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[MN] MTCE is happening in 5 days
Revolutionize Multi Family Office Management with Artificial Intelligence
Dear friends,I am excited to share the development of an innovative tool aimed at the multi family office market in Brazil. Our project consists of a personalized AI co-pilot that incorporates advanced RAG and fine-tuning techniques, enriched with customized data from each collaborator. How Does It Work? Our tool uses a gamification model that establishes a meritocratic system, benefiting both the individual collaborator and the company as a whole. The process begins with the mapping of processes using BPMN techniques and process management. This creates a virtuous cycle in which each collaborator actively contributes to the learning and evolution of the AI. At the heart of the system, the AI understands the operating modes of the company and the characteristics of its collaborators. This knowledge allows the AI to not only assist in daily tasks but also to empower collaborators by adapting to their needs and promoting a more efficient and engaged work environment. Commitment to Responsible AI Our commitment is to ensure that all development and application of AI adhere to the principles of Responsible AI, focusing on ethics, transparency, and data security. We are dedicated to creating a tool that not only meets operational needs but also promotes ethical and conscious interaction. Immediate Benefits:Continuous Training: The AI acts as a personal coach for collaborators, guiding them through new concepts and practices in artificial intelligence. Operational Efficiency: With a deep understanding of internal processes, the AI provides more effective management and quicker decision-making, boosting productivity. I am available for a pleasant chat about artificial intelligence. See you!
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Prompt Fuzzer: OSS vulnerability assessment to secure your GenAI Apps
This interactive tool assesses the security of your GenAI application's system prompt against dynamic LLM-based attacks and provides a security evaluation based on the outcome of the attack simulations, enabling you to strengthen your system prompt. The first interactive open-source GenAI vulnerability assessment, the Prompt Fuzzer! Brought to you by Prompt Security, this tool empowers GenAI app builders to enhance the resilience and safety of system prompts in GenAI apps. It allows users to test system prompts against a variety of simulated attacks, offering insights to strengthen their systems. So how does it work? ⚡Get the Prompt Fuzzer from GitHub: Simply go to the repository and start running the Prompt Fuzzer. Want to add more content to the Fuzzer? All contributions are welcome! ⚡Start testing your system prompt: The tool will run various dynamic llm-based attacks and return a security score and evaluation based on the outcomes of the tests ⚡Test yourself with the Playground! Iterate the settings on a chat format and harden your system prompt as many times as you like until it's safe and secure (
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Build Better Bots Faster
Ever felt confused when trying to build a Chat(bot)? Wish there was a clear path to follow? You’re not alone. Today, I’m excited to share DIRECT, a new framework I created to make GPT bot-building easier. Please have a look at my latest LinkedIn article and let me know if DIRECT helps you! Better yet, try DIRECT out for yourself or reach out to me and we can walk through a live workshop.
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Is Mobile AI Worth It?
You can NEVER have too much Mobile AI!! -Perplexity Premium -Google Gemini Premium -OpenAI ChatGPT Premium -Microsoft CoPilot Premium -Canva Premium -Groq (X) Premium -Meta Meta.AI (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger) And then; POE (One AI To Rule Them All!!) I get asked "consistently" which ones to use for different use cases. From Healthcare to Science to Education to even been asked which was best to write up a divorce in another language. All since last January!! On multiple continents. The "nuts and bolts" of AI (ml/nlp) or serious prompt chaining methods are beyond what people and business cares about. "How do I get results?" is the crux of questions. And fast. So I eliminate the "crazy talk" because talking outputs carbon dioxide which increases global warming and climate change. I do what I can. So yes, they all upgrade fast. New open source models mean new capabilities almost daily. Like a roller-coaster ride at Six Flags Over Texas!! Just plain fun, Y'all!!
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Udio - One AI Music App to Rule Them All
On Wednesday, a group of ex-DeepMind employees launched Udio, a new AI music-synthesis service that can create novel high-fidelity musical audio from written prompts, including user-provided lyrics. It's similar to Suno, which we covered on Monday. With some key human input, Udio can create facsimiles of human-produced music in genres like country, barbershop quartet, German pop, classical, hard rock, hip hop, show tunes, and more. It's currently free to use during a beta period. But as impressive as the Udio songs first seem from a technical AI-generation standpoint (not necessarily judging by musical merit), its generation capability isn't perfect. We experimented with its creation tool, and the results felt less impressive than those created by Suno. The high-quality musical samples showcased on Udio's site likely resulted from a lot of creative human input (such as human-written lyrics) and cherry-picking the best compositional parts of songs out of many generations. In fact, Udio lays out a five-step workflow to build a 1.5-minute-long song in an FAQ.
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