Hiring slowly but firing quickly doesn't just apply to employees 👬
This has changed my life forever...
Over the past year I've been doing this in my intimate relationships and with my friends.
I've started taking my time to get to know my friends (new and old) and potential partners better...
And consciously watching their behaviors, instead of just their word.
The decisions people make and their behavior always trump what they tell me if there's a conflict between their actions and their words.
(Don't listen to what they say, watch what they do)
I had a best friend / employee for 3 years that I was always there for through the ups and down. I even paid $220K in bonuses throughout our working relationship.
I asked to fly him out to Miami when I was going through one of the worst times in my life in January of 2021.
I was lonely and needed my best friend by my side.
Throughout our entire friendship, he told me how important our friendship was to him, but he didn't show up in that way.
Thus, he made up excuses and didn't come out.
Shortly after that, we had a conversation around it and I ended that friendship.
Mind you, he's a great dude with a big heart, but not someone I want in my life.
And thank god, I had that hard conversation and made space for more, beautiful friendships in my life.
My friend's group has expanded greatly over the past year.
Deeper connection. More meaningful conversations. More unconditional support.
Like my friend and new business partner Dacoda Londhair, who was and continues to be my rock.
He shows up for everyone in his life. And I know that for a fact because I've watched his behaviors...and his words match.
The point of this post is...don't settle.
Vet the people in your life...
Do your values align?
Do you view the world in similar ways?
Do their behaviors match their words?
Can you 100% be yourself around them?
If not, make space for new and beautiful connections.
Because you deserve the best!
All the love ❤️
- Andrew
Andrew Kroeze
Hiring slowly but firing quickly doesn't just apply to employees 👬
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