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Say Hey to the Newbie!
I found GHL a few months ago but have been so confused about how to use the tools to start making money. I am SO grateful I found this group. All of the free resources have been SO helpful and I find myself motivated again like I was when I first learned of the software. I’m so ready to get started, I was up until like 6am just watching videos and taking three pages of notes. Look for my video in the wins tab coming soon ;-)
Deb Shipman
Java Hardge
Susan Bell
Suzanna Kiraly
Cyan Misencik
New comment 17d ago
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    Welcome, an yes this is a great group. Definitely allot of people here that can and will help you if needed
Gym offer
Does anyone have an idea of a good gym offer for a DBR? Or a free week trial thing good enough to attract potential long term members?
Jeron Perey
Nicolas Schill
Amare S
Dylan Kelley
Luis Del Rosario
New comment Oct 6
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    10 day free pass, have the gym create a 14 day fitness plan, offer just a free day to come in and try everything they have, maybe a free class (some gyms have classes for fitness or nutrition) just be creative. Robs videos will give you plenty of ideas
First customer, not ideal, but doing the happy dance anyways :-)
I'm in the UK but will quote the figures in $$$ A few weeks ago I noticed a FB ad that had a great video but was otherwise, not great. The ad went straight to FB Messenger so I messaged him in the nicest possible way 'love your ad but it will never work' and sure enough, 3 days later he came back to me and said 'you're right, yours is the only message I got from the ad'. This told me 2 things, 1. I was right (duh) 2. he had no concept of speed to lead since he took 3 days to answer. Long story short he agreed to a discovery Zoom, after which I did another Zoom with a MCTB + DBR demo, both of which went terribly as GHL was so slow that day. Typical 😑 He runs a video promo company, 2 employees, been in business for over 5 years. With 1 new customer every week he must have a DB of 500-1000 customers, right? Wrong. Turns out he has a lot of repeat business and his spreadsheet has like 70 people in it. Most of his customers are in Outlook installed on his MacBook. His average price for video is $1200 which is way too low, his product is really really good. His business is him, his 2 employees, some Macs, and a spreadsheet. We had 'that' conversation (GHL will save your business) and I eventually sold him a sub-account at $495pm and 8 leads a month at $1000. I say 'eventually' as I pitched him on the 2nd Zoom and he said he would think about it. I caught him as at a bad time (or was it a good time?) he had no sales on a few weeks and was worried about money. The next day he went to a conference and paid $700 for a pitch and got no sales. The next day I got the text (attached) from him saying lets go. This is not an ideal client and if I was further down the road I would have run a mile. He needs too much attention and essentially I will be more like a 'dragon' business advisor than someone automating his sales. However 1. I like him and want to help him 2. I am learning GHL / SAAS / DBR / MCTB etc. so, need the practice (ie, barely know what I'm doing) 3. If I pull this off I will have an awesome case study for my next client 4. Video prod companies could become my niche?
Seth Ward
Diego Leyes
Suzanna Kiraly
Carl Sarfi
Dylan Kelley
New comment Oct 5
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    Awesome...I love reading comments like these. They really inspire me and make me work that much harder. Good job man
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So with the new guidelines are clients still able to send out text blast on the 1st day or does everything have to be approved 1st
Samir Shah
Justin Crane
New comment Oct 3
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    @Samir Shah Thank you, answered my question exactly 👍👍
Business partner or no??
So I'm in the process of getting my AI automations agency up an running full speed, loving GHL an all it's features, plan on using it for my clients. But I'm mainly focused on the AI Chat bot side of things an there's allot to do to get everything up an going so I was thinking about looking for a business partner, someone who had strengths in the areas where I don't an visa versa, I read allot of comments about having a business partner, watched some videos about it, an about building a team. An it's about 50/50. Some people say don't get a partner, some say it's the best decision they made. So I'm kinda stuck I would love to build a dream team of like minded people to help me build a 50k+ a month business. An that idea of having a partner that works as hard as me, an we keep each other in line focused on the goal is awesome but all the bad stuff I heard makes me erry about it What do you guys think? Does anybody have a partner or had one when they started? Is it a good idea or no,??
Don Bethune
Justin Crane
Suzanna Kiraly
Darren Waring
Kurt Lohmann
New comment Sep 29
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    @Suzanna Kiraly Thank you for your feedback. i love getting other peoples perspective on things like this. especially people who have been through it. Everybody keeps saying its like getting married an i been married for over 15 years and its deff been a roller coaster so hopefully any parnership i have aint anything like my real marriage lol
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    @Darren Waring I think the personality test could definitely be a good deciding factor. It would really help with seeing if you an your potential partner are aligned in your goals an outlooks
Ideas for a business name?
Hi! I am just about to sign up for my High Level agency but first I need to select a business name and I thought it would be great to hear any suggestions from the community about name ideas.
Suzanna Kiraly
Bryon Potter
Don Bethune
Mahmoudou Sidibe
New comment Sep 28
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    Dont spend to much time on this part. Thats where i went wrong in the beginning, i literally spent days thinking about what i wanted my name to be and trying to find an available domain to match. Later on i realized how much valuable time i wasted on that part. just be creative and if you have trouble finding a domain try adding the word systems or solutions at the end of the name.
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🔥🚀 Hello Everyone, Oscar Just Landed in the House! 🚀🔥
What's up, everyone? I’m thrilled to be a part of this amazing community! 🚀 My name is Oscar, and I've spent 8 years in the trenches of old-school cold calling real estate investors. Recently, I stumbled upon Robb's YouTube channel, and let's just say, I'm all in for upping my GHL game! 🎯 📞 My Backstory: 8+ years in the trenches of cold calling as a real estate agent. Yep, you heard it, dialing digits and convincing people one call at a time. 📞✨ 📹 The Turning Point: It all changed when I stumbled upon Robb on YouTube. Suddenly, I found myself wanting to build more than just a call list, but a structured, automated, data-driven outbound marketing strategy. GHL caught my eye, and here I am! 🌐💡 🏠 My Superpower: I have a knack for data mining and cleansing, specifically geared towards real estate investors. If you're struggling with data chaos, hit me up and I’d be happy to share some tips! 📊🧹 🙏 Here's Where I Need YOU: I want to hit the ground running with GO High-Level and could really use some of your collective wisdom. So, here’s the deal: ❓ What's the ONE piece of advice you wish someone had given you when you started with GHL? Let’s create a treasure trove of insights right here, right now! Ready, set, GO! 🚀🔥
Mahmoudou Sidibe
Efren Molina
Ryan Andersen
Smily Saini
Mark Heisey
New comment Sep 26
Do you work with insurance agents?
Anyone else here in the insurance agent niche? I believe in the abundance mentality, so I would be open to collaborate and share ideas.
Justin Crane
New comment Sep 23
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    im not in it personally but i have heard good things about that niche.
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new to the community. Working on starting my own SMMA/SAAS agency in the home services niche. Looking forward to connecting and learning here

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