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Moderna + AI
AI in Medicine is a use case that I'm intrigued with especially regarding clinical trials. Exploring this technology within the healthcare arena will yield interesting challenges & advances.
Novel & niche business ideas using ChatGPT
What do you think about this? AI dating coach built on top ChatGPT makes $190K/month!
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@Joe Blaty I'm curious as to effective implementation as well
Welcome to our new members! Please take a moment to say HI!
Welcome to Our AI Community! Hello everyone! Please join me in giving a warm welcome to our newest members. We're excited to have you join us as we explore and innovate in the world of ethical and innovative AI. Dive into our resources, participate in discussions, and contribute to our shared mission. Welcome aboard! 🚀🌟 If you are new here, this is a new weekly post for all our new members to introduce themselves to the community! Let us know who you are, how you serve and how you can be served! If you introduced yourself in a previous post, feel free to just say hi! @Richard Bunker @Sherlyn Castillo @Srinivasa Raju Addepalli @Nandi Ntsaluba @Fateh Ahmed @Scott Ingram @Melvin Mitchell @Brian Westpoint @Raza Sadiq @Patricia Brito @Karolina Jaworska @Charles Talbot @Vijeta Digarse @Nghi Tran @Sophia Fourie @Ciarra Ashley @Carey Dunn @Oluwafemi Adelekan @Renee Wilder @Diana Torres Viasus @Misty Richardson So excited you all are here!
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Hello & Welcome, @Michael Pina 👋🏽 Look forward to learning more about you & AI RocketShip LLC.
Hi I'm Richard out of Tampa
I've been running a Facebook marketing agency for 10 years now and I'm fascinated with AI and how it can help businesses streamline processes and follow up with customers. Thanks for having me in the group!
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Welcome Richard👋🏽
Feedback and Ideas on a NEW YouTube Channel @AiDigitalHumanist
Hi All! Late last week, I connected with Justin Nelson on LinkedIn - . Justin runs a weekly newsletter called "AIHQ Insider," which is a free subscription. After a brief interaction, Justin was very interested in the AI work I was doing, and I showed him an example of a LinkedIn #opentowork post generator I'm building. I demoed it on his own profile, and he was blown away! He said, "you must share this with the world, because it will help many people and get people interested in what you can do with AI." After a bit of discussion, he convinced me the best approach for this was to create some short, easily consumable, actionable videos on helpful AI solutions, tips, and tricks via YouTube and LinkedIn. Long story short, that led me to create a new YouTube channel called, "The AI Digital Humanist" with the following URL -- Here is the channel description: Embark on a journey where empathy meets innovation. With a people-first approach, we inspire positive change in the business world through AI. We’re dedicated to empowering and elevating every individual’s experience with technology. Dive into content that explores the profound impact of digital advancements on life, culture, art, and human expression. Join our vibrant community for enriching insights. For collaborations and business inquiries, let’s connect and drive the future of digital humanity together. I would love your feedback and ideas to build on this concept. Do you like the idea, or should I go in a different direction? Many thanks in advance, brilliant colleagues.
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Absolutely ❤️ the idea! 😉 I've heard commentary that after the initial "play with it" scenarios, people don't know where to go to next. Illustrating how to incorporate AI into people's daily workflows is a great place to start. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance.
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