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Update with marriage issues
I recently posted about a discussion my wife and I had, and I received some valuable suggestions on how to approach the situation. Following the advice, I decided to give my wife more time, communicate with her, and work towards resolving any problems. However, a recent conversation with her has left me deeply perplexed. After years of legal battles, I finally gained custody of my children from my ex-wife, and I've been raising them alongside my wife's 3 and 4-year-old sons since they were young. This morning, my wife expressed gratitude for everything I've done for her, her children, and her parents who moved from Venezuela. Unexpectedly, she then admitted that what I've done for her and her kids is beyond her capabilities. She confessed that she struggles to spend time with them as a mother would and, shockingly, suggested that I send my children back to their biological mother. She asserted that this would allow our life to return to how it was before. Stunned, I managed to respond by acknowledging her feelings and agreeing to the arrangement, but I emphasized the need for changes in how we approach things moving forward. While I haven't outlined the specifics of these changes, I have a general idea of what needs to be addressed. This revelation has left me lost for words and battling a surge of emotions. Despite my initial reaction, I refrained from expressing anger physically and opted for a more measured response. I'm now in the process of formulating a plan for how to move forward with this newfound information, all while grappling with the emotional toll of the situation.
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@David Mckenna thus is exactly what I believe it is.
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@Elvis Aguirre totally agree I tried a sit down before. She refused so I did it with the kids myself. We have 2 kids together girl and boy. She has 2 boys. I have with my ex-wife 4 girls and 2 boys. 34 year girl, 23 year girl, 15 year girl, 12 year girl, 10 year boy, 6 year boy. That's it lol
My Instagram
Hey guys, wanna share your thoughts on my Instagram?
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Looks pretty good.
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@Eli Hollingsworth yes sir
Status Game
Hello everyone! Am curious: What is your #Nr. 1 advice, to be associated with high status?
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The advice I can give is pick a setting you enjoy. I'm using setting as a means to identify all the particular parts of being associated with high status. In my experience High Status appears to be associated with a multifaceted endeavors. Here are a few examples. 1. High Status Career (Skill Development). 2. Education (self taught or graduate). 3. Social Connection (emotional intelligence being able to connect with differenttypes of people). 4. Physical and Mental well-being (this can immediately separate you because it's visually cued). 5. Integrity Authenticity (say what you mean and try your best to do it). 6. Valuability (this is not a word) I just made it up but. Being priceless or valued by others is a game changer. 7. Rinse and Repeat. These things can go extremely deep but starting off pick one you are extremely good at compared to the others and leverage that. While you work on the next pillar in the line up. Hope that helps brother.
Marriage Discussion
Greetings, gentlemen, I hope you're all well today. I'm here to discuss a matter close to my heart, a conversation I had with my wife that I believe warrants your insight. I usually keep such matters private, but I've come to value the wisdom and perspective of this group, which is why I'm sharing it here. To provide some context, my wife and I have been undergoing counseling, and we've received varying opinions from different psychologists, including the esteemed Dr. Jordan Peterson. Despite our differences, we have a strong foundation, especially when it comes to our responsibilities and commitments, particularly as parents. The essence of our recent conversation revolved around the advice from these psychologists and how we can apply it to our relationship. We acknowledge our compatibility, which makes these changes challenging. However, I took the initiative to suggest that we should work on achieving certain goals together to foster continued growth in our relationship. Her initial response took me aback. She mentioned that it was my fault, asserting that all I do is focus on the children and spend time with them. I responded by reminding her that we were discussing these issues precisely to find solutions. I asked her what we could do differently to ensure that we continue to evolve as a team. Her reply, somewhat frustratingly, was that I needed to stop placing her last and make having a wife a priority rather than an option. She then walked out of the room. I must admit, I was quite upset at this point, but I decided to take some time to reflect, which led me to seek your valuable perspectives. My confusion stems from why she wouldn't engage in a discussion about potential solutions that could benefit us both, rather than placing blame solely on me. I acknowledge my part in our challenges, but I'm puzzled as to why we couldn't focus on finding clear, mutual solutions. I eagerly await your thoughts and insights on this matter. Your input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for listening.
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@Gilean Benton flowery words well taken.
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@Sumedhan Ramesh well taken brother
Building muscle
Which foods do you guys eat for muscle growth and losing body fat?
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Do chicken breast, steak and or protein shakes. Workout 3-4 times a week. If you want be lean in the process take about 1.5 grams of protein per muscle. Eat 500-800 calories over. Include cardio five days a week 45 min treadmill or 3-5 miles.
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Sorry for the chopped writing in a rush
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