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Need some advice from people that make money off YouTube.
Currently I'm watching a creator booth video on how to go full time on YouTube. And ideally, I'm trying to go full time in the next 2 months right before I graduate. And right now I'm trying to figure out the "niche" of what to sell. I already know the niche broadly, and it's eliminating pain in everyday life or exercise, aka injure proofing the body. But I'm trying to decide whether or not I should 1. Either sell a product where I give the solution of injure proofing the ENTIRE body(yes I know how to do that). Or 2. Solve a really really specific solution like knee pain(which I notice is the most common type of pain). And I could be overthinking it, but in the knee pain option, I could add the other stuff to help injure proof the rest of their body. Anyways, any advice would be appreciated. And also if you are in the exercise niche, which problem would you most likely buy(don't bullshit yourself and be realistic). Would you buy a product that promises to injure/bulletproof your entire body? Or would you buy a product that would solve a specific problem like knee pain? I've already got experience and testimonials in both areas, so any advice would be very helpful. P.S - Inside those products I'll also be selling things like consulting, where if people that buy the program still have questions, they can pay me $50-$100 for a call. Is that also a good idea?
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@Tamzid Himel Awesome bro and thank you the advice :)
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@Sebastian Holle Gotcha bro, thank you for that. I'll make sure when I get more traction with my audience that I'll ask them that.
How to network as a YouTuber(need help with this)
Hey everyone, so I know a lot of you guys are actually YouTubers, but I've noticed that I don't really know where to start when it comes to networking with other YouTubers. When I was on Twitter 8-10 months ago it was really easy because people were in my feed, and all I had to do was DM them lick-ity split. But with YouTube, you can't do that. So I'm just curious, I want to set at least 1-2 hours a week with just trying to connect with new YouTubers and make some YouTuber friends along the way. What's your best advice for this kind of situation?
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@Karl Bro So kinda just like scrolling around n stuff? Do you think it'd be a decent idea to DM some of the creators I like or want to get to know(stupid question ik cause ik have the answer, but I'd like others output).
I Need An Ethical Question Answered.
(disclaimer: I have lots of ignorance when it comes to certain things, this is one of them, please be patient with me) So I just had this idea to make more money. I hear if you want to make more money, being more specific and being in a sub niche is good. My niche is basically pain in the body. And currently I'm making a knee pain product that targets literally anyone from a athlete to someone recovering from an injury. Now, ideally I plan to charge this at $149, as it's pretty generic honestly, possibly even lower. But I just thought of something that I need to know if it's ethical or not. The idea is that I take that program I have right now, and make it into 2 different products. 1. Where I have a knee bulletproofing program strictly for athletes and charge $249-$499 easily. 2. AND create a knee bulletproofing program for people working through an injury and charge around the same price, if not even more, or even Athletes working through an injury. Now you might be like: "Well, what's wrong with that?" Here's the ethical bit I need to know. Majority of the programs will be the same, not program wise, but bonus and extra content wise, they will be extremely similar. For example, I will have the same bonuses(maybe some extra stuff), but I would say 50-70% of the other content in there will be the same. Is that ethical? I seriously need to know because I think making those 2 programs would provide lots of value, and I want to help people who are injured and athletes. And I know high ticket people = more money. So what do you think?
I'm struggling to find a sub niche. Any resources or ideas to help?
Hey everyone, so I'll give as much context as possible for the most clarity. Right now I'm probably overthinking a lot of things, but I'm trying to figure out my sub niche. I just finished watching the "picking market" course video in Alex Hormozi's course, and he said to pick a sub niche and niche it down 3-4 times. I picked health. Which I sub niched to fitness, then injury prevention, then to injury prevention for athletes and/or bodybuilders, and marathon runners. I feel like "injury prevention" is too broad, so I'm trying to figure out what specific pain I'd like to solve. I've thought about targeting people that have had certain injuries like ACL tears, or meniscus tears, but idk enough about that market to target it. I do know though that people that do sports, bodybuilding, marathons, or even normal joes get injuries or want some form of injury prevention, or at least know what to do to not get injured. Basically, I have too many ideas and I need to either brainstorm more to narrow down and cut out ideas, or figure out how to sub niche better. What do you guys think? And honestly, if someone is able to hop on a call with me I would appreciate it since I don't have too many ideas right now. And don't be afraid to give me harsh advice. I probably need it.
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@Tamzid Himel Thanks for the video, I'll take a look at it(though I don't do SMMA)
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@Kris Van Nest Holy value comment thank you so much for this :) Luckily right now I think I found it. Basically the fitness niche of fixing pain through exercise(if that makes sense, it's the only way ik how to say it right now.) But dude man, this helps a lot. Thank you for the crazy value
What are ways I can make my knee pain product "unique?"
Hey everyone, right now I'm making my a product I'm going to try and sell at scale and I'm trying to figure out how to make it unique. It may seem like perfectionism, but I'm trying to make the title scream that it will solve the customers problem of knee pain, while also not just saying "fixing knee pain program" cuz that sounds dry! Anyways, what are some ideas that come to mind? I'm trying to brainstorm as many ideas as possible.
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