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Welcome to the I❤️ AI Community, founded by Noelle Russell at the AI Leadership Institute.
Since our inception in 2015, we've been pioneering in the realm of artificial intelligence, focusing on ethical and innovative AI solutions. This community is a rich tapestry of AI professionals, enthusiasts, and those newly curious about AI, all dedicated to crafting a future where AI is used responsibly.
Here's what our community offers:
  1. Inclusive AI Keynotes: A series of insightful talks highlighting the importance of diversity and ethics in AI.
  2. AI Podcasts & Panels: Engage with thought-provoking discussions on inclusivity in AI, featuring leading experts in the field.
  3. AI Demos & Walk-throughs: Get hands-on with AI through interactive demonstrations and detailed walk-throughs of AI applications.
  4. AI GitHub Solution Accelerators: Explore our handpicked selection of GitHub repositories designed to accelerate your AI projects.
.... and so much more! Join us today!
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I ❤️ AI Community
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