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CAIO 🚨Job Alert🚨
As you may or may not know, the government is on the hunt for a CAIO for every federal agency! Here’s one! Chief AI Officer Office of Personnel Management
New comment 21h ago
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@Joe Blaty this is a good one for you!!
🚨Job Alert: AI Strategist
Please let Agit know I sent you if you have an interest. Rate is $125-175/hour depending on experience! Title: AI Strategist Duration: 06+ Months Location: Tampa, FL (2-3 days onsite per week) Responsibilities: Strategic Planning: Develop and refine the company's AI strategy, aligning it with overall business goals and objectives. Identify and prioritize AI opportunities drive business growth and operational efficiency. AI Integration: Work closely with cross-functional teams integrate AI technologies in existing business processes and systems. Lead the design and implementation of AI solutions that address key business challenges. Research and Development: Stay abreast of the latest advancements in AI and machine learning, assessing their potential impact on the business. Conduct feasibility studies and pilot projects evaluate the benefits of new AI technologies. Data Strategy: Oversee the collection, management, and analysis of data support AI initiatives. Ensure the ethical use of AI and compliance with relevant data privacy regulations. Stakeholder Collaboration: Communicate AI strategies and progress senior management and other stakeholders. Provide training and guidance employees on AI applications and best practices. Performance Monitoring: Establish metrics and KPIs measure the success and impact of AI initiatives. Continuously monitor and optimize AI systems to ensure they deliver desired outcomes. Qualifications: Proven experience in AI strategy development and implementation. Strong understanding of AI technologies, machine learning algorithms, and data analytics. Demonstrated ability to lead cross-functional teams and manage complex projects. Excellent communication and presentation skills, with the ability to convey complex AI concepts to non-technical stakeholders. Strong problem-solving skills and a strategic mindset. Familiarity with data privacy laws and ethical considerations in AI. Ajit Balip 732-290-4418
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@Jess Hall darn! I'll keep my eye out!
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@Joe Blaty yes! That’s how it’s done! Great idea!
Building on AI knowledge to build real world aplplications !
Hi Noel and all the members , I'm currently doing the following course: MIT Sloan + CSAIL Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy Program. While I'm learning about these concepts I'm also thinking about how to apply these concepts in the real world, would love to hear your and other members thoughts on this. Thanks
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Real world applications are my favorite! I know a few members have some great experiences! @Elison Maclaud Barbeta-Comstock in marketing @Joe Blaty in Strategy @Lisa Griffith in tax @Barbara Pender in retail and finance Any anyone else who can chime in?
AI Hub
I just found this on LinkedIn, "Join the first AI Hub in the world as a Creator or AI enthusiast. Read more details about all the opportunities here."
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They won’t be the last to say they are “the first” or “ the only” Or even the “best”. Thanks for sharing! Finding communities you want to learn from and teach what you know is so important! Thank you!
Good Morning, AI : OpenAI updates, HeyGen Updates, HoverAI unboxing
Check out my latest LinkedIn Live (on YouTube 😂)
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@Harold Meadows haha yes, rabbit holes everywhere!
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@Marília Varoni I was totally going to GIF a reply! Yours is way better!
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