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$44,000 in 18 days With Skool—No Paid Traffic or Sales Calls
***UPDATE: the FULL video is live now → Still in the middle of the launch. But wanted to see if there was any interest in seeing how I generated $44K in just 18 days with Skool. It was less work than you may think. The best part is my calendar is clean without any sales calls. I don't know how to run ads so I didn't use them I could talk about: - How I'm generating traffic on TikTok and YouTube into Skool - How I'm using Skool to sell products (without sales calls) And also the tech behind it: - My automated content machine (Airtable, Zapier & Google Drive) - The backend tech with Skool (Zapier & ThriveCart) If you're interested in an A-Z video (or even a webinar) comment "video" below and I'll put it together. PLUS I'll DM you when it's out. If there are enough people I'll do a full webinar. I'll be doing this in my community. Loving Skool!
New comment Oct '23
1 like • Aug '23
Change "Classroom" tab to "Courses"?
We think "Courses" is more intuitive. What do you think?
New comment 17d ago
0 likes • Apr '23
💯 agree
Who runs a german skool group?
I wonder how many German Skool groups there are already? 🇩🇪✌️
New comment Jan 11
0 likes • Nov '22
@Dennis Kraus Cool! Das klingt super interessant. Bietest du ein Coaching für Physiotherapeuten an? Ich habe gesehen, du hast dich auch für den Black Friday Deal interessiert, also sehen wir uns sicher in der WeTube Gruppe :)
0 likes • Nov '22
@Leah Davis Oh, cool, we share the INTP personality type 🙂 How did you get the idea to look for "eine"? Does that only exist in the German language?
Next video starting/loading...
In a course I'm taking perhaps hosted in Kajabi it shows the next video loading with the circle changing color like a timer- it definitely works to get me to watch the next video. Is this in the works for the Skool classroom feature?
New comment Nov '22
1 like • Nov '22
@Leah Fisch You don't pay attention to the fact that videos are not the only possibility, so it is probably difficult to map this function. But I would also be happy to have this feature, I think it's so much better.
2 Things I Love About Circle that Skool Could Incorporate
Dear Team Skool, I'm part of a Circle group, and though I much prefer Skool, there are 2 things I must confess I do love about Circle. #1) They allow GIF's. In today's day in age, GIF's are a quick & easy way to express yourself... but more importantly, they're FUN! I use them a lot, and so does everyone on my team. Not having GIF's is a little bit of a buzzkill and makes everything seem a bit more serious & dry... (the screenshot below of the cowboy is actually a GIF someone posted in their Circle post) #2) They allow for bigger photos. Skool's photo size in posts is so small unless you click on it, which makes the text the main focus. But what if I want my photo to be the main focus? Today I posted a screenshot and it's all I really wanted to post. But I had to write a lot of text to convince people to click & open the photo. I think Skool could keep showing their small thumbnail in the 'preview' mode of a post, but when someone opens the post, I'd love to see a full size image (as seen in the Circle post pic)
New comment Nov '22
0 likes • Nov '22
Everyone has given their approval for the GIFs and it's very nice that we have them now but I think the photo thing is a good point too. Would be happy about it!
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