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11 girl event after 3 weeks in a foreign city
Threw an awesome comp table event the other night and wanted to share what I did to achieve that and things that I learned from it. It was just crazy seeing the power when you get this right. I had 3 different girls that tried to pull me without any work from my end throughout the night. 🏆 Key factors that lead to the successful event: 🏆 · Connecting with the right people – From day 1 of arriving in Vegas I have really focused on networking with other MOA guys, hosts, security, bottle girls.. etc. This just makes everything easier. At the club that we went I knew 3 hosts which makes organizing things such as a comp table significantly easier. · Optimizing story when sending invites – One thing that I have found is that often when I send invites to events the girls check out my IG story. I always make it a thing when I know I am going to send a lot of invites to post stories that show crazy IVE of me with other hot girls which then makes the invitee see I am not some weird guy. · Fixing my IG – Nothing more to say here · Recruiting nights for events – The best show-up rate that I get are from girls that I meet when I am out throughout the week. Everyone that I meet that are attractive I always mention the upcoming event and ask if they would like to come. Then just send them the details the next day (Also an easy way to show status and get their IG). Making sure you are calibrated and have a good interaction with them is key. · Being a good host – Throughout the night I tried to talk with every girl and make sure they are having fun, comfortable and not being harassed by other guys. Basically just being a fun guy and boosting the vibe of the event. 🏆 Things I learned: 🏆 · Pre-selection is crazy powerful – One of the girls I brought in was super cold to me at the start, but then after seeing me be calibrated and fun with all the other girls was trying to pull me back to her place. · For events such as comp tables sending invites two days or less is enough time to let the girls know.
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Great, you rocks!!! I've a question, have you paid for the comp table?
📷➡️ Help for choosing a photo for instagram
Which one is a better photo in your opinion? Do them respect the MOA principles?
New comment Oct '23
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Thanks for the feedback
➡️ Help for choosing a photo for instagram
Which one is a better photo in your opinion?
New comment Oct '23
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@Ty Buchanan Thanks bro
Winter Photoshoot Locations: Seeking Suggestions for Gloomy Days
I started taking photos of girls in the spring and summer, and I had the advantage of simply being able to go outside and shoot on beautiful sunny days. Now it's autumn, and most days are starting to become gloomy and bad. For those of you with more photoshoot experience, what locations can I use during this period?
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@Hubert Hoeve Thanks
✅ Feedback on my profile
I've been working on the first step of MOA, which is "Fix your Instagram". I would greatly appreciate it if someone could take a moment to review my Instagram profile and provide feedback. I'd like to know if I've successfully completed this step and if I can proceed to the subsequent MOA points. Specifically, I'm looking for feedback on any weak points of my IG profile or anything that might come across as "weird". An external perspective can be invaluable, as we often aren't the best judges of our own presentation. Instagram: alessandro_quercetti
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@Radoslav Kalinov Thank you so much, really nice feedback
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@Sumedhan Ramesh Thanks
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