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Where do you get your leads?
Hey everyone, i have been prospecting for a little bit now and got all my gym leads from d7leadfinder. The issue id that when cold calling, around 70% are bad leads. I want to get another list to test out from a different software. Currwntly i dont get the names of people either, just company names. Let me know what you use 😀
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@Keven Figueira thanks, scraped google maps business and manually went over them to verify. Quality is much better now
Faster A2P registration thought
I had a client I wanted to test everything out for, but on their website they didn’t collect the phone numbers or have a checkbox that says they will be contacted through the data they enter. Getting them to update their website is a pain in the ass because these people are so slow, so I was thinking if I can’t just buy a similar domain to theirs? E.g. and I’ll buy Then i can load a simple website template through GHL, put it live with all the things necessary for A2P and remove it again when I get a verified A2P number. Are there any issues I might run into with this? Do you guys have any better suggestions?
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@Charles Musselwhite thanks for your advice! Makes sense, it’s mostly just for very slow clients or when giving a free trial for example.
DR and Offers
Once you finish sending an offer to the whole list that you have, should you start over at the beginning of the list with a new offer?
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@Cody Landry @Carl Sarfi Just to clarify this as i was going through the comments, but do NOT use a subdomain for this. A subdomain still shares the same reputation as the main domain. You want to create a new domain that is very similar to the main one. e.g. main domain = domain for emails = or . This way your main domain reputation isn't affected and if something goes south you can just get another domain instead of having to throw away your main one.
How do you communicate with clients?
Hey there guys, I'm setting everything up and one of the last things that just popped into my mind was how you communicate with your current clients. Do you guys just use something simple such as Whatsapp, Facebook or Slack or do you have an external software where you can manage everyone easily that potentially even connects with GHL? Let me know how you guys do it :D
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@Nikki H by far the best explanation for this so far! What kind of automations do you use for repetitive questions?
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@Nikki H definitely! Thanks so much!
DR for Real Estate
Hello lovelies, so my DR prospect hasn't signed up yet, (she says after the holidays), which is a blessing really because I have no idea how to charge for this. If anyone is currently working with real estate pros with DR campaigns please reach out. One sale out of a past client list huge, I don't know what that is worth to a real estate agent as far as me charging a fair price. I'm based in USA. Also, thinking ahead, I feel we'd have to charge up front to cover ourselves for if an agent signs up then cancels in the middle of a campaign. Thoughts appreciated.
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You have to charge ahead, but most of them are against paying anything upfront. And how much something is worth to them really depends. You'll have the average house price which could be 500k for example and when they bring a buyer they'll usually get 2.5% commission on close. From there they'll either have to share the commission with their broker or pay a flat fee. So you can calculate it like that. @Ava Hill
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@Ava Hill i have contract but you cant be sure if they closed or not. You also cant take a commission on close or anything like that so you have to charge a flat fee.
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