Early Lessons from my first summer in Vegas
I know it's still the early days of summer but I wanted to share my experience.
I have been in Vegas now for 9 months. The offseason was "easy mode" to network in this town and make amazing friends. Summer so far has been a completely different beast. Female friends I have known for months and girls I have dated are flaking to containers and weak top of the funnel events. There is tons of competition for events. The competition is specifically from the tourism and hospitality industry. I had a friend call me yesterday and she's being offered money just to go be at a table from multiple promoters (and she is not even an atmosphere model, just an attractive 21yo).
I want to share some of the mistakes I have made in the off-season and how you can learn from them. I want to caveat this with that my goal specifically is networking with powerful and influential men and dating or being friends with extremely beautiful and cool women. I am not talking about filling up a mezzanine-level table with tourists you met in the guest list line or doing tables with close friends who would typically happily come with you to bankhead.
  1. Network with high-status guys ASAP. The moment you start making female friends who are down for you, take them to places where you can meet higher-status men and even better have the girls introduce you. I am talking about directors of guest development, industry marketing, rich men who like throwing parties at their $5mil property, top realtors, etc. It takes a while to build social capital with these folks through value arbitrage - I have been working on some of these guys for months and I am still apprehensive about cashing in on my social capital. I started focusing on this in February which was too late. I should have started the moment I got my 6 female friends in early November.
  2. Find Differentiating Value Proposition (DVP) for your events. This goes for the top-of-the-funnel events and containers and for both men and women. For containers, I get asked all the time - who pays? I never pay for anyone and I never will BUT with summer here we need to find even better containers that are preferably comped. Ladies night at a bar is just not gonna cut it. You need to network with the higher-status guys - the promoters and lower-level hosts are not gonna cut it. See point #1 above. For shoots - something new and novel or a location that jumps out of the page. Again network with high-status guys.
  3. FOMO needs to be on steroids - Memes are cool, I love them but it's just not gonna cut it in the summer. Get some competition going so the need for validation and approval and being in on the joke drives everyone to come to your events. Don't be timid.
  4. Have your female friends make introductions for you. This goes for everything - introduce you to the cute girl you want to ask out, introduce you to the rich guy who you want to network with, introduce you to new photographers for your shoot. I started doing this back in Jan/Feb but not often enough. I think if you are good at break-in rapport, almost 80% of the people who came to your event would be happy to make an introduction. Also definitely focus on the extremely close friends who will not only introduce you but bat for you and sell you better than you can sell yourself. I think both are critical even though I have focused typically on the latter till now (big mistake). It's surprising what people will do for you if they think you typically bring them value.
If you are just getting started and have the same goals as me, don't be disheartened by the summer or by my stories. Focus on building your break-in-rapport skills asap so you can get to the point where you have ATTRACTIVE female friends and then learn from my lessons.
Still grateful to be here in Vegas and thankful to for telling me to move and for being an excellent role model for humbly putting in the work. But y'all prepare to grind it out during the summer. Speed of implementation, suspension of disbelief, and massive action (massive but intentional action if you have been in MOA a while)
DM me on @vaibhavbillykumar if you have any questions 馃榾 (please no dating questions and "colored pills" and all that stuff).
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