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Emotional Alchemy For Content Creators 📲 (Image Attached)
99.9% of people don't know this...🤯 Do you want to have a closer relationship with your partner? Do you want to enroll that perfect prospect? Do you want to avoid burnout and feel the best you've ever felt in your life? 👉 It simply comes down to understanding Emotional Alchemy and our internal biology. When we understand our internal biology and how to influence it, it's like holding a remote control and pressing a button to a different channel anytime we want. And when we begin to understand this graphic (attached below), it makes perfect sense why people are the way they are... ✅ Why are Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Richard Branson so focused and motivated? They have a HUGE vision and they're constantly focused on it, leading to more natural dopamine production. ✅ Why are Buddhist Monks so joyous and content? They meditate for the majority of the day, leading to higher levels of Serotonin production. ✅ Why does Pete Davidson date all the beautiful celebrities? He makes his dates laugh, leading to a social / euphoric feeling by producing more endorphins. ✅ Why are most mothers so caring and connected to other people's needs? Because they care for their children giving them hugs, cuddles, and have intimate conversations leading to more oxytocin production. ✅ Why does it feel like the world is angry? Because people watch the news, scroll social media, and surround themselves with people that anger them leading to more thoughts of worry, doubt, and fear, producing more cortisol in their system. ⭐️ Here's another example... Next time you go through a sales page or video sales letter... Notice how they're talking about your problems and fears, producing cortisol And how they tell their story of empathy, producing oxytocin And how they throw a joke or two in there, producing endorphins And how they paint a vision of the future, producing dopamine The perfect mix of these hormones are what put people into a buyers state and cause them to buy Most people are doing this unconsciously...
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@Zac Mason thank you man!
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@Lucas Olinto we have it in our 7-Figure Entrepreneur Skool Community. Don´t know if I can drop a link here or not?
Who is a coach here?
What do you help people accomplish 🤔
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@Christian Vandaos yesss!
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@Steven Lawson welcome!
AI generated notes from Alex Hormozi’s $100 Million Dollar Leads 👇
Hey! Just created AI generated notes from Alex Hormozi’s $100 Million Dollar Leads Webinar and created a 10 minute video on how I created them in under 5 minutes? No Opt-In. Video is 5 minutes. Enjoy! 🔥
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Hiring slowly but firing quickly doesn't just apply to employees 👬
This has changed my life forever... Over the past year I've been doing this in my intimate relationships and with my friends. I've started taking my time to get to know my friends (new and old) and potential partners better... And consciously watching their behaviors, instead of just their word. The decisions people make and their behavior always trump what they tell me if there's a conflict between their actions and their words. (Don't listen to what they say, watch what they do) I had a best friend / employee for 3 years that I was always there for through the ups and down. I even paid $220K in bonuses throughout our working relationship. I asked to fly him out to Miami when I was going through one of the worst times in my life in January of 2021. I was lonely and needed my best friend by my side. Throughout our entire friendship, he told me how important our friendship was to him, but he didn't show up in that way. Thus, he made up excuses and didn't come out. Shortly after that, we had a conversation around it and I ended that friendship. Mind you, he's a great dude with a big heart, but not someone I want in my life. And thank god, I had that hard conversation and made space for more, beautiful friendships in my life. My friend's group has expanded greatly over the past year. Deeper connection. More meaningful conversations. More unconditional support. Like my friend and new business partner Dacoda Londhair, who was and continues to be my rock. He shows up for everyone in his life. And I know that for a fact because I've watched his behaviors...and his words match. The point of this post is...don't settle. Vet the people in your life... Do your values align? Do you view the world in similar ways? Do their behaviors match their words? Can you 100% be yourself around them? If not, make space for new and beautiful connections. Because you deserve the best! All the love ❤️ - Andrew
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“Random” and “luck” do not exist and thinking that they do holds society back 👀
“Random” and “luck” do not exist and thinking that they do holds society back. Because everything is math. If you flip a coin… It’s not random whether it landed heads or tails. Knowing the speed, volocity, angle and all the metrics that go into that coin flip, you’d know exactly what side that coin would land on. We just don’t take the time to measure all of the metrics. It’s the same thing with life. Everything is happening exactly in accordance with the law of cause and effect. Randomness and luck don’t truly exist. Things outside of us seem random but they’re all acting in accordance to this law. Things inside of us can seem random as well, but we have control over those things. The compound effect of our consistent actions (or in-actions) create our results in life. And it’s when we start becoming aware of and directing our thoughts, feelings, and actions to where we want them to go when we start influencing the perceived “randomness” outside of us and start creating our “luck.” This is when we truly become Masters of our Fate, Captains of our Souls. But the journey of becoming aware and directing our thoughts, feelings, and actions is a difficult one. You have to spend more time looking at the ugly parts of yourself that are hard to look at. You have to rewrite stories from your past that are holding you back. You have to be vulnerable and open up to others. You have to meditate and become present with the voice in your head. You have to clear stuck emotions that have become familiar to you. You have to exercise and move your body. You have to eat healthy and monitor what goes into your it. You have to invest in yourself even when it’s difficult. You have to let go of relationships that have been normalized, but don’t align with the vision of who you want to become. It’s hard. But it’s just math. More of one thing. Less of the other thing. And the question that we have to ask ourselves is, do I want to have regrets on my death bed from
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