Workshop for ideation
Hi there! I'm very new to facilitating workshops. I'm a UX designer working in a product company and would love to hear feedback.
I have planned a workshop (after lots of research) to help a couple teams and major stakeholders to feel like their ideas are heard in-regards to improving our current app navigation.
  1. I'm starting with the sail boat exercise. And from the top voted "When it comes to our navigation what is weighing us down" activity, I will reframe the main one into HMW.
  2. For the top HMW I will ask everyone to come up with as many ideas as they can. Choose top 5 (bin the rest) and randomly stick on wall.
  3. categorise them (to encourage everyone to read them)
  4. vote
  5. rearrange to with top voted on top.
I'd like for it to take an hour. I don't know if it's worth taking it further like crazy 8s or wireframes.
Would love to hear any feedback!
Cody P
Workshop for ideation
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