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What is in your facilitation kit? 💼
I would like to create a facilitation kit for on the road and also a organised kit for in house. I'm wondering what kinds of things everyone would put in their kits. I can come up with: - Sticky notes 🗒️ - Sharpies 🖊️ - Voting dots 🔴 - Time timer ⏲️ - ... ...and also where do you put all those things in? Is it a plastic box, a suitcase or something else? Please leave your thoughts in the comments, maybe my new kit is created by all of your input.🙂
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Oh great question!! I have a lot of the same so to not just repeat, I'll add in my "brainstorm box". It's a collection of toys/3d printed fidgets/ multiple textured items I can rely on. I typically use it to set the tone, create an expectation of play, or inject it as a SCAMPER moment (e.g. grab one of these at random, and really think about what you are holding... is it soft? sharp? why do people use it? How to they use it? HMW apply some of those things to the problem at hand...) ALSO a great place to collect all those freebie stickers from everywhere. 😂
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@Matt Ganson LOVE that! I might have to get a little elmo&elsa plushie to bring so people can reach over and grab it when going long.
Time Timer is the worst
A bit of venting: I've been let down last week by my Time Timer (again). I turned out that it doesn't work well with rechargeable batteries. And has no way of knowing when the battery is empty. When it does work, it sometimes beeps twice (or once or sometimes several times – who knows). That's in addition to randomly beeping while having the timer in your bag because the knob to adjust the time sticks out. Basically, I'm tired of it. I've discovered the Secura 60 Minutes Visual Timer as a potential replacement. It's a similar size. I'm intrigued because it doesn't need a battery. The winding mechanism is mechanical (you have to turn it clockwise to 55 mins and then counter-clockwise to the desired time). Anyone have experience with it? (Or have ay suggestion for a more functional timer than the Time Timer).
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UGH - so many devices dont do well with rechargeable - I had hoped to keep smoke detectors on a charging cycle with them but ran into the same issue. One thing I'm curious about... noise. I've got a mechanical timer built into my garage and once you wind it up, you definitely hear the ticking noise as it counts down. If it's more like a watch maybe not a huge deal, but depending on how quiet things get it could potentially be a bit of a nuisance? I'm probably overthinking it - have you tried one of the time timer apps or something like that on a table/screen somewhere?
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@Claus Höfele This is a sticky problem! I'm trying to reconcile not having a low-power alert, while still being a visual timer. The closest I've found is a traffic light thing but that's not a good quantifier HOW much time is left. I went down a rabbit hole trying to find out if there was a hack you could wire in to monitor if the voltage dropped below a certain level... But I keep coming back to maybe we just put in freshly charged batteries at the beginning of each workshop. Maybe there's a way to test how long a fresh charge would last (run back to back timers until it stops) to give us an indication of how long it would run. I might try that soon!
Icebreaker/Energizer Ideas Needed for my workshop
I'm facilitating a workshop for startups. It's going to be an LDJ about how to enhance their collaboration. I need ideas for an icebreaking activity and an energizer, as the workshop will take place in the afternoon right after lunch. I want to ensure the participants are engaged and energized throughout the session. Any suggestions for an activity that can help kickstart their energy levels and create a vibrant atmosphere? Your input would be greatly appreciated!
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@Coco Curry Couldn't agree more! Matching the warmup to the activity is a kinda arcane art I love to get just right. So in this case I'm looking at either connecting to the collaborating part... Maybe something like a shared activity like building a monster (like the game of telephone but in rounds...fold a paper into thirds to pass it around. draw the head first, pass and draw the body, pass and draw the feet... Or perhaps it's a good way to *remind* people how it feels to collaborate, so some sort of activity that focuses on recalling the good and bad about it? Or if that's not inspiring anything... maybe connect it to having just had lunch (being full, sleepy, maybe desiring a sweet) and do some sort of light hearted activity that imagines the perfect dessert, or assign partners to do the same... and if you have any budget you could bring in a treat you pull out at the end!! Have fun with it!
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@Lisa Walker That's awesome!! I love that idea of calling back to childhood. We have a similar activity that asks you first to doodle a picture of a car... and then (to show the power of a good question) doodle a picture of a way for people to enjoy a roadtrip. I'm going to borrow that one from you and try it out somewhere!!
Workshop for ideation
Hi there! I'm very new to facilitating workshops. I'm a UX designer working in a product company and would love to hear feedback. I have planned a workshop (after lots of research) to help a couple teams and major stakeholders to feel like their ideas are heard in-regards to improving our current app navigation. 1. I'm starting with the sail boat exercise. And from the top voted "When it comes to our navigation what is weighing us down" activity, I will reframe the main one into HMW. 2. For the top HMW I will ask everyone to come up with as many ideas as they can. Choose top 5 (bin the rest) and randomly stick on wall. 3. categorise them (to encourage everyone to read them) 4. vote 5. rearrange to with top voted on top. I'd like for it to take an hour. I don't know if it's worth taking it further like crazy 8s or wireframes. Would love to hear any feedback!
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@David Newman In terms of pre and post ideation... Do you get a lot of traction with that? And if you have new ideas come up from participants would you take on adding that to the existing board / setting it up for a follow-on workshop? I've attempted to solicit ideas in between workshop days from those "shower thoughts" when it just hits you... but I've never had anyone bring anything back. So I'd love to know how you set it up / prompt folks for it!
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@David Newman Ohhh interesting! That could be a fun swag type gift - a little idea notebook that has some prompts baked in to serve as a reminder to jot them down... I even wonder if you put it on a lanyard and had them wear it around would that serve as a subconscious way to revisit the topic every time it banged around on things. If you have a gap of a day or two between sessions, would you start off with a collection of previous ideas as a warm up type thing? I'm asking because I'm noodling on the participant experience of "oh crap I didnt think of anything" or the other side of well thanks for the 3 ideas... let's now fit those back into the previous session and get started for today...
The new girl in the blog lol
Hi everyone! My name is Janine and I live in Berlin. Consumer Understanding is my thing - I bring 12 years experience as a market research consultant and currently I am starting my own business to bring together the two of my favourite topics: Consumer Understanding and Workshop Facilitation! I am a curious mind, a seminar junkie and I love cake more than anything. Happy to meet you all and very much looking forward to an inspiring and lively exchange!
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Welcome in!!
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