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📍Where is everyone from?📍
Hello Facilitators👋 I'm really curious about where everyone is from. I'd love to make this a mega post where we can see how diverse the Facilitator Club community is. Who knows, you might find a lot more people in your area than you thought! Once I have lots of answers on this post, I want to make a nice graph!
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Illinois, USA
How To Run An Effective OKR Workshop (Full Step-By-Step Guide)
Hey Workshoppers, We just released a full video guide on how to run an OKR workshop, including the Miro template! Thanks to @Johan Holst for the amazing work on this one! I love how It turned out. Cheers, Jonathan and the AJ&Smart Team
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@Jonathan Courtney I'll be running an OKR Workshop in 2 weeks! Thank you for sharing this video. I shared a preview of this workshop with the church staff I am working with and they were very interested in seeing how they help to align the work of staff with the expectations of church leaders. I believe this workshop will enable them to gain clarity about where they spend their time, how they lead congregants, and why they offer certain ministry programs and opportunities. If appropriate (and with permission) I'll share some of the OKRs this team creates.
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@Johan Holst Thank you for your interest. I plan to post my full 3-session experience and review to the Facilitator Club board. I hope it is helpful to other facilitators as they continue to provide engaging workshops for the teams, groups, and companies with which they are working.
Ice breaker exec team
Hi everyone. I’m new to this community, but I am absolutely loving everything AJ, smart. I’m hoping to enlist your advice. I’m running a two hour workshop next week on the topic of silos with an executive team within my organization. They will have already had a 90 minute discussion on work styles profiles right before the session with another facilitator. I don’t think they need an icebreaker. With that said, I’m looking for a strong start to kick off the session. The goals of the session are to explore different dimensions of silos (communication, behavior/mindset, systems, etc.) and to get clarity on what they wanna do about it. I’m doing some small group, reflective discussions for goal 1 and facilitated conversation with smaller breakouts for goal 2. I am planning to debrief using the goal 2 discussion using the effort impact matrix at the end. It’s a lot to cover in two hours so that’s another issue. Any advice or feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Jennie
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Hello, @Jennie Shiu . I am currently working with a church executive team and I used the simple activity: ME COUNTDOWN. Each person silently writes the following: 3-unique aspects about their life; 2-challenges they currently face (work, life, family, etc.); and, 1-dream they have. Depending on the size of the group, you could ask them to share with everyone or in smaller groups. This activity gets them thinking, sharing, and listening. At the end of the activity, ask the group: "What was one thing you heard that you didn't know about someone?" Another idea is an improvisational activity called, "YES...AND." To learn more, visit At a previous job I had, we used this activity to begin many meetings to kickstart attentive listening, critical thinking, and appropriate sharing skills. Hope this is helpful.
Facilitation Contract!
Hopefully, this will inspire others to keep working to gain clients. I sent a contract to a client for 3 sessions, starting next Tuesday, November 21! This is, now, my third contract with churches and I am looking to expand into other businesses and organizations. I am grateful for this community where I continue to learn about the art and practice of meeting facilitation, growing my business, and expanding my network. I am happy to share my meeting plan and schedule with anyone who may find it helpful. The three sessions will help the church to: 1. Clarify Mission, Vision, and Values 2. Understand Staff Roles and Responsibilities 3. Implement a "Sending" Culture
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@Julie McManus Thank you for your encouragement!
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Review of Session 1: I began the session with a "get-to-know-you" activity entitled, ME COUNTDOWN. Each person privately writes: 3 - unique aspects of their life, 2 - challenges they are currently facing, and 1 - dream they have. Answers are not specific to their jobs and should help in learning more about one another. This team has been together for many years, but we still learned unique aspects, current challenges, and unspoken dreams. I highly recommend this activity. For this session with the church, I wanted the 4-person church staff members to consider the mission and vision statements from the perspective of stakeholders. I encouraged them to consider as many stakeholders as possible who engage in the work/ministries of the church. Considering these stakeholders, what specific thoughts, actions, and behaviors did staff want FOR them and FROM them based on the mission and vision statements. As you can see in the photos, I invited them to use Mind Maps to 1. identify stakeholders in first level (starting from the center) and 2. determine the thoughts, actions, and behaviors FOR and FROM each stakeholder. Throughout the exercise, I encouraged them to note any gaps and connections with what currently occurs in stakeholders versus what is desired. Once the participants returned to their seats, I asked them to write "How Might We..." questions based on address the gaps and amplifying the connections. One example of a "How Might We..." that led to further discussion: "How might we help others read the Bible with greater understanding?" - This led to an open discussion/brainstorm with the participants about purposeful steps to increase Bible reading among congregants. Ideas such as offering Bible reading classes and take-home study guides. Today, was a lot of fun with lively discussion. There were moments of laughter and introspection, as well as vulnerability and encouragement. Session 2 will lead the church staff to consider their individual roles and responsibilities with the church's mission and vision statements.
The eagle has landed! 🦅✨
After a couple of months of intense study, practice, and Inner Circle Mentorship, I’ve landed my first official Sprint!! I’ll be collaborating during a 9-Week Customer Experience Sprint with key members of an AI startup, providing consulting advice, and helping improve the flow, look & feel, and overall experience for a new digital product. The main goal will be to assist the team in establishing product/market fit and proving traction. Among the many fancy exercises I’m planning for this engagement, we’ll collect User Challenges, perform Task Analysis, and build a User Story Map. I will also help them complete a Lean UX Canvas to establish our testing hypotheses, and document a Product Roadmap to identify and prioritize additional features. The pièce de résistance and main deliverable will be an interactive, high-fidelity prototype we’ll use to get feedback from test customers in several rounds of Usability Testing. I am extremely happy and grateful to the AJ&Smart team, for ensuring I did the deed. Special mention of course to @Jonathan Courtney but also to @Rebecca Courtney, @Tim Höfer, and so many others that pointed the way forward. I also want to give thanks to the many colleagues who helped me to grow, and who took time to practice with me some of these exclusive top 1% skills. Too many to mention, so suffice to say if I forgot you I owe you a tall drink ;) whenever you’re in Florida! Here it goes… Thanx to @Graham Thompson @Julie Taplin @Yash Mehta @Jill Banks @Abdul Salam @Benedict Odjobo @Javier von Westphalen @Ömür Yanıkoğlu @Riya Korah @Tarrush Kapoor @Chrissy Braun @Elli Nikolaou @Celine Tran @Teresa Middleton @Irina Volfson @Michelle Audsley Myers @Kristi Shumway @Keith Wasserman @Sabine Braubach @LaYinka Sanni @Lina Robayo @Luca Terminiello @Alexandra Pinegger @Trevor Wood @Kristen Cattell @Hind Bayane @Laure Duchamp @Bret Koontz @Coco Curry @David Marks @Anat Akiva @Talia Johnson @Chris Davis @Shelley McKeating … You’re All Stars!! 🌟✨
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Congratulations, David. Thank you for sharing your success so that we can celebrate as a community.
Coaching Notes from Practice Session 2 | October 7 2023
*Overall, this was a fantastic opportunity for Community members to practice facilitating Sprints online with other Community members. I highly recommend these practice sessions for all aspiring and emerging facilitators. We are creating a safe environment for facilitators to "get in the sandbox and use the tools" without judgment. **I am happy to provide individual feedback for facilitators, if desired. ***Huge thanks to @David Rovira Kristen Cattell @Laure Duchamp @Hind Bayane @Coco Curry @Irina Volfson @Javier von Westphalen @Keith Wasserman @Michelle Audsley Myers @Kimberli Jeter (please names of attendees that I missed) FACILITATORS | Kristen Cattell, Laure Duchamp, and Hind Bayane · Great, engaging tone and volume! Each participant felt heard and acknowledged when introducing themselves, ask questions, and/or presenting ideas. · Very good presence and confidence with most of the Sprint elements. Each facilitator maintained poise throughout the session and exhibited strong confidence even when faced with confusing elements of the Sprint. · There were noticeable instances of verbal fillers such as “um,” “uh,” as well as, “…and, yeah” or “…but, yeah.” While these fillers are frequently used in everyday English communication, facilitators should learn how to remove them from their facilitation speaking. · Session facilitators should encourage participants to utilize all notes and “How might we” blocks related to each section. - Expect participants to ask questions about both the overall process, specific activities, and session topic/theme. · Begin with an overview of the Sprint process to ensure participants understand where the group is headed. - Briefly explain each section and bring attention to the timing and breaks.
Laure Duchamp
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How much group discussion is too much?
I co-facilitated a full-day, off-site retreat for a company (comprised of nine team members) yesterday. All in all, it went really well. However, the one tricky thing was having to continually tamp down the urge from the team to venture into free-for-all discussion land. I kept feeling like I was the "time sheriff," cutting folks off who wanted to open the floor for group discussion. Any advice on how to allow for some discussion but still keep things tight and on track? Note: We set expectations at the start of the workshop... explaining the concept of "work together, alone," noting that we'd be moving quickly, and showing them/using the time timer.
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Set a time for it (5 minutes). Let the group know that after the time limit, there will be another 5 minutes after the next exercise or meal. This is a technique utilized in higher education to allow for group processing. Sit in on the discussion and listen for certain topics or how someone tells a story or processes the time together. You can learn a lot in these moments that can inform future meetings.
📣🤩 Calling All Coaches!
Our first sessions were a success!! Check out the first outputs, and here are the videos of our first practice! Thanks to everyone who took part, you were amazing! 🤩✨ In this first session we tackled the topic of “Onboarding new employees”, and will continue working with it through the next few weeks, as part of a Design Sprint sequence. Join us!! 😆🏁 💫 Here's the official Schedule of Practice Sessions … Save your spot! ⚡✨ We’re looking for facilitation coaches… All levels welcome! It’s so inspiring having so many colleagues interested and passionate in pursuit of new skills. After a bunch of practice sessions over the last few weeks, we’re convinced that with a safe space and a supporting team, it’s much easier to feel confident and take the next steps. For those of you already experienced in facilitation, consulting, and public speaking, this is a golden opportunity to take your game to the next level. By helping others practice these essential skills, you become a teacher, a guru, a guide. Isn’t that what we’re all aspiring to be? We need your help coaching these fellow facilitators in their next practice session. They need your knowing feedback, to quickly become aware of where they need to improve, and where they are rocking it. They look up to you, and would love the chance in the near future to co-facilitate your next client engagement. Better make sure they’re ready! We respect your time and other commitments, and will only require you to attend portions of a practice session. Spots are limited, and all those who accept the challenge will receive their colleagues’ undying love and appreciation. Help a hero. Be the guide! Tell us, what’s your coaching level?
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@David Rovira Will you please send a video meeting link for tomorrow's gathering? Also, would you like me to send updated information related to the Schedule of Practice Sessions spreadsheet? Thank you!
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@David Rovira I prefer options 1 or 3. Thank you for making these suggestions and for creating a collaborative environment for this group.
Facilitating Change
Facilitation plays a critical role in promoting organizational change. Change is the only constant in today's fast-paced business landscape. To successfully adapt and thrive, organizations must manage change effectively. And at the heart of this process lies the art of facilitation. Here's why facilitation is paramount when steering the ship through the turbulent waters of organizational transformation: 1. Facilitators act as communication bridges between those making the changes and those impacted by the changes. 2. Facilitation enables active engagement which builds trust and buy-in. 3. Facilitators create a safe space for open and honest dialogue which promotes feedback. 4. Facilitators can address conflict from uncertainty and stress. 5. Facilitators are good at tailoring their approach to suit the organization's culture. In the ever-evolving business landscape, change is inevitable. Embracing change with skilled facilitation can turn what might seem like chaos into a well-orchestrated symphony of progress. Facilitators not only guide the organization through change but also empower it to adapt, innovate, and thrive.
Bret Koontz
Jeff Panning
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These are great points, Jeff. Thank you for posting them as encouragement for facilitators. I am working with a local non-profit where I am leading them to work through many of these points (especially trust, honest dialogue, feedback, and organization culture). At times, I feel like I'm the one poking and prodding the team and leading them into uncharted territory...but that's exactly why they asked me to facilitate these conversations!
I am new!
Hello Everyone. 👋 My name is Alex. I am based in Lyon (France). I am new to this club and very excited to take part in conversations around facilitation and sharing tips and tricks to better engage our groups in trainings and workshops. I have started facilitating 5 years ago and boy! It has been a great journey where I found myself always learning and trying new things. It has been a blast but now I am ready to take it to the next level. This is why I am here. Looking forward to sharing with you... 😉
Caroline Van de Venne
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Hello, Alex. My name is Bret and I'm new, too. It will be fun learning and sharing in this community. I look forward to getting to know you and your work.
Introduction to the club
Hello! I am excited to have been welcomed into the club and look forward to both personal and professional growth opportunities. My facilitating career is just beginning after an unexpected job change, and I feel like I've got a ton to learn venturing into this new career. I specialize on nonprofits and religious organizations. I look forward to sharing with this community and learning from all facilitators. I appreciate your expertise and encouragement!
David Newman
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New To The Group
Hello everyone. I am excited to be here and learn more about Design Sprints. I am currently a corporate trainer that focuses on Servant Leadership. I am looking forward adding Facilitation/Design Sprints to my list of services offered. I am also looking forward to gleaning from you all. Have an AWESOME day everyone.
David Newman
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Great meeting you, @Jewell Jones . My Masters focus was in collaboration with special mention of servant leadership. It's nice to see another person in this community who is helping leaders see and exemplify the principles of being a servant. Character matters! I look forward to learning more from you and growing in this club.
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I direct conversations, serve project management teams, contribute to strategic planning, & facilitate content brainstorms, toward effectiveness.
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