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Is it weird if I’m going to do step 3 with just 120 followers?
I’ve been working on fixing my IG for the past two weeks, I’ve already posted 6 new photos, trying to convey access to scarce resources ( I still need at least other 6 high-value photos. However, I currently have 120 followers. Is this going to affect the success of the next phases, in particular step 3(inviting female influencers to 6 high-status events)? Thanks in advance for your help and support.
New comment Jan 16
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@Nomi Said thank you brother
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@Dave Joseph thank you
Next high-status event for inviting female influencers
Does anyone know what's the next big event hosted or organized by Michael Sartain? I'd like to invite female influencers from my list.
Is this IG Worthy? Score 1-10👇
Is this IG worthy ?
New comment Jan 1
Is this IG Worthy? Score 1-10👇
2 likes • Dec '23
@Nomi Said I don’t know… I want the level to be always high
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@Jordan Woods yeah I thought so. I asked you just to have a confirm. Sometimes you just need another pair of eyes.
Is this IG Fixed Score 1-10⬇️
Is this IG ready to start DMing?
New comment Jan 20
Is this IG Fixed Score 1-10⬇️
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8, I think you have a solid IG feed and you're ready to start DMing
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@Dj C I would probably hide the like count, since you have 2.6k followers and only 4 or 5 likes per photo. The content, however, it's great. What I really like is your IG feed as a whole. I would try to get some shots in indoor places (restaurants, bars, hotels) to have some variety and to show more access to scarce resources.
IG Comparison, Copy Celebrity But..
I recently started copying the instagram of DJs I want to emulate, however I believe it takes away from my IG and it doesn’t look as good I’ve attached a photo of my current IG along with the one I’m copying Vs My “fix my IG” according to Michael Sartain and Corey chapped Which one should I do?
New comment Dec '23
IG Comparison, Copy Celebrity But..
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The third one is the most captivating. Remember, when somebody comes to your page for the first time and sees your content, those first few seconds when they're on your profile for the first time checking out your content, is the most crucial time to win them over by presenting your page in the most optimized, high-status way possible. The first two IG feeds are just reels of a guy in his bedroom doing some DJ (at first sight, it's not even that clear that you're a DJ. It's just a guy with headphones in his bedroom). The third is a high-status guy who goes to exclusive locations and has a dope lifestyle. If you're a DJ, why don't you set up your DJ booth in a cool location like a rooftop with a stunning view in the background? The best DJs play in the most incredible places in the world. You've certainly seen some dope DJ sets on DJ Mag, Cercle, and Mix Mag's YouTube channels. Those DJs are in exclusive places without a crowd, they play, and it's cool as fuck. I hope you don't mind me being straitforward with my opinion. I think you have great potential.
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