I'm an introvert. Is this program still for me?
I am interested in MOA for the purpose of radically improving my social circle. I want to interact with high-status men and date hotter, higher-quality women.
I'm convinced in the power of having hot female friends for the following reasons:
  • I've had women who were out of my league pursue me in the past just because I knew one of their friends.
  • Hot women know high status men
  • It's emotionally mature. I agree that the binary thinking of red pill philosophy is toxic.
However, I am very much not interested in attending most of the events mentioned here. For example, bikini contests, Maxim parties, EDC, clubs, etc. I never enjoy going to events like this. I'm much more low-key. I prefer interesting small-group discussions or beach bon-fires.
Does this mean that my goals are not compatible with the course here? That would be a bummer. This seems promising. Happy to spend time and energy on my instagram, but would prefer not to if it's just a waste of time.
Thanks in advance for your responses!
Brian Hogan
I'm an introvert. Is this program still for me?
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