Time Timer is the worst
A bit of venting: I've been let down last week by my Time Timer (again). I turned out that it doesn't work well with rechargeable batteries. And has no way of knowing when the battery is empty. When it does work, it sometimes beeps twice (or once or sometimes several times – who knows). That's in addition to randomly beeping while having the timer in your bag because the knob to adjust the time sticks out.
Basically, I'm tired of it.
I've discovered the Secura 60 Minutes Visual Timer as a potential replacement. It's a similar size. I'm intrigued because it doesn't need a battery. The winding mechanism is mechanical (you have to turn it clockwise to 55 mins and then counter-clockwise to the desired time).
Anyone have experience with it? (Or have ay suggestion for a more functional timer than the Time Timer).
Claus Höfele
Time Timer is the worst
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