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Reverse Engineering Promiscuity
I am watching a segment of a Joe Rogan podcast with Michael Easter and they are discussing how casinos built a private casino to study human behavior and upon hearing about the addictive loops that are programmed into how casinos work I saw many correlations to todays dating market... Let me explain The reason people get addicted to slot machines even though they know it's stupid and the house will alway win is that on a primitive level we LOVE things about slot machines. Possibility of Reward: You could win a life changing amount of money, or enough for lunch. Unpredictable Rewards: You know you will get what you want if you keep playing, but you don't know when. You could pull the lever 3 times and change your life or pull it your whole life and never win. Quick Repeatability: It is really easy and cheap to try once more. Near wins: We love when we ALMOST hit 777, we will lose so much more when we almost get a big win occasionally. intermittent reinforcement of almost winning is very powerful. Loses disguised as wins: When we expend 500 calories to find a bush of berries worth 250 calories we get a dopamine release. This keeps us from getting frustrated and giving up because one more expenditure of 50 calories could net us 5,000 calories. We prefer unpredictable high risk high reward when we are highly stimulated and desperate and we prefer consistent rewards from consistent effort when times are comfortable (farming the times are good vs hunting when you need a big win). ----- The correlations to promiscuous women that I see is that if a girl doesnt value their body then they see giving sex as cheap. (obvious pretext) So not only if they see a possible potential for a reward they will give that cheap effort away in hope this time it works out, but when they almost win big ( lose out on a high value man that slept with them but wouldn't keep them) they refuse to stop chasing that high. Even if they know they will never marry drake, if trying to is cheap and maybe it works then why not try?
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@Joe Dee I am not talking about conscious decisions, but subconscious drivers for their behavior. The promiscuous woman that never wanted to have kids, until she met mr right is a meme in the red pill. Women sleeping around and dating multiple dudes to Frankenstein the ideal partner then turning around to say all men are trash is common place on show like FnF. However we all know that if Jason Mamoa posted on IG that he was looking for a wife he'd have a long line out the door of girls that fit this description in his DM. That's because even though these women say they want to be 304s they are really just not admitting they are gambling addicts that still think they can get something on the level of Leonardo Decaprio if they just hold out for 1 more year with the back up dude... But they won't admit that, they chase the ideal mental state and that requires constant delusion... hot girls are always dating someone even if they are not perfect (winning $0.50 on a $1 play still feels like a win), but they are always seeking to level up. These hose aint loyal is quoted by Michael for a reason. Promiscuous women will jump out of moving cars to sleep with Leo because "what if". Just look at the girls that say they dated drake but really they just slept with him once... It's like someone you can't convince they got scammed by that Nigerian prince. You can't convince this kind of girl to be happy with a dude on her level. The only way to get an addict to stop forsure is to remove them from the environment where they have access to their addiction... This is called hitting the wall and only then do girls begrudgingly settle (key word) for a dude on their level. But will gladly cheat if she finds herself in an environment conduce to that. Now this only refers to women with low tolerance to stimuli and low perceived value of their bodies. Essentially on a subconscious level they need to find a man and they want to find the best man they can get. They talk shit on players that won't take them seriously but still sleep with them. This all supports my conclusion that they want a man at least on a subconscious level, but they acknowledge the men they want don't want them. However to walk away from the slot machine after nearly winning the jackpot 5 plays ago is very difficult, and walking away from the casino when you are down makes you feel like a loser and so you want a win before you leave.
Does the type of status you have matter?
So guys, if I am an economist and I have status vs an entertainers (artist, actor etc) who also have status, are women more drawn to the entertainers rather than other fields like entrepreneurship even though an entrepreneurship guy might have status?
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Did girls stop sleeping with OJ after what happened? Status is status, there is no good guy status vs bad guy status...
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@Mike Daniels Do good girls end up with bad boys? Or do they stick to good guys only? Do bad girls that good guys well or do they only treat ba boys well? Attraction is attraction and comfort is comfort. Those are two different things. You would not see many good girls wanting to bring OJ home to their mom, but they'd bring Tim Tebow...Still they both have equal ability to get good girls an bad girls for short term or long term relationships. One you can't brag to family about as much as the other. So just look at it's building blocks... A foundation of attraction/ status is what OJ and Tim Tebow have in common, but Tim is better because he ADDS comfort and respectability ONTOP of his status. It's not a different kind of status. But that doesn't mean OJ can't use his status for what it is good for. In one context status does so many thing but in another context you need OTHER TOOLS... So being diverse is better not having different kinds of status... EX: I use to stand on the corner of my work wearing a cowboy hat and jeans and shower with the hose like I was in a carls JR commercial when it was hot out and customers would stop and stare as they'd drive in the lot... Then they'd be inside as I walk in and they'd laugh their ass off because I am the dude they were told they had to wait for to discuss their 6 figure purchase of tech... People think I am eccentric, they are right. People think I am loud and boisterous, 100%. But that doesn't mean they don't respect me because I have a reputation for my knowledge and capabilities in my industry. If anything people remember me way more than they'd remember others in my shoes. All things are separate, yet connected.
I keep struggling with reaching out to women and sometimes being scammed and I am not able to recognize which is real or not due to mainly to think my autism. I am continuing to chase excellence in the gym and have lost over 20 pounds over the last 2 years. I have also read some of The Rational Male books. What should I do?
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First and foremost, never give money to girls that you haven't met with before. Never invest money into a relationship with a girl that has not shown you with their actions that they respect you. IE girl at the bar says she will be your gf if you buy her a drink (no she won't) vs girl that baked you a cake for your birthday reminds you it's her birthday next week (she is asking you to buy her a gift, that would be appropriate as she showed you she is invested)... As far as gifts goes they have to be the first to buy you a gift. period. Speaking of thieves you will have to excuse me there is someone using an angle grinder on the bars of my window...
IG user profile exporter
I found a chrome extension that will allow you to grow your list by clicking on their profile. This is super helpful so you can grow your list. Loom video on how to use it. There are other out there but this one was free and simple.
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is this different than other types of scrapping software or services? this is interesting.
Trying my own method of step 1: fixing insta
I have a hard time following rules and steps. So i thoughts, is there anyway for me to skip taking bunch of cool photos and skip straight to pics of me with girls for preselection? So I went out outside a bar street. Befriended these lovely people and took a photo 😂 Still working on taking "high status" pics here in Miami though 👍 Is my insta fixed yet btw? It still doesn't look that good to me for some reason @joywu__
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That is only one of many attraction triggers. You want a diverse IG page showing compete and relevancy in many ways not just pics of you with chicks. That being said... FUCKING NAILED IT BROTHER! Great pic! That is 100% IG worthy! And I am an asshole when it comes to judging pics for IG.
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@Kyle H Can we see your girlfriend? 🚬😎
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