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What would you make of this?
I’m at my parents’ place this month. How do you like this Garden for a pic? What would you make of this?
New comment 4h ago
What would you make of this?
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@Karim Gonzalez considering I'm a crappy photographer the choice is easy ;)
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@Luke Chase thanks for your opinion
How to remove people from pictures
If you happen to go somewhere where it's impossible to take a pic with just you... You can use photoshop with AI (paid) and spend some time. I have no idea how to do it, since I've never done it, and for sure I'd do a crappy job. Went on fiver, paid 5$, got people removed from my "cristo redentore" pic in rio, I just confirmed and will get the definitive result by tomorrow. They did a good job, just a couple of retouching needed. Will post the before after here once I have it. This is the gig I used: (I don't know if it's an affiliate link, I just hit share, do not care about getting few cents from them)
New comment 4h ago
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@Karim Gonzalez that is for sure, even though I don't think I'll be able to produce that much content. But yeah, it makes sense to give it a shot and learn it, I saw some quick videos, and it seems really easy.
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@Luke Chase which one? got 2 ;)
Chicken or egg?
The whole idea is to find events to bring girls to. in the process making girl friends and building content for preselection. To find events, you need to know people who are paying for those events. To find those people you need girl friends. So where do you start this cycle? Do you create small events at your place, or get the bottle yourself and 10 girls in a club? Do you promise some random guys you'll bring the girls and then start doing the hard work to get few girls to their event/table? What has your experience been?
New comment 10h ago
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@Karim Gonzalez yeah, I need to find events where to invite them. Than invite the girls. But avoiding being the one paying for the bottle in a club ;)
more than one IG account?
Are we able to have 2 instagram accounts? I made a second one and IG deleted it.
New comment 22h ago
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@Liam Temple do you think that having a second account in the same phone can have you banned on the main account too?
EDIT Add photos: Fix your damn instagram but I need help
I found the best places in my city, but even after taking the photos I think they are not good enough for Instagram. I was very motivated, I have the list, events half organized and more thought out but the first step fails me and stops me. What can I do guys? I will be attentive to your advice Thankss Edit: I attach the best photos from the photo sessions, with the photos already retouched.
New comment 3h ago
EDIT Add photos: Fix your damn instagram but I need help
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Find this spots on ig. Find the best pics, from some high value guy account. Replicate the same pic
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