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Helping B2B service providers create product market fit for their high ticket offering through sales, marketing, and self improvement.

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High Ticket B2B Service Providers: Learn how to hit your first $10K month and scale to reach time, location, and financial freedom.


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How I Survived and Achieved my First $10K Month
I ran an inconsistent lead generation agency for 11 months, never scraping above $5K/month. I pivoted toward lead gen+consulting and made my first $10K month within 10 days this last November - Here are the exact steps I took, with client acquisition strategies, hires, pivots, and timestamps on each major decision I want to take a moment to show gratitude to Andrew! He is one of the first YouTuber's I watched that inspired me to go down the path of entrepreneurship. I don't know if I would be here if it wasn't for him and his videos. I am sure a lot of you feel the same! This will be a long post. If you don’t like to read details or specifics, best that you skip this. BUT, for folks who take the time, I’m pretty much revealing all the pieces that took my business from zero to my first $10K Month. Background (Sep 2020) For context, I had my first sales role out of college during COVID, where I was cold calling for a grocery store hardware and software company. This was not a great time for me. I was very avoidant and just dialed all day. It taught me some of the volume needed for cold outreach, but realized this wasn’t what I wanted to do. During this time I started my first ecommerce brand on Amazon! Selling footrests for office use. This was my first taste of entrepreneurship. (May 2022) About a year and a half in, I had discovered some of Alex Hormozi’s first videos and started to watch Hamza. I realized I wanted more and started to improve my skills and mindset, eventually getting hired at an Amazon Agency for double my salary. It was a great symbiotic relationship as I got to learn more for my Amazon business and the role at the same time. This was my first experience with LinkedIn. I was reaching out to 7, 8, and 9 figure eCommerce brands to set meetings, create proposals, and close clients. The outreach process was all manual and very time consuming, it took me 3-4 hours to send out my daily 20 connection requests and do around 25-50 follow ups. I was working 60 hours+ a week just to create and close enough pipeline. Having to juggle lead gen and closing with the manual processes was a nightmare.
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@Sherwin Yawn Haha, sure is, thanks 🙏 hope you found value in it
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@Owen Sheasby I’ve learned this the hard way. When given 6 hours to cut down a tree, spend the first 4 sharpening your axe. There is no good way to sell or market something that nobody wants. Taking the time to develop product has been game changing
From Agency to High Ticket Consulting?
Anyone has an insight about consulting and high ticket clients? Been pondering lately about switching up how I offer my services, I've started with the agency "format" but it is a hassle to produce quality work for each and every client. But having 2-3 clients where I can over deliver value to, is my type of jam.
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@Benedek Santa Oh thanks for the shoutout Benedek, yeah my post about my first $10K month!
1st rule of online business
1st rule of online business: >> Learn from people ahead of you << Simple, but true. What do you think could be the 2nd rule?
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Be vulnerable
My first business failed... and that's okay
My first online business failed - here are my reflections as to why, and how those failures helped me reach my first $10K month in my business now This year, I forecast I will make at least $120K profit. Even though my current business went through the first 9 months without having product market fit, my first business was even uglier… I had an ecommerce brand selling on Amazon (office footrest and armrests), that all in all, ended up as nearly $30K in the drain. I call it my entrepreneur university as I laugh, yet at the same time, shed a tear inside. I let ads get out of control, and quit before I gave growth a chance to even begin. I still have over 300 boxes in my Dad’s garage today… In this post, I want to share the biggest things that I know led to my failure. However, I also want to share the changes I’ve made (mindset and strategy wise) which has helped me reach my first $10K month in my current business. So, thinking back to the entire year of my old business existence, here’s what I did: -I built a website. -Built tons of Facebook messenger automations without any traffic -Didn’t take enough time to research my product market fit and establish demand -Took too much time (once I decided on a product) ordering samples and being slow to respond to suppliers -Not monitoring advertising daily (at least to start) and turning off campaigns that were not a fit/draining money. -3 months in, I started work to launch a second product…took 9 months to do so. -Started to bring in some revenue…then neglected the business. You know the one thing I didn’t do? Make profit. In fact it was quite the opposite. Big yikes. Ultimately, I went into the business with overinflated expectations of what it took to run a profitable business, and gave up/ran out of capital far before what it took to succeed. You know what I learned? To build anything worth building, it takes time and consistent dedication. Here are the top TWO things that carry into my business today.
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@Aesthetic Hasib Thank Hasib, yeah they are footrests and have tried to get them picked up by office spaces, but have not tried the local mall that is a good idea. I am doing consulting for high ticket B2B services providers now. I help them achieve product market fit
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@Jacky Selemela Hey man, I was there. Taking 5 min to write out a post and just post it. The way to write content meaningful, at least from my experience, is just to put more time into it and get reps. We've all been there, creating content to seek validation without adding value. It just comes to deciding to do more and better and learning from your failures. I'm glad it had an impact on your man! These were big lessons I had to learn the hard way. A great way to make valuable content is to think about where you were a year ago, 2 years, 5 years ago and remember what you struggled with. What you've mastered, someone is still struggling with. And you absolutely have the opportunity to help them. Yeah bro I can find myself struggling with 3 even to this day. Neglect and avoidance "feels" better at the time, when it really doesn't long term. Let's keep at it bro!✊
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@Andrew Kirby I resonate with the way you labeled a term's effectiveness as, "an accurate word to describe reality" I was thinking it helps you stand out and almost creates a movement in itself. Hence the way you have described how synthesizing has a ton of positive momentum. Some of my thoughts was to use a word like "coachsultant" (which already exists) to describe my understanding of how to help some get results faster through a combo of coaching and consulting rather than both separately. Recently I have also tried to find a correlation between sunlight, cold plunges, and raw milk😅a few areas that have been my obsession as of late. I don't think longevity quite nails it and neither does biohacking. "decentralized health" or "decentralization" which is a term used by people I have been learning about some of these topics from is better, but still not there. It's on the tip of my tongue! Maybe something like "reversion evolution" I feel as if the person who is able to effectively "label" not just one trend, but capturing the intersection of multiple trends "the big picture, future based label" is where the real success is. It's like the person who labels it is the crowned as the pivotal historical figure or to exaggerate "the famous archeologist that coined the name of a new fossil" Bit ranty, but I think I'm catching your vibe. Curious to hear your thoughts.
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