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Rasean Miller is a driven and focused young entrepreneur who has had success identifying trends and capitalizing on them.
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Giving leaders the powerful tools they need to delegate without losing control and build a team that doesn't need micromanaging.
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AI Consultant & Educator | MBA | I Ex-Hyundai Trainer | Ex-Agency Owner | Prev 🎾 Pro; University Prof👨🏻 | Entrepreneur | Making 400+ more efficient
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Professional 👨🏾‍💻No Code Ops Expert who teach the fundamentals of 🤖A.I, ⚡Automations, 🌐WordPress & 🚀High Level so you can make MRR💸.
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Los Angeles, California
Seasoned digital marketing specialist with over 4 years of experience in crafting impactful SEO and SEM campaigns.
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What's there to say
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🤖 IA para Ventas y Marketing 👨‍🏫 Acompaño negocios a implementar IA
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I am a transformational executive and the founder of Definitive Innovations, a business consulting company specializing in Operational Excellence.
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Mother | Technologist | Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Leader | Data & AI Strategist
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Software Engineer with 3+ years of experience building robust and scalable software systems. Possesses strong knowledge in AI and Data Engineering.
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I Help Entreprenuers To Hit Level 7 of Scale by Upgrading Their Business Operating System 🎯
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Am a customer service specialist that loves what I do and want to add AI into my expertise.
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Over 30 years of experince in Human Capital Strategy, thought leadership, and emotional intelligence. Vice President Human Resources and Admin.
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Port Huron, MI
IT Professional | GBA Certified Blockchain Consultant | Peer Reviewer for Blockchain in Healthcare Today (BHTY)
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Savannah, GA
PRISM AI CONSULTANTS empowers entrepreneurs and high-achievers to harness the power of AI for growth and scalability.
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artist, designer, author | exploring character and virtual fashion design with LeonardoAI, Midjourney, and StarryAI.
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Lady's Island, SC
Consulting EU and Vietnam, Real estate
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Adventure to excellence Med student🇷🇴, skydiving champion🇨🇭, wild human
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I heart AI too
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IT professional with a three-decade IT career. Continually learning, adapting and evolving. Leading with empathy, I blend AI with innovation.
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Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
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SaaS founder
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Tech geek, troublemaker, problem solver and dogooder. Helped over 1000 founders launch startups. On a mission to harness AI for good.
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Mike Pina, founder of AI RocketShip LLC, empowers small businesses with AI tools and training, focusing on community, networking, and events.
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Miramar - Miami - Florida
Designer/Illustrator with 10 years of experience and Compliance Coordinator with 5 years in non-profit state/federal regulatory compliance.
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Learn from the best
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MidMarket Alliance shares all the best ways to maximize private business value! We are building a specialized search platform (a shared brain).
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I help people replace their 9-5 with online income. Generating leads through organic content.
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Diane Gandara is a Silicon Valley Networker & Sales Leader who cross networks to bridge aCommunity of Cybersecuity Non-Profits, Practitioners, Sales
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