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Unlock Multiple Six-Figures With The Power of Automation & AI
Hey guys! I've got a new automation and AI community coming soon. I've been sitting on this for awhile, but to push through that, I'm posting a preview of what's to come. Would love your feedback and level of interest (it will be a low ticket / paid community). - Tech and content are the two best skills you can leverage to grow and scale a business in 2024 - And the No-code Rebel Community is exclusively—the only place where can learn both skills in one place - Many entrepreneurs think they need advanced tech skills, a billion-dollar idea, and investors to succeed in tech - This misconception prevents most people from capitalizing on the lucrative tech product market - Instead, we apply automation, AI, and user-friendly tech to address problems businesses will pay a premium to solve - And we use viral content on social media to rapidly test and market these solutions, targeting both new and existing customers - This strategy allows us to quickly build highly profitable businesses without the need to sell our time for client work - As a result, we enjoy freedom and have a business and life that are both fulfilling and fun Who’s this for? Coaches and consultants - Use our process to take your existing methods, systems, or existing client problem to develop a tech solution. Sell it stand-alone or along side your existing coaching services as enhanced and differentiated value. Very similar to our Kontent Engine DB product for scaling content. Micro SaaS Startup Founders - Build a highly profitable micro SaaS startup is a lot more realistic than trying to build the next Micro SaaS has few startup costs, isn’t risky and its easier to start and build. You just need to solve a painful problem with automation & AI technology. Automation and AI consultants - Take your most common clients and projects and develop a plug-in-play solution that can be sold over and over without any of your time. Package it with your industry expertise to maximize the effectiveness of your tool to increase value to customers and to charge high ticket prices.
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New comment 11d ago
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@Stephen G. Pope oh man I wish you did. What do you use for funnels instead?
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@Stephen G. Pope gotcha. Thank you
Zapier Desktop to YouTube???
I've been trying to figure out how to get a file I put in a folder on my desktop (dropbox folder) and then have that trigger a zap to upload to YouTube. I've tried also auto-sending to a Google Drive first, but i can't even do that. There is some limit to the data. Anyone know a way around this??? I'm hitting a wall.
New comment Mar 27
2 likes • Feb 28
@Stephen G. Pope i was thinkgin that. ok thank you!
2 likes • Mar 27
@Holger Gelhausen I’ve found that zapier and google drive doesn’t restrict the speed that much compared to dropbox
Content machine metro-cool question
Is there a way to use gohighlevel instead of metro-cool? I got to that step and saw the price of metro-cool and was like. uh! metro-NOT-cool
New comment Mar 23
2 likes • Mar 12
@Stephen G. Pope fair enough. but gohighlevel recently added a whole social media scheduling section. that's what i was thinking about.
0 likes • Mar 13
@Istvan Toth it is robust, but you don't HAVE to use all of it. I look at it like a refridgerator of food. each meal you only use some things. but you don't use it all, all the time.
I use Chat GPT pretty much any time I want to use 'AI' kind of stuff. I know there are other types of AI/programs out there besides ChatGPT. Any you recommend for video content ideas, YT prompts, script outlines, etc?
New comment Mar 12
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Gemini. I find it more human than Chat. Also take a look at Claude
How do I build a personal brand?
I run a creative agency called Edittifi. We are excellent at what we do. We have an amazing portfolio. We have some offers which no one has on the planet. But how do I get clients? At this point, we know that Cold Outreach is just kind of dying. So building a personal brand is the best option I guess. But on what should I make content? what kind of videos do I have to make?
New comment Jan 21
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I recommend my free community for this specifically!!! I’d love to have you in there and see how I can help You!
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