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Actually dating
Ok so idk if this is something im supposed to be saying but ive been thinking of getting back in the dating game but instead of having women want to talk to me its been nothing but guys asking me to get with their wives or if a woman does decide to chat she has like 2 to 5 kids.... its annoying... any advice on how to switch this up and get better quality women?
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First, fix your Instagram. The reason 99.999% of men do badly on dating apps is that their pictures are garbage. They need to be interesting, make you look good, and show high status.
Presidential suite
Has anyone had any luck securing a presidential or royalty suite for free as a photoshoot location or for a get together?
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the best way in 2023 is for you and a couple of your friends to just pitch in and spend the money. The odds of you getting free hotel rooms is very very low unless you have a travel Instagram with high engagement.
I need tips for bulking
I am 14, 6’0ft tall, and only 150 ibs. I am severely underweight and I need tips on how i should approach a bulk. Should I workout while i gain weight or gain a ton of weight and then workout? If someone could please give me tips that would be great.
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@Hrithik Sangani dude you do not need to buy a workout plan. Eat more protein and fat, lift heavy shit. Consistency is key. It's easy to get lean; building muscle mass is hard. You have to train at least 4 or 5 days a week to get massive results.
Does Preselection only work on certain type of women?
So I know preselection is based on the Mate Copying idea and they've done tons of studies on it. however, I've noticed that some women who were showing very good indicators of interest in person, went cold and even unfollowed after connecting on Instagram. On Instagram I have a few posts with women. Does preselection work better on a certain type like the very attractive influencers or women who go out a lot? Also, I'm in Latin America and I don't know if maybe women are more jealous here in general? Have you guys noticed this? Just wondering your experiences or thoughts
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1- preselection works on EVERY woman. 2- staged photos with bikini models aren't necessarily generating preselection. 3- you can generate so much competition anxiety that you push away girls who are attracted to you. Guys need to be aware that generating preselection needs to be subtle (unless you are advertising for a business or you are a promoter) or you generate so much competition anxiety that a lot of girls won't see a chance with you.
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@Garrett Barry you have to understand how women think and what they look for, and understand how to imply the access to sexual options and dating abundance without necessarily showing you posed with a bunch of swimsuit models who don't know you.
Are these IG worthy?
Do you think these photos convey status and access to scarce resources? Or do they belong to a grinder profile? Let me know if you think I should post them or not.
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Are these IG worthy?
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I love photo #4
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