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Do you guys take professional cameras or IPhones?
New comment Sep '23
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iphone is all you need. Get a ringlight to go with it 100% mandatory. But "more" is always the answer. Got $20k burning a hole in your pocket? Get a good camera.
Marriage Discussion
Greetings, gentlemen, I hope you're all well today. I'm here to discuss a matter close to my heart, a conversation I had with my wife that I believe warrants your insight. I usually keep such matters private, but I've come to value the wisdom and perspective of this group, which is why I'm sharing it here. To provide some context, my wife and I have been undergoing counseling, and we've received varying opinions from different psychologists, including the esteemed Dr. Jordan Peterson. Despite our differences, we have a strong foundation, especially when it comes to our responsibilities and commitments, particularly as parents. The essence of our recent conversation revolved around the advice from these psychologists and how we can apply it to our relationship. We acknowledge our compatibility, which makes these changes challenging. However, I took the initiative to suggest that we should work on achieving certain goals together to foster continued growth in our relationship. Her initial response took me aback. She mentioned that it was my fault, asserting that all I do is focus on the children and spend time with them. I responded by reminding her that we were discussing these issues precisely to find solutions. I asked her what we could do differently to ensure that we continue to evolve as a team. Her reply, somewhat frustratingly, was that I needed to stop placing her last and make having a wife a priority rather than an option. She then walked out of the room. I must admit, I was quite upset at this point, but I decided to take some time to reflect, which led me to seek your valuable perspectives. My confusion stems from why she wouldn't engage in a discussion about potential solutions that could benefit us both, rather than placing blame solely on me. I acknowledge my part in our challenges, but I'm puzzled as to why we couldn't focus on finding clear, mutual solutions. I eagerly await your thoughts and insights on this matter. Your input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for listening.
New comment Jan 11
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I'm not married, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. You seem very level headed, I would envy the level of control you have already demonstrated. Well done. Is it possible that, in the course of looking for "solutions", she doesn't feel heard/appreciated? I would appreciate the direct, cold hard logic to problem solving and I don't care if my feelings are hurt as long as we solve the problem. But she may not feel heard. Perhaps patience and a kind ear may move you closer to a real solution. Michael Sartain speaks of the ego. Like, if someone has a huge Ego (she does by your description) the ego loves to fight other egos. In my reasoning, if you "let the waves of her emotion crash against you like a rock in the sea" then all the "hot air" she has is sucked away, just like opening the door of a freezer. And then you just have 2 people speaking, without ego. Feeling safe and awareness of the problem must both come before problem solving. (P.S. Ego is commonly there to protect the person from negative emotion.) Forgive the flowery language. But I hope it illustrates my point. my 2c, good luck bro
PLZ does anyone know any legit high ticket sales or copywriting mentor that can help me make 5k to 10k monthly?(plz so i can afford the MOA program)
PLZ does anyone know any legit high ticket sales or copywriting mentor that can help me make 5k to 10k monthly?(plz so i can afford the MOA program)
New comment Aug '23
2 likes • Aug '23
IMO I'd just drive uber OR get into sales. Copywriting is not the shit, unless you're a robot, willing to work for $2 hr, or are the top 1%. I'm an Ex-Copywriter. Cole Cordan for sales, Uber allows you to listen to audiobooks. Everything Ty said above
I'm an introvert. Is this program still for me?
I am interested in MOA for the purpose of radically improving my social circle. I want to interact with high-status men and date hotter, higher-quality women. I'm convinced in the power of having hot female friends for the following reasons: - I've had women who were out of my league pursue me in the past just because I knew one of their friends. - Hot women know high status men - It's emotionally mature. I agree that the binary thinking of red pill philosophy is toxic. However, I am very much not interested in attending most of the events mentioned here. For example, bikini contests, Maxim parties, EDC, clubs, etc. I never enjoy going to events like this. I'm much more low-key. I prefer interesting small-group discussions or beach bon-fires. Does this mean that my goals are not compatible with the course here? That would be a bummer. This seems promising. Happy to spend time and energy on my instagram, but would prefer not to if it's just a waste of time. Thanks in advance for your responses!
New comment Aug '23
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@Brian Hogan I'm very new but that said, I'm networking with girls & guys I never knew was possible before. MOA's been a huge shortcut to creating the social circle I envision. The program isn't good at bringing in average women to your social circle though, you've been warned! (only the hot ones & their friends hahaha)
0 likes • Jul '23
@Brian Hogan HMU here or @gileanbenton on IG
Banging chubby girls that are cute lowers status ?
Feel like if i bang girls that are not overly or super hot it decreasea my status. I am feeling this coretly or am i overthinking? Banged a super hot girl and when she got the information i banged a less hot one she didnt like it. So any thoughts? I am not braging and breaking the rule just trying make peace in my mind and finding a way to deal with it. Somethimes after concerts its relly easy to get some casual sex for no work thats why i like it.
New comment Aug '23
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@Urban Vidmar Did you escalate in a public venue?
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@Urban Vidmar Gotcha. Well if you weren't doing anything crazy - then I'd say that's just going to happen eventually. Reputation is important. Not saying don't sleep with the chubby ones... But if a girl knows you sleep around, she has 10 additional reasons to disqualify you. Maybe she liked the idea of monogamy with you, and now that illusion is shattered, which could be 1 of 100 reasons why she pulled away. Every action is going to have an equal and opposite reaction.
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