Michael will have a different criteria than you, so think hard on the type of people you want to meet. #Step 2: Create a Hot List
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@Savva Altman For that they just need to be attractive. Some women in NYC have 600 IG followers and are private but they know every important person in nightlife because she’s attractive.
Building our list
Hey, I am building my list - but how important is the girl's location? Like not important at all? Of course I can't invite a girl to the movies if she lives on the East Coast, but... Generally we search in / around our city but don't care if some aren't local?
Steven Harris
Grant Jordan
Gilean Benton
Eli Hollingsworth
Will C
New comment Apr 26
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Most of your list should be of people in your area. The size of your “area” depends on geography. A city 100 miles away may be too far for LA girls but perfect for small towns. But yes, you can have people on your list in different cities. For instance, if you really want to meet them or you plan on going there someday. But focus on people closer to you, then expand.
Hello to all of you
Hello, thanks for having me here. First of all, i'm not sure if y have a place here, i do think so, i don't know if i can elaborate, i know here we are men of action, not a therapy group. Regards
Grant Jordan
Jorge Luis Torres
New comment Apr 20
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Hey Jorge welcome to the community. Yes we are men of action but we all start somewhere. You got this. I recommend checking out the High status networking 101 course here #Introduction The recommended podcast section will also be really helpful #*Required* - Dan Bilzerian
How to meet women if approaching is not an option and have no female friends?
I am trying to make a new circle of women but dont know how to start. Any tips reaaaaaaly appriciated so i can get to work.
Usama Riaz
Eli Hollingsworth
Grant Jordan
Ty Buchanan
Will C
New comment Apr 18
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This guy is one the come up, so you may have heard of him -- Michael Sartain. He teaches exactly what you're looking for. You should check out his website
Affiliate Dashboard
Why was the layout of the Affiliate Dashboard changed? Now I can not see how much new sales I made/waiting to be owed. And also I can not see how many calls or opt-ins or sales I have. It only says clicks & leads. In what way is this suppose to be better for affiliates? Because less conversion information now makes it harder for me as an affiliate to market effectively.
Grant Jordan
New comment Apr 16
0 likes • Apr 16
Hey Jonathan, we made it more simple. Calls wasn’t a good indicator and payouts are sent the first Friday of every month now. Optimize your campaigns for leads
First 4 steps
Hey, I'm working on the first 4 steps. Still a newbie. Spoke with Tristan, and I'm joining MOA June 1st. I realize we always need to be doing the first 4 steps... But do I need a list of 2,000 (female influencers) ready before joining? Must I have 9/15/30/100 great IG photos before starting? I'm exaggerating slightly but I hope you get my point. Should I just focus on steps 1 and 2 until I join? Do I need them "finished"?
Eli Hollingsworth
Gilean Benton
Grant Jordan
Fabian Fox
Justin Lubert
New comment Apr 13
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No you do not need to complete the first four steps to join the program.
HUGE Content Drop Inside!
The wait is over… Some of you have been asking for this for a very long time. Well, now it’s here. We have officially launched the High Staus Vault, which houses EVERY free training call Michael has ever done. Most of which was completely lost until now. There’s nearly two years’ worth of content here, and we will continue to update it. In addition, we will periodically add more valuable content to it that will ONLY be available to this group (the first planned expansion we have is incredibly exciting). To access it, you only have to reach level 4 here in the Forum. To level up, you need to get likes on your comments or posts, which means you have to create engaging content. So make posts and respond to people’s questions! HINT: The more valuable the content is, the more likes you will get. So think hard about what to post. Oh, and by the way, we are giving out a secret bonus to the first five people who reach level 4 🏆
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Sebastian Lex
New comment Apr 9
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