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[Seattle] Microsoft Build is happening in 9 hours
🌟 START HERE- Welcome to the I❤️ AI Community! 🌟
Hello New Members! Please read the entire post! You've joined a dynamic AI community, and we're thrilled to have you. Introduce Yourself! In the comments, share: 1. Your Background: Quick intro about yourself. 2. AI Interests: What excites you in AI? 3. Goals: What you aim to learn and contribute here. Why Introduce Yourself? - Build Connections: Meet fellow AI enthusiasts. - Personalize Your Experience: Help us tailor content to your interests. - Engage & Inspire: Your story can motivate others. Next Steps: - Understand the rules: No promotional posts (that means no pitching), only post good and valuable content to help your peers learn and grow, be kind, act with integrity and be respectful in the community. There is a zero-tolerance policy against pitching, self promotion and/or spammy posts. We ban first, ask questions later. Only post valuable content that you know the community will be grateful for. - Start liking and commenting on members posts - Participate in Events and Challenges. - Engage with our community through Discussions and Activities. We’re excited to see your introduction and have you as part of our AI journey! 👇 Say Hi Here 👇
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Community Guidelines for Mindful and Respectful Engagement
Welcome to our vibrant community of learners and leaders! As we grow, I thought it would be good to clarify our community guidelines. If you see something, say something. Report any violations by selecting the post and reporting it to our moderators. To ensure our space remains a beacon of growth, kindness, and mutual respect, please adhere to the following principles: 1. No Promotional Content: Our community thrives on genuine knowledge exchange. To maintain this environment, we strictly prohibit promotional posts, pitches, or any form of self-promotion. Our focus is on learning, not selling. 2. Value Above All: Before sharing, ask yourself if your content enriches our community. Share insights, experiences, and knowledge that can help peers learn and grow. Content should inspire innovation, provide practical advice, and foster an inclusive atmosphere. DO NOT use AI Generation tools to mass produce content in this community, just speak from your experience and your heart. Authentic communications only. 3. Kindness and Respect: Embrace empathy, compassion, and respect in every interaction. Understand that behind each post and comment is a person striving to learn and improve. Treat others with the kindness and dignity they deserve. 4. Integrity in Action: Act with integrity and honesty. Your contributions should reflect congruency in thoughts, words, and actions, fostering a community built on trust and transparency. 5. Zero-Tolerance Policy: We have a zero-tolerance policy for pitching, self-promotion, and spammy posts (including post written by AI tools). Our community prioritizes safety and respect, and as such, we enforce this rule strictly. Violators will be banned without prior warning to protect the integrity of our shared space. By joining our community, you commit to being a “Lamplighter”—a beacon of love, ambition, mindfulness, purpose, and leadership. Together, we can illuminate the path to a more inclusive, innovative, and responsible world. Thank you for contributing to a space where technology leaders can thrive, innovate responsibly, and lead with a heart of service.
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Don't forget, you can invite your friends!!
Don't forget, you can invite your friends!! This is a free group, open to anyone! Just send them over to You are my OG's and we will be over a 100 members in no time! Thanks for leading in a time of exciting change across every industry.
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AI Trainers
I'm currently working with a major consulting firm. We are looking for a AI learning and development instructional designer/facilitator to deliver mostly virtual training programs, with some in person. Please let me know if you or someone you know might be interested
Feedback and Ideas on a NEW YouTube Channel @AiDigitalHumanist
Hi All! Late last week, I connected with Justin Nelson on LinkedIn - . Justin runs a weekly newsletter called "AIHQ Insider," which is a free subscription. After a brief interaction, Justin was very interested in the AI work I was doing, and I showed him an example of a LinkedIn #opentowork post generator I'm building. I demoed it on his own profile, and he was blown away! He said, "you must share this with the world, because it will help many people and get people interested in what you can do with AI." After a bit of discussion, he convinced me the best approach for this was to create some short, easily consumable, actionable videos on helpful AI solutions, tips, and tricks via YouTube and LinkedIn. Long story short, that led me to create a new YouTube channel called, "The AI Digital Humanist" with the following URL -- Here is the channel description: Embark on a journey where empathy meets innovation. With a people-first approach, we inspire positive change in the business world through AI. We’re dedicated to empowering and elevating every individual’s experience with technology. Dive into content that explores the profound impact of digital advancements on life, culture, art, and human expression. Join our vibrant community for enriching insights. For collaborations and business inquiries, let’s connect and drive the future of digital humanity together. I would love your feedback and ideas to build on this concept. Do you like the idea, or should I go in a different direction? Many thanks in advance, brilliant colleagues.
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