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AI Dream Job! Tell me Yours!
What role would you want if you could wave a magic wand and have the career of your dreams in the world of AI? Think big and share with the community! You never know who could be in this room that can help make that dream a reality. Drop your dream job below.
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AI Dream Job! Tell me Yours!
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@Clem Renoleau ooh that sounds like quite an actual achievable dream!!
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@Clem Renoleau hahah, consider adding an automation workflow tool to your arsenal? that's next level when impressing your colleagues!
Resources for Teaching AI to Older Folks
Hi everyone, Iโ€™ve been trying to teach my parents and older family members about AI and am looking for resources to help supplement the work I do with them. If youโ€™ve had any success explaining AI to less tech involved family, what kind of language and analogies do you use? Also feel free to share any experiences/insights regarding this topic as well Thank you in advance!
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I have a fun idea for you, and its actually really easy to set up... go to - from there make a new assistant, pick one of the templates that seems closest... look at the instructions that are in the template... copy and paste that into your favorite llm (like chatgpt) and give instructions 'using this as an example template, write me a new set of instructions to teach my grandfather all about ai... ensure that the instructions are very comprehensive in patience, taking things slow, using simple words, etc etc' then paste those new instructions into the assistant... publish... click the demo link on the top right, sit down with your grandpa and open the link... and watch the magic! @Keith Curry
๐Ÿš€ Powerful Quick Tip: Attract More Clients with Your Skool Profile ๐ŸŒŸ
Want to stand out and get more consulting gigs through Skool? Here's a simple yet powerful tip: Highlight Your Consulting Services ๐Ÿ’ผ 1. Website Link: Add your website link to your Skool profile. 2. Mention Consulting: In your 'about', explicitly state "I offer consulting services." 3. Bonus Tip: Consider mentioning "Free initial consultation" if you offer it. 4. Easy Scheduling: Ensure your website has a clear "Book a Consultation" button. Why This Works - Clarity: Visitors instantly know you're available for hire. - Low Barrier: Free consultations encourage more people to reach out. - Convenience: Easy scheduling turns interest into action. Bonus tips: - ๐Ÿ“ Set up a portfolio on your website so people can get a real understanding of your capabilities - ๐ŸŒ Don't have a website? Use Google Calendar (so people can schedule time with you) + Google Meet (free high quality meeting solution) + Bitly (a way to shorten/clean up the links) - ๐Ÿ“ธ I noticed a lot of folks haven't filled out their profile completely, that's a must! I'm not a good example of this but having an epic profile photo can create a powerful impression instantly. Are you completely new?: - Start offering your service for free or minimal cost to your personal network - you won't have to worry about being nervous trying to sell something to your sister, and it can help you get a footing on how to deal with questions. - You can have ChatGPT or whichever LLM you like to create an outline for consultation meetings - Offer a money-back guarantee at the beginning - this makes conversions easier - Over-deliver on the follow-up to a consultation. I use a note-transcribing app so everything we talk about is transcribed. Use that + AI to build an awesome follow up report including actionable steps for the client. Remember: In the busy Skool community, being clear about your services and making it easy to connect can set you apart. Try it and watch your consultations grow! โœจ
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@Ketema Thomas Pleasure to serve!!
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@Janai Fd Hah, yeah people will click on your profile (strangely enough). Also making sure you LinkedIn profile is fully filled out in a thoughtful way is very important. (With AI it is super easy)
Prompt of the Day
Share a prompt you used today! Drop it in the comments below ๐Ÿ‘‡ Could be for any task or reason. Give one, get one (or more!) If you havenโ€™t prompted today, go for it and let us know!
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Prompt of the Day
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"You will now act as a prompt generator for a generative AI called "Leonardo AI"". Leonardo AI generates images based on given prompts. I will provide you basic information required to make a Stable Diffusion prompt, You will never alter the structure in any way and obey the following guidelines.Basic information required to make Leonardo AI prompt:- Prompt structure:- Photorealistic Images prompt structure will be in this format ""Subject Description in details with as much as information can be provided to describe image, Type of Image, Art Styles, Art Inspirations, Camera, Shot, Render Related Information""- Artistic Image Images prompt structure will be in this format "" Type of Image, Subject Description, Art Styles, Art Inspirations, Camera, Shot, Render Related Information""- Word order and effective adjectives matter in the prompt. The subject, action, and specific details should be included. Adjectives like cute, medieval, or futuristic can be effective.- The environment/background of the image should be described, such as indoor, outdoor, in space, or solid color.- The exact type of image can be specified, such as digital illustration, comic book cover, photograph, or sketch.- Art style-related keywords can be included in the prompt, such as steampunk, surrealism, or abstract expressionism.- Pencil drawing-related terms can also be added, such as cross-hatching or pointillism.- Curly brackets are necessary in the prompt to provide specific details about the subject and action. These details are important for generating a high-quality image.- Art inspirations should be listed to take inspiration from. Platforms like Art Station, Dribble, Behance, and Deviantart can be mentioned. Specific names of artists or studios like animation studios, painters and illustrators, computer games, fashion designers, and film makers can also be listed. If more than one artist is mentioned, the algorithm will create a combination of styles based on all the influencers mentioned.- Related information about lighting, camera angles, render style, resolution, the required level of detail, etc. should be included at the end of the prompt.- Camera shot type, camera lens, and view should be specified. Examples of camera shot types are long shot, close-up, POV, medium shot, extreme close-up, and panoramic. Camera lenses could be EE 70mm, 35mm, 135mm+, 300mm+, 800mm, short telephoto, super telephoto, medium telephoto, macro, wide angle, fish-eye, bokeh, and sharp focus. Examples of views are front, side, back, high angle, low angle, and overhead.- Helpful keywords related to resolution, detail, and lighting are 4K, 8K, 64K, detailed, highly detailed, high resolution, hyper detailed, HDR, UHD, professional, and golden ratio. Examples of lighting are studio lighting, soft light, neon lighting, purple neon lighting, ambient light, ring light, volumetric light, natural light, sun light, sunrays, sun rays coming through window, and nostalgic lighting. Examples of color types are fantasy vivid colors, vivid colors, bright colors, sepia, dark colors, pastel colors, monochromatic, black & white, and color splash. Examples of renders are Octane render, cinematic, low poly, isometric assets, Unreal Engine, Unity Engine, quantum wavetracing, and polarizing filter.- The weight of a keyword can be adjusted by using the syntax (((keyword))) , put only those keyword inside ((())) which is very important because it will have more impact so anything wrong will result in unwanted picture so be careful.The prompts you provide will be in English. Please pay attention:- Concepts that can't be real would not be described as ""Real"" or ""realistic"" or ""photo"" or a ""photograph"". for example, a concept that is made of paper or scenes which are fantasy related.- One of the prompts you generate for each concept must be in a realistic photographic style. you should also choose a lens type and size for it. Don't choose an artist for the realistic photography prompts.- Separate the different prompts with two new lines.Important points to note :1. Must be in vbnet code block for easy copy-paste and only provide prompt. Make a prompt for an Illustration of this article summary: {{198.choices[].message.content}}.ย Award winning journalistic illustration. Graphic novel. Featured on Artstation.
What is your favorite AI class you have taken so far?
So many of us are learning and taking classes every day! What are some of your favorites and why do you like them? Provide the link so we can find it! Bonus points for sharing what you hope to see in future courses.
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What is your favorite AI class you have taken so far?
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@Noelle Russell I think I'm most fascinated by AI Agent Teams... Like Flowise is completely free Agentic Team solution you can install on your local machine. Then you can install an open source LLM on your local machine if its beefy enough... then you can have a full local team of AI agents working together to accomplish tasks via tools and back-forth communication.
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@Mauricio Lopez yeah its nuts... there is one video that if i showed it to you, your head would explode!!!!
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