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Digital Marketing and Cold Approaching?
Since this place has given great advice before WHATS ONE MORE QUESTION! This time my friends…I need thoughts on a digital marketing situation I’ve been going hard on the Copywriting, and now I’m trying to reach my first client. I got a WHOLE LOT OF NO’S with a 2-3 maybes from people I know. My question is, how would go about sending a message towards a random Instagram. I found a few small business that are lacking in some areas It’s just a matter of the cold approach, how have you gentlemen done it in the past? If anyone of you have?
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Marketing and dating has a lot of parallels. Cold approach is like realtors at a networking event. When you are out talk to everyone and not to pedestalize people.
Are IG reels really that important?
I tend to travel a lot for work and stay in hotels and thinking of putting this on reels just to show my lifestyle. However I don't want to have 10 reels or one for each city.... The thing is, with how inexpensive it is to travel and inexpensive some of these locations are I don't see it as special unless the experience is something. Can you show status through IG Photo's only , I'm not in the mood really to record meals I eat or window isles on planes as I feel it to be generic. Is there a minimal way I can do this, I don't want 15 reels.. maybe 3-4. Travel-(Flights & Hotels/Airbnbs), Meals (High Class Meals more expensive that ruth chris), Adventures (Things most people won't get to do.. drive a Lamborghini for a weekend, something you can't just buy a ticket to get into and snap pictures). Any thoughts
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Show scarce resources. Unique venues, exotic cars, preselection or even you with a vision pro sitting in a new domestic city.
What style should I choose?
Context: I currently have long hair and I am getting a hair transplant to restore my hair line... I am on the fence between staying with my laidback but flashy style with long hair, or returning to my overly dressed super professional look with short hair. Michael Sartain has stated that having short hair on the sides makes your jaw look more defined. On the otherside Alex hormozi mentions how having his big beard made him very recognizable and memorable. What are the thoughts of all the thots out there? Or anyone in here that "gets it". Examples below.
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Looksmaxing and niche maxing is key. I am heading to Istanbul later this year for the same reason.
My diet is pretty much based on carbs and apple juice (I'm skinny trying to gain weight) and I'm having stomach issues. Anyone have any advice on clean bulking that won't make me feel bloated and not comfortable working out?
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Not a nutritionist. However amp up your fat and protein intake for your goal weight. Only carbs only makes sense if you have a marathon.
Whats your yearly plan? Bulk/cut?
Hey guys, share your yearly plans! I am continueing a slow bulk for another week. Getting a bit fluffy but looking BIG at the same time. Bear mode! Then clearing up for 2 weeks by starting measuring kcals again, around maintenance or slightly below. Then one week into march I am doing a 12 week cut. Aiming to loose around 0,5kg per week for a total of 6-7kg down in total. Starting the cut at around 101kg BW (ca 225lbs) That puts me with a nice lean physique at starting of June. Then maintenance to end of july (8 weeks). No counting kcals for summer, just staying off too much of the good stuff. Then another veeeeeryyyyy slow bulk phase all the way to march 2025 again, no measuring. Could be a minicut in there somewhere before christmas. So I only have to count kcals for 14 weeks (+ mini cut if I do that) of the year. I hate counting ;) What are your guys plans?
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I need 30 more lbs of muscle and maintain that body fat percentage for life. I don’t train for strength. I train to get the Calvin klein or thunder from down under physique.
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@Chad Colbert 180 grams of protein and 3000 calories.
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