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How to Break Rapport? (With Women at work)
How to Break Rapport? (With Women at work)
I'm working a job as dishwasher at the moment.
For context, been working here a while and small talked the waiters men and women, basic questions, basic statement response, basic bantering jokes. I'm well liked by the Chef staff and the manager of the Waiters.
I want to break rapport with the women at work, wanted to know if anyone has any examples they can give me for things to say that work. Stuff people who "Just get it" would say.
A friend of mine has a McMansion that he's hosted events in before (Birthdays, Predrinks before clubetc). Looking to invite the staff out to a basic "Pre-drinks before the Club" event. Nothing crazy.
I want some examples of how I can break rapport more and I want example of how to extend an invite in a calibrated way after I've breaked enough rapport.
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