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Lightroom alternatives
I was just at a photagraphy event this weekend, low-key recruiting some female photography teammates. I came across a talk about alternatives to Lightroom. The ones that stood out to me are the following mostly due to performance and presets. ON1 Photo RAW - Ton of AI tools Capture One Pro - Intuitive Gui Luminar Neo - Retouch tool (also AI powered) Darktable - metadata control, a for photoGeek by photoGeeks application
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@John Hindley I mean, yeah same I'm just to use to it. buuuuuuut that Luminar retouch tool is super nice.
Embarking on a New Adventure
Hello Men of Action Forum Members, I am Shivack Arumugam and am delighted to join this esteemed community. Born and raised in Sri Lanka, I worked for a financial institution in Dubai for about 6 years in Dubai before moving to Canada a year ago. I joined the Men of Action Forum to connect with like-minded individuals passionate about personal growth and community engagement. I am eager to learn from your experiences and share my insights. Thank you for welcoming me into the forum. I look forward to engaging with all of you and contributing to our collective journey.
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Welcome to the squad
New here and Looking forward to connect with you all.
Hey all! I'm Gautham and new to MOA. A Little bit about myself: I work in cybersecurity and also have my independent business of distributing/exhibiting Indian movies in USA. I love traveling, working out and sports. Also I live in Philly and if any here are from the area or surroundings want to connect do reach out. IG :
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welcome on in!
Hey seniors and mentors, I am Soumadip Sen, a college fresher from India, going to pursue my Bachelors in Computer science and Engineering, I am here to get some specific tips on fitness, and how to deal with people in general. Want to level myself up till my age of 25 before I get into the dating game. Currently, this year, my main goal is to go to a healthy body weight and also performing well in my college, as the first years in college are the easiest to boost your GPA.. Peace
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I just finished Pitch anything, specially goes over how to deal with conversational frames (people) and Welcome to the squad.
MOA Setup Checklist 📝
Wanted to start you guys off with a few items that are important to have in your MOA toolkit during the setup phase, when you're first starting out: - iPhone Pro model (13, 14, 15) - make sure it's a pro for the 📸 - Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop subscription - theres a combined option on their site - Bluetooth remote for phone camera - Mini tripod - for the more discrete hotel shots - Large tripod - outdoor shots - Mini ring light - creating content with girls in dark night life situations - Airpods - listen to MOA and join group calls on the road, at the gym, out with the dog, out at night or in the day, at work, etc - Basic fashion - good fitting plain black t shirt and jeans, presentable sneakers, neutral colours - Items for the home when you invite guests (this one would be it's own checklist) - Good data plan - for performing MOA tasks on the road These are items which helped me in the years when I first started. What are some items that have helped you guys ? List them below 👇
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my Pixel Pro does 4k :P and has built in Gemini that just deletes unwanted fluff from the background!
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