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DR Results
Hey Just finished my first DR which I did for a yoga studio with a list of 2.5k people and here are the results: Opportunities: 239 Appt set: 65 Total Lifetime Value: $53,900 System went very smooth and I couldn't ask for more! Almost 10% positive reply rate is crazy! Note to myself and maybe others on how I could've improved the results - CALL UP THE LEADS DON'T BE LAZY! The 65 appts I got are PURELY from automated workflows and just me setting the appointment in the calendar! Use the system, it works.
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@Neil Shah please do :)
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@Craig Liddle use the money generated from the DR to snowball into FB ads and create appointment booking machine on autopilot :)
Hi, I wanted to know if the basic DR set up showed in the classroom can be implemented as is for a client or does it have to be modified quite a bit? I think I heard somewhere in the video that unless you're an expert marketer you shouldn't change it much but just wanted to confirm. Thanks. Jay
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Works fine, just make sure to use words suitable for your niche - clients -> members; appointments -> classes etc.. (example for gym niche)
Question about DB reactivation
I have faced a couple of issues when hopping on a phone call with clients as when i tell them about DB reactivation. They feel uncomfortable as to why they should be handing over their entire database. Is there something i'm doing wrong. Need feedback.
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What is their main concern, do they feel unsafe sharing their database? If that's the case, you can include in your contract (not a legal advice) something along the lines: "NON-DISCLOSURE Both parties mutually agree that certain confidential information may be exchanged during the course of this engagement. To ensure the protection of such information and in consideration of the agreement to exchange said information, the parties agree not to disclose the following. a. Technical materials, models and relevant technical articles, technical reports owned by either party; b. Sales materials, including but not limited to all quality management methods, pricing methods, sales methods and Client’s materials; c. All the intellectual property rights (including those exclusively owned by either party, whether owned now or developed in the future); and, d. Any other information that either party claims as confidential." Basically tell them on the call that it's a 100% safe and you have included it in your contract to not share any information related to their company and that it's going to be claimed as confidential... Or something like that. Once again NOT a legal advice. Hope that helped!
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@Muhammad Asad personally, I don't explain how my services work before the discovery Zoom call just so I keep them curious and then they have to come to the meeting and see what's all about
Appointment setting problem
Hey guys, currently running a DR for a Yoga Studio and I have this one concern.. We all know that replying to the leads asap is best to keep their attention and navigate them to the appointment. However, our company is located far from the US (our client is in the US) and we have about 4 hours to book the appointments ourselves and then it becomes late in our Time zone and we are unable to react to whatever questions or manual work has to be done. How would you manage this guys? Maybe hiring an appointment setter will do the job? Or is it acceptable to do the manual work once we get back to work on the next day (when its 8:00am for us its like 10:00PM for the US). Please let me know. Any solutions are appreciated. @Daniela Gattel @Haplin Milgrom-Hills (don't mean to spam, just seeing you are active in here)
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Technical question - Buddy
Hey guys, recently joined and I find this strategy AMAZING.😀 Next Monday (19th) I'm about to run my first DR for my client and everything from the snapshot seems to fire well! I was wondering how do I add +1 Buddy without messing up the workflows? Tried reading through the group but it's still unclear to me. What I know is the +1 offer should be presented after the original lead has booked with us so this means I could add "Would you like me to add a +1 so you can bring a friend?" to my Confirmation SMS -> then I manually add the lead to another DR Buddy Added Workflow that I create which basically updates the lead value X2 and moves them to another section (Buddy Added) in the Pipeline. Am I'm getting the right or its completely wrong? Please let me know
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@Haplin Milgrom-Hills
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