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New Leaderboard Unlocks
We’ve added new bonuses for ranking up on the leaderboard! - Members of level 7 unlock a free 1-1 call with Michael Sartain - Members of level 8 unlock a free Vegas Immersion Bootcamp spot To achieve high rankings in Skool you need to make valuable posts and thoughtful comments to receive likes. The more likes your content generates, the faster you will level up. These are some huge unlocks. I'm excited to get to know the first person who gets a free spot at Vegas Immersion!
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Hell yeah!
How to date 5 girls at same time??
Hello men, I am currently dating 5 girls. Everyone wants to meet every day/week. I can not give more than 1 day a week. It is hampering my work. What to do? How should I manage it? I am currently double dating on a single day, 3-6 pm with one, then 6-9 pm with one.
New comment Dec '23
4 likes • Sep '23
By setting and communicating your boundaries.
Hiccup for building a list. possible Spamming Behavior??
Hey guys has anyone gotten a message like this before when building up a list? I’m currently on Step 2 of the module and working on my 2k plus list by using the search bar and going through tag location and searching profiles like that. It seems that after a certain amount of search activity, I get this message and the loading display appears with no content that pops up for me to go through. It seems to limit me from search people on IG via location tag. @Michael Sartain @Grant Jordan @Billy Kumar or anyone who may have any insight regarding this issues that they could share is much appreciated.
New comment Aug '23
3 likes • Aug '23
This is a great question as IG changes their algorithm all the time. Please bring this to the next free Monday call and ask Michael live. It'll be good for him to discuss further with the rest of the group.
1 like • Aug '23
@Erwin B absolutely.
I'm an introvert. Is this program still for me?
I am interested in MOA for the purpose of radically improving my social circle. I want to interact with high-status men and date hotter, higher-quality women. I'm convinced in the power of having hot female friends for the following reasons: - I've had women who were out of my league pursue me in the past just because I knew one of their friends. - Hot women know high status men - It's emotionally mature. I agree that the binary thinking of red pill philosophy is toxic. However, I am very much not interested in attending most of the events mentioned here. For example, bikini contests, Maxim parties, EDC, clubs, etc. I never enjoy going to events like this. I'm much more low-key. I prefer interesting small-group discussions or beach bon-fires. Does this mean that my goals are not compatible with the course here? That would be a bummer. This seems promising. Happy to spend time and energy on my instagram, but would prefer not to if it's just a waste of time. Thanks in advance for your responses!
New comment Aug '23
2 likes • Aug '23
Your goals are certainly compatible with the program but your mindset and plan is certainly not. I'm an introvert myself and still have found the effort and energy necessary to attend some of these events and put myself in some uncomfortable situations (like @Billy Kumar mentioned above). What you're saying is you want to start a multi-million dollar per year business but don't really want to spend the effort learning marketing, dialing in your advertising and making the uncomfortable sales calls. It's the same thing though. We all want the results. At some point you need to do things you don't like to do to get the results you want. In dating, in business, in life, etc. Because if you don't go to high status events, you'll always have a glass ceiling above you in terms of how far you can go. You need to fish in the pond where the fish are. No amount of wishing or talking about your feelings will make reality bend to the fantasy you have in your head. Ask yourself, how bad do you want certain results?
1 like • Aug '23
@Brian Hogan check out my IG. The stuff I post there is what I'm excited about.
Babes in toyland
Gents, Just listened to today's MOA podcast. Just thought about the Babes In Toyland event. Is it a good thing if I just pull up solo. This is just a thought but would love to know yall insight.
New comment Aug '23
2 likes • Aug '23
What's the downside of pulling up solo?
1 like • Aug '23
@Corey Benjamin you'll feel that regardless. It's part of the learning and growth process.
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