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These pics of me with girls ok or 🙅🏻‍♂️?
I don’t have the funds to go out and get proper high status pics so these are place holders in the meantime. My question is: Are the pics with me and the girls okay to have or would they deter other girls from being attracted?
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@Jon Morrow Has Micheal Sartain said this?
How to Break Rapport? (With Women at work)
I'm working a job as dishwasher at the moment. For context, been working here a while and small talked the waiters men and women, basic questions, basic statement response, basic bantering jokes. I'm well liked by the Chef staff and the manager of the Waiters. I want to break rapport with the women at work, wanted to know if anyone has any examples they can give me for things to say that work. Stuff people who "Just get it" would say. A friend of mine has a McMansion that he's hosted events in before (Birthdays, Predrinks before clubetc). Looking to invite the staff out to a basic "Pre-drinks before the Club" event. Nothing crazy. I want some examples of how I can break rapport more and I want example of how to extend an invite in a calibrated way after I've breaked enough rapport. @Ty Buchanan @Anthony DiRico @Chad Colbert Suggestions?
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Has anyone in here made female friends? How did you do it?
Does anyone here make female friends that they go out with at least semi-reguarly? How did you make them you friend, what did the onboarding process look like, where you slowly got more and more comfortable together. Bonus points if the girl was actually hot because it's significantly easier to make friends with a girl you vastly outrank in looks or social status. (As in, if the girl is a loser, it's easier to make friends with her then if she's hot popular blonde socialite type) Not expected many responses to this post because most of everyone in here are rookies to this stuff. Expecting tumbleweeds...
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@Ty Buchanan Would specifically like to know about this scenario. e.g . Whats the best course of action to make friends with a girl if I've already flirted with her? I'd assume it's roughly the same I'll probably just have to calibrate to make it less susy baka when I eventually extent out an invite to some event when I've already flirted with her in the pass. I mean, I do have, irefutable visual evidence that I have a girlfriend (she more like a friends with benefits) so I could probably mention that indirectly, subtly low-key so she doesn't feel "threathened by the prospect of sex" as micheal puts it, if I invite her to an event.
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@Chad Colbert His answer isn't the greatest. He says watch how he breaks rapport with the female guests on his podcast. I guess the principal is the principal, but the girl is already friendly enough of Micheal to agree to have been on his podcast in the first place.
This is something I have tried for years and I am sharing it with you guys today, because it GAVE me the results I ALWAYS NEEDED ! If you are facing issues with motivation, consistency or that fire ? This is THE PRINCIPLE, YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND. When I started out in the process of self-actualisation, In the beginning just like most, Because I had a lot of things to improve on!!! OVERWHELMED, naturally I needed it quicker and faster. So, I focused on doing a lot of things at once, In that process, I really felt burdened and fatigued quickly too. When we are starting out, we obviously don’t know the principles that, RULE THIS WORLD !!! Believe me, this is the KING OF ALL ! When implemented correctly, THIS PRINCIPLES WILL TAKE YOU TO PLACES YOU WANT TO GO ! At the same time, when you are not aware of it, THIS WILL LEAD YOU TO THE DARKEST PLACES !!! THE NAME : SECOND ORDER CONSEQUENCES. We are all naturally, inclined to think only upto FIRST ORDER CONSEQUENCE. This is WHY we RANDOMLY DO ANYTHING WE THINK IS RIGHT, However, when we TRULY understand SECOND ORDER CONSEQUENCES, EVERYTHING CHANGES !!! The best part, THAT IS JUST THE BEGINNING! So, to a very few who read, I am just curious to know how many of you are already aware of this ? Care to share and let me know if you have consciously or subconsciously implemented this ? Has this helped you ? Is there anything else you would recommend for me ? Thank you in advance
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What's second order consequences. Explain it to me. Do you have a girlfriend atm
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@Jason Samuel dude to me your talking gobbly took. Could you explain more in laymen's terms?
Failed Container Sushi monday event incoming
EDIT: My social skills prevailed LOL. I got 12 girls to confirm coming xD. let's see how many shows up. So I of course make the mistake of not fixing my insta first and straight up planning a sushi monday socializing event. My plan was to just meet tons of girls in the club, vibe, befriend, qualify and then invite them to sushi monday. Maybe 15 girls agreed to come verbally and were all super excited. But now only 2 has confirmed. Im gonna go to another party tomorrow. lets see how it goes. in the end i think ill be able to get 2-4 girls to come. which is not at all to the amount i was looking for which is 10. Either way. I try to not let me ego get too hurt and not take it personally. Let's see how it goes :P This was my event invite. ------------------------------------------------- You're invited to Sushi Monday! 🍣 Join us for a delicious and fun evening of sushi, sake, and socialising at Takame. Meet new friends and good vibes only. 🍣 Sushi 🌶️🃏 Suprise Game every hour 🔥 Fun people 📅 Monday, February 5, 2024 🕑 17:30 PM - 19:30 PM Dresscode: Red or white 📍 Takame, Sankt Eriksgatan 8 RSVP to reserve your spot. Limited seats available.
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2 girls out of 15 is still pretty good. Don't be discouraged keep going!
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@Joy Wu Yo update on this? How did the event go
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