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11 girl event after 3 weeks in a foreign city
Threw an awesome comp table event the other night and wanted to share what I did to achieve that and things that I learned from it. It was just crazy seeing the power when you get this right. I had 3 different girls that tried to pull me without any work from my end throughout the night. 🏆 Key factors that lead to the successful event: 🏆 · Connecting with the right people – From day 1 of arriving in Vegas I have really focused on networking with other MOA guys, hosts, security, bottle girls.. etc. This just makes everything easier. At the club that we went I knew 3 hosts which makes organizing things such as a comp table significantly easier. · Optimizing story when sending invites – One thing that I have found is that often when I send invites to events the girls check out my IG story. I always make it a thing when I know I am going to send a lot of invites to post stories that show crazy IVE of me with other hot girls which then makes the invitee see I am not some weird guy. · Fixing my IG – Nothing more to say here · Recruiting nights for events – The best show-up rate that I get are from girls that I meet when I am out throughout the week. Everyone that I meet that are attractive I always mention the upcoming event and ask if they would like to come. Then just send them the details the next day (Also an easy way to show status and get their IG). Making sure you are calibrated and have a good interaction with them is key. · Being a good host – Throughout the night I tried to talk with every girl and make sure they are having fun, comfortable and not being harassed by other guys. Basically just being a fun guy and boosting the vibe of the event. 🏆 Things I learned: 🏆 · Pre-selection is crazy powerful – One of the girls I brought in was super cold to me at the start, but then after seeing me be calibrated and fun with all the other girls was trying to pull me back to her place. · For events such as comp tables sending invites two days or less is enough time to let the girls know.
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Any recommendations for an IG ads agency?
I currently run an Amazon FBA coaching program and looking to add another client acquisition channel in the form of IG ads
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@Ty Buchanan Thanks
Project Lisbon takeover – Part 1 – Scouting 🔎
[Context: Documenting the journey of arriving in a foreign city and not knowing anyone, to taking it over, following what is taught in MOA] First week of a completely new city is always first going to be information gathering. For me the most critical things are the supermarkets, gym and the top clubs + bars. Supermarkets and gym is pretty easy from a quick google search or asking any local. Top clubs + bars is more tricky. This does sometimes take a while to find out of where to go and when to go. All which are very important to your success. To get this information the best source is hot girls as they are either already going there or constantly getting invited to go there. While out I start building a list of the places that girls recommend and places that are recommended multiples times I make I note. The place then with the most recommendations is the place that I visit next. This process then repeats until you find that top place. A good way to know if you have found the right place is looking how fancy the venue is, how do the staff and people going there look and how difficult is it to get in there (The harder the better). As you are doing your scouting you also want to be looking at locations that would be good for future potential events and taking notes on that. By the end of the week I end up with list looking something like this and have a pretty decent idea of where to go. Another thing I do is try to connect with as many MOA guys as possible and see what we can do to add value to each other and events we can throw together. Other established MOA guys are also going to be a wealth of knowledge on exactly how the city operates and further give you an idea of where you need to be going. Had the pleasure of meeting up with @Arvin Behshad and @Graco Signorini now already got a few things in mind to do together. Me and Arvin ended up working together and having a 7 girl middle of funnel event 3 days after I arrived in the city!
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@Fabian Dourando 💯
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@Ben Davis Glad you liked it :)
Open your mouth!
The girl of your dreams The business partner that changes your life The connection that opens all the doors All are on the other side of a simple ‘hello’. Talking with strangers is always going to be scary and at times awkward. Put that fear into perspective though in terms of just what is possible from simply opening your mouth. Everything you ever wanted is on the other side of fear Credit to @kylenutt
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@Hrithik Sangani 110%
Project Lisbon Takeover ⚔️
Living in Lisbon for September and October. Will be taking MASSIVE action and documenting exactly what I do when starting at completely zero, in a foreign city, and not knowing anyone. Would love to link up with anyone else taking MASSIVE action who lives in the area IG: Leonard.DeBeer
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@Josh Garwood Appreciate it Josh. Have connected with him already
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@Rafa Serrano Patience my friend
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