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I don't think I'm the only one feeling this.
Hey everyone, so I was journaling just now about my business and such and realize it feels like work to me. For example, it might make me tired, or I won't want to do it, etc(this is being managed and not the point of this post). But my day job(being a personal trainer) doesn't feel like work. And the same was for my previous job working as a meal prepper at a restaurant. What's odd though is I love my online work. I love helping people one on one helping them with their problems. But there is 1 difference that separates my personal training job, from my business online. It's money. One is guaranteed. One is not. With the business I can feel myself constantly worrying about money. But with personal training I don't need to because I know the money will come. And I can tell worrying about the money has lead me to burnout multiple times in the past and even recently after I sent 700 DM's in one day. I think money can be a good motivator, but for me it's leading to burnout, and with the jobs I've had, I never worried about burnout once. Even if I had a 10 hour work day, I would be energized by the end of it. So while part of the goal is to make money, I have 2 questions: 1. Does anyone else feel like they're experiencing what I'm talking about? 2. How can you stop feeling this, or at least manage it to where you aren't worrying about money constantly? Any help is really appreciated, and thank you for reading.
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@Khaled Molla Yea I got my own Personal training job right now. But even with that, it's like in the back of my mind of making money online n stuff. I'm glad I'm not alone on that though
Based on these thumbnails & titles, which one do you think would convert best?
Lemme know your thoughts in the comments. I'll give a brief overview of what my ICP is so you can give an accurate judgement that I might not be able to: 1. 18-40 years old. 2. For this video they have low back pain. 3. Exercise regularly with pain. Also below I have the thumbnails for this video and if it's not much of a bother, could you also rate which one you'd think would be best?
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Based on these thumbnails & titles, which one do you think would convert best?
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@Imaan Miah HAHAHA gotta have fun with the thumbnail sometimes ;) I also thought before & after would be the best format for this as well, but when I was market researching for thumbnails for this video I saw only 1 video do that and it under performed for their channels avg views. Thank you for your feedback though :) I appreciate it
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@Imaan Miah Thank you :)
Do the work
Type 'do the work' if you're ready to work
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Do the work
Roast my offer.
Recently I attended @Andrew Kirby call about the offer, and getting on research calls and stuff. And I want to make sure my offer is specific enough to charge $500-$1000 for my coaching service. Without further ado, here's the offer: "I help people who have pain during exercise & daily life, get rid of that pain, so they can live healthier, pain free lives and not have to worry about injury." I know it's mostly vague on the pain I solve. But I want to try and serve people with all kinds of pain, not just shoulder pain for example because there's a lot of people with different kinds of pain and I know how to get rid of most pains people come to me with. But anyways, please roast my offer.
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@Sherwin Yawn Had that idea, I think I might make the offer in the Dm's only to do just that.
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@Hichem Dahmani True, I've been following him for a while and I could do something like low back or something specific like that and kinda get know as the low back guy, then move over to something else. Though shoulder pain would actually be a lot easier, ah whatever. This is making me overthink LMAO
A one stop shop to beating procrastination.
Hey everyone, so admittedly I’ve been dealing with some procrastination. BUT this post is not about helping me. Rather I want this to be a one stop shop for anyone that has seen a good course, or book, on beating procrastination and put it in here. This way, we can share our synthesis of what we have learned and help each other out for those that are struggling with procrastination. So put in some good resources, I’m excited to seem them!
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@Mikhail Nadeson It's funny how much I get recommended that book. I guess I'm gonna need to re-read that again LMAO
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@Andrew Kirby What would you recommend I do mostly to manage this? What I already said about getting a job to have structure, or something else?
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