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MOA Las Vegas Free Learning Opportunity
The hardest part of MOA is getting started and building momentum I can help you with that. I was in MOA from Jan '22 to Q1 '23. You might have seen me in these testimonial videos: and I have a really busy and technically demanding job, I am an active investor in 2 small businesses and my hobbies are also pretty time-consuming lol. Meaning - I need help putting together events! I am looking for someone who is coachable, lives in Las Vegas, and has an optimistic long-term focused mindset. If you can't currently afford MOA (or are in MOA but struggling with making initial progress) this will be a great opportunity to learn how to build your social circle. I will show you IRL exactly what to do, how to put together a great fun event and how to grow your social circle. You will be a part of my social circle so you will be able to bypass the initial hard work of getting the wheel moving and get straight to scaling. I can make connections and arbitrage value, but I need someone to do the work of putting the pieces together and handling logistics. Manpower is my biggest constraint. I am very specific on the quality of people in my network so don't expect us to go out together and fill tables with tourists. Not a great fit if you want to be a promoter (though nothing wrong with that, lots of my friends do this). I want someone who is looking to grow their social circle but also their professional network and build core competency in other areas of their life. Note, that I am not teaching you anything new or different than what MOA teaches. I am just giving you a platform to do the steps Michael teaches if you are someone who is struggling with giving yourself permission (and helping me do more events while doing so) If you are interested please DM me on IG :
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Men of Action Program for a Busy Professional?
How realistic is Michael Sartain’s social circle program for a busy professional? I have a demanding job and don’t have the time to become a promoter or a photographer in order to throw photoshoots for models or consistently bring girls to a nightclub to get a free table. I took a look at the video testimonials from many of the guys here, and it looks like many of them essentially became photographers as a means of networking with the models. Are there guys here who are busy professionals and are able use Michael’s program to build a social circle with beautiful women without becoming a photographer/promoter? If so, what are some of the ways guys who are busy professionals here have done this? Thanks in advance.
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I do photoshoots and go to events btw but it costs me nothing to value arbitrage them. Maybe like 5-7 hrs of conversations and maybe 200-300 USD. I have a VA do all the inviting and with my next shoot, I have girls doing recruiting (this is an experiment btw so dont try it yet)
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@Alex A Dude its 110% feasible. There is no question. The question is who would be a good resource for you and not whether this is feasible. I would recommend myself but I do photoshoots so I dont meet your parameters but I am definitely a "busy professional". To be fair, I dont think doing shoots are mandatory but they are just so easy for me to put together now, the deal flow keeps getting better over time. Also pretty sure now Sartain does not recommend doing your own events for beginners so you wont be doing shoots anyways. Just ask him or @Anthony DiRico who would be a good reference to use for inspiration.
Project Lisbon Takeover ⚔️
Living in Lisbon for September and October. Will be taking MASSIVE action and documenting exactly what I do when starting at completely zero, in a foreign city, and not knowing anyone. Would love to link up with anyone else taking MASSIVE action who lives in the area IG: Leonard.DeBeer
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Good luck my dude. Excited to see what you learn from this experience
Morning motivation
I just had some random model with 1.2 million followers with a blue check mark like my story of some short video I took just walking in the gym after working out and I wasn’t even showing myself in the video lol. It’s kind of like interesting how I’ll get engagement from people who don’t even follow me on IG sometimes. I know I got a long way to go for building my personal brand and my IG, and I’m still a beginner, but I ain’t gonna lie, this was a little motivation for me this morning to keep going.
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@Don Juan exactly.its a bot doing the liking.....
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@Don Juan is she watching your stories regularly ?
Percieved Status is the Shortcut
Over the last ~1.25 years of following @Michael Sartain , I have started to realize the layers of complexity that accompany the word "status". It is now evident to me that "status" is not only crucial to making yourself attractive to the opposite sex, more importantly it gives you leverage to effect change in the world. And that power to effect change in the world is truly the goal. But the coolest thing I have realized about status is that the perception of status is a fucking shortcut. And even better, the fact we can use social media to warp that perception to benefit us is insane. The leverage social media provides us to demonstrate status, competency and access to scarce resources is absolutely INSANE. And you would be DUMB to not leverage it CORRECTLY Cool bro, how does this help me? You have to cultivate your social media AND your inperson persona and brand to make others perceive you in a favorable light. Sidebar : you have to keep the feedback loop open so you can close the loop and make changes to your brand as you get more experience. Here is my example: My current brand is that I am a socialite with awesome hobbies, beautiful friends, access to exclusive situations and overall success in business and career. Looking like a promoter with tattoos and being at tables for hours with girls twerking is not conducive to my brand even though in reality I am out 4-5 days a week. Thats social media. At social events, my brand is connected socialite and entrepreneur. I also never lead with "I can bring girls". Its not worked well for me in the past, I dont want to look like a promoter. I lead with exclusive events for charity (fundraisers), business and my experience and competency in my industry and how that relates to their work. Now ofcourse when they look at my stories and my IG, they see what I want them to see! But I never lead verbally/ overtly with the girls. If I cant find something to invite them, I am always making introductions or seeding introductions. Sometimes I suggest people to connect with I dont even know. When I meet new girls, the first thing I do is to introduce them to my other girl friends. People who know me in person know I am very charming but to be honest, most of the time I just sit back and let preselection do all the work for me and then I'll come in once she feels comfortable in this new environment of being around my girl friends and then use my charm.
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@Ans Khalid I walk over, smile and say “hi, my name is billy” that’s it. When you are at an exclusive event that’s all you gotta do. It’s extremely easy when you are approaching a group of guys or girls and you are there with a couple of girls. Introduce, gather what they do for a living and introduce your girl friends. Introducing girls to girls is insane bro you do that and sit back and grab a drink. If you are there alone, focus on your brand with the guys - connect and suggest and get to pulling out your phone to show your IG with the girls.
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@Steve Estro looking forward to seeing you at babes this week
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