“Random” and “luck” do not exist and thinking that they do holds society back 👀
“Random” and “luck” do not exist and thinking that they do holds society back.
Because everything is math.
If you flip a coin…
It’s not random whether it landed heads or tails.
Knowing the speed, volocity, angle and all the metrics that go into that coin flip, you’d know exactly
what side that coin would land on.
We just don’t take the time to measure all of the metrics.
It’s the same thing with life.
Everything is happening exactly in accordance with the law of cause and effect.
Randomness and luck don’t truly exist.
Things outside of us seem random but they’re all acting in accordance to this law.
Things inside of us can seem random as well, but we have control over those things.
The compound effect of our consistent actions (or in-actions) create our results in life.
And it’s when we start becoming aware of and directing our thoughts, feelings, and actions to where
we want them to go when we start influencing the perceived “randomness” outside of us and start
creating our “luck.”
This is when we truly become Masters of our Fate, Captains of our Souls.
But the journey of becoming aware and directing our thoughts, feelings, and actions is a difficult one.
You have to spend more time looking at the ugly parts of yourself that are hard to look at.
You have to rewrite stories from your past that are holding you back.
You have to be vulnerable and open up to others.
You have to meditate and become present with the voice in your head.
You have to clear stuck emotions that have become familiar to you.
You have to exercise and move your body.
You have to eat healthy and monitor what goes into your it.
You have to invest in yourself even when it’s difficult.
You have to let go of relationships that have been normalized, but don’t align with the vision of who
you want to become.
It’s hard.
But it’s just math.
More of one thing.
Less of the other thing.
And the question that we have to ask ourselves is, do I want to have regrets on my death bed from
being comfortable or do I want to play full out, put the work in, and master myself?
We’re just one decision away…
Andrew Kroeze
“Random” and “luck” do not exist and thinking that they do holds society back 👀
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