Business partner or no??

So I'm in the process of getting my AI automations agency up an running full speed, loving GHL an all it's features, plan on using it for my clients.

But I'm mainly focused on the AI Chat bot side of things an there's allot to do to get everything up an going so I was thinking about looking for a business partner, someone who had strengths in the areas where I don't an visa versa,

I read allot of comments about having a business partner, watched some videos about it, an about building a team. An it's about 50/50. Some people say don't get a partner, some say it's the best decision they made. So I'm kinda stuck

I would love to build a dream team of like minded people to help me build a 50k+ a month business.

An that idea of having a partner that works as hard as me, an we keep each other in line focused on the goal is awesome but all the bad stuff I heard makes me erry about it

What do you guys think? Does anybody have a partner or had one when they started? Is it a good idea or no,??


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