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Sep '23 
🤣 Memes
Meme sources?
Anyone have solid sources for viral memes? Difficult to know which ig accounts are worth a shit, and solid fb group referrals are welcome. Same goes with Twitter account recommendations
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@Deven Autar will check these out!
IG Worthy Pic?
I don't think it's bad, but there's a couple of things that bother me about it. I don't know if I'm being too critical since it's my own work, so I want to see what you all have to say.
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Composition wise it's OK. Value demonstration is almost non existent. Where is this? How's it high value?
Marriage Discussion
Greetings, gentlemen, I hope you're all well today. I'm here to discuss a matter close to my heart, a conversation I had with my wife that I believe warrants your insight. I usually keep such matters private, but I've come to value the wisdom and perspective of this group, which is why I'm sharing it here. To provide some context, my wife and I have been undergoing counseling, and we've received varying opinions from different psychologists, including the esteemed Dr. Jordan Peterson. Despite our differences, we have a strong foundation, especially when it comes to our responsibilities and commitments, particularly as parents. The essence of our recent conversation revolved around the advice from these psychologists and how we can apply it to our relationship. We acknowledge our compatibility, which makes these changes challenging. However, I took the initiative to suggest that we should work on achieving certain goals together to foster continued growth in our relationship. Her initial response took me aback. She mentioned that it was my fault, asserting that all I do is focus on the children and spend time with them. I responded by reminding her that we were discussing these issues precisely to find solutions. I asked her what we could do differently to ensure that we continue to evolve as a team. Her reply, somewhat frustratingly, was that I needed to stop placing her last and make having a wife a priority rather than an option. She then walked out of the room. I must admit, I was quite upset at this point, but I decided to take some time to reflect, which led me to seek your valuable perspectives. My confusion stems from why she wouldn't engage in a discussion about potential solutions that could benefit us both, rather than placing blame solely on me. I acknowledge my part in our challenges, but I'm puzzled as to why we couldn't focus on finding clear, mutual solutions. I eagerly await your thoughts and insights on this matter. Your input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for listening.
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This is a tough one and likely to get tons of responses that are influenced by personal prejudices and professional diagnosis or direction. Having said that, IMHO marriage is an exercise in failure. It flies against human nature and is doomed in any social setting not encumbered by religious authority. Men are driven to spread their seed and women lose interest in a man over time (once attained time to find something new). As for your description it sounds as though she isn't open to any reality other than what she accepts to be her own perception. I'd read up, or at least watch sartains podcast on bpd, npd, and other personality disorders. I'm not able to officially diagnose but doubt it will take much effort to determine if you are in a bad situation. Spoiler alert, certain disorders are at epidemic levels. Tldr; if she's not willing to talk then there's likely a significant reason and you would be wise to arm yourself with communication strategies for specific problematic personality disorders (assuming there is one). This all comes from only knowing one side. Maybe you cheated and she's feels devalued. In which case there's no disorder, she's just fucking pissed. Too tough to help without proper background
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@Leroy Tillman Jr this implies you should improve your emotional intelligence. Typically we are taught to not have emotions and women to emphasize them. Take a month or two and read a few books and that may help communication
10/10 Man
I looked up some stats the other day, nothing crazy and I didn’t dig too deep but to be a top ten percent, statistically a ten there are some simple requirements , obviously this doesn’t translate exactly to your SMV but stick with me. Under 19% Body Fat 160k In yearly income 6 ft in heigh Meet these and you are a ten out of ten according to statistics, now to get more exact you can find your score out of a 100 and average those together but in the end all men can meet at least the first two requirements.This needs to be spread more in my opinion because I don’t think most young men realize they can improve and aren’t just stuck with where they currently are.
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quick note, bilzerian is not 6 foot. but he checks the other two boxes heavily.
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to follow up on this, read the following article: Just for reference old man Al is 83, and easy higher than 19% body fat, and clearly not 6 foot. status is all that matters.
How to date 5 girls at same time??
Hello men, I am currently dating 5 girls. Everyone wants to meet every day/week. I can not give more than 1 day a week. It is hampering my work. What to do? How should I manage it? I am currently double dating on a single day, 3-6 pm with one, then 6-9 pm with one.
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First off, ensure none of them believe you are exclusive. Otherwise this is unethical and asking for drama/problems. In my experience, at least here in the states, 99% of women are OK with this as long as you are open and honest about it. Second, this situation is not all it's cracked up to be. after a week of this I personally said fuck it and reduced the count to 2 with an occasional 3rd. The stress and time consumption is simply not worth it. It would be one thing if they were together with you (2-3 at the same time), but typically most guys date one-one and this becomes overly consuming and greatly hinders/impacts other aspects of life (business, education, etc.). The novelty of the situation simply isn't worth it IMO. Third, check your motivation behind this type of lifestyle. If it's to impress others, then you are in for a world of frustration. If you truly enjoy this, then, to be honest, why are you even asking? TLDR; Be open and honest about exclusivity, be honest with self about WHY this situation is happening and if it's TRULY worth it. As for scheduling, you already know the answer so why ask? There is no efficient or easy way to chop up your life to meet the needs of so many others. Either stack them together, or cut some of them loose. Otherwise you will be a slave to the relationships and ultimately lose your personal time and enjoyment of life. Speaking from experience.
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@Michael White set up a "take a number" machine outside the bedroom
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