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23 contributions to GoHighLevel w/ Robb Bailey
Cool HL feature to save some time with email templates
I don't think this is 'new' to HighLevel, but I just found out about it. To save time when creating email templates, you can save elements and then just paste them into other templates.
New comment Dec '23
2 likes • Dec '23
Thanks Kurt. Good to be reminded of this.
New here
Hey everyon! I'm quite new in this community and am trying to get to lvl 3 as fast as possible so I can start using the database reactivation. Any help is much appreciated and will be reciprocated! Thanks!
New comment Dec '23
4 likes • Nov '23
Go for it. In the meantime Rob has content on YouTube around this.
Thanks to the GHL @Robb Bailey community for helping me move through each level. My family and I have some major transitions occurring in our lives. Our daughter Shekinah is getting married in November, my wife and I are packing and moving to a new home ( we will be empty nesters) and I am preparing for hip surgery in a few months. Also learning and practicing GHL, studying the material in each level, as well as, @Robb Bailey's Elite Membership. In light of all these activities, I am building out a strategy to launch my new agency, not only to replace our household income, but to scale quickly. I did have a "do everything for you" agency and in the day was getting fees as high as $50k. Make no mistake, I am laying a deep foundation so that I can scale quickly and strategically and look forward to sharing those insights and results with this community. To say I am greatful for this community is an understatement! The reason a post this comment is to hold myself accountable before the community and encourage myself to do what I say I will do! For a great plan without execution is merely a dream!
New comment Dec '23
3 likes • Nov '23
Keep us posted @Carl Sarfi ☑️ Here’s to your success 🥇
Sale. Another Sale.
Sold a website on payments for $1800/mo last night. Woke up this morning and sold rep mgmt for $1450. Why is this so easy?!
New comment Dec '23
4 likes • Oct '23
Good grief. Respect is due and given. The universe rewards positive energy providing extraordinary value. Well done Shelby ✨
Business partner or no??
So I'm in the process of getting my AI automations agency up an running full speed, loving GHL an all it's features, plan on using it for my clients. But I'm mainly focused on the AI Chat bot side of things an there's allot to do to get everything up an going so I was thinking about looking for a business partner, someone who had strengths in the areas where I don't an visa versa, I read allot of comments about having a business partner, watched some videos about it, an about building a team. An it's about 50/50. Some people say don't get a partner, some say it's the best decision they made. So I'm kinda stuck I would love to build a dream team of like minded people to help me build a 50k+ a month business. An that idea of having a partner that works as hard as me, an we keep each other in line focused on the goal is awesome but all the bad stuff I heard makes me erry about it What do you guys think? Does anybody have a partner or had one when they started? Is it a good idea or no,??
New comment Sep '23
2 likes • Sep '23
This is interesting. I'm an agency of one - for now - but do not relish the thought of staying that way. But, like sharing a room in your house, it would have to be the right person. I guess you could list your strengths and weaknesses and try and find someone who complements you. Or perhaps go by star signs 😁 In the past I have taken the Wealth Dynamics Test which tests whether you fall into one of 8 categories: Accumulator, Lord, Mechanic, Creator, Star, Supporter, Dealmaker or Trader. Curiously after a lifetime in IT (geek!) it turns out I am in fact a Creator (if you put much store in these tests) which explains that despite the fact that I'm not really good at it (just good enough - not exceptional) I excelled over 30 years by being 'creative' in a traditionally non-creative space. A 'people' person perhaps? Also, if you check your profile here in Skool you will see an option for your Myers Briggs score, which is another personality test (that I have not taken yet but will soon). The creator of Skool has seen fit to include it so I assume it must hold value to Sam Owens. Q: would taking a personality test help with finding a business partner or is it BS?
2 likes • Sep '23
@Kurt Lohmann I know of a couple of guys that partnered. They split the workload into sales & fulfilment, each liked one and hated the other so that was a good fit. So even though your skills overlap, perhaps you could just see what you like / don't like doing?
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