Celebrating your Wins!

Hey everyone and welcome to all our new community members! There is a pinned message from me regarding first steps if you are new here and how to get the most out of this community.

Some of us have been here for a few months now, which seems like an eternity in AI world, LOL, so if there is anyone who wants to share a little about how they are applying what they learned from this group so we can celebrate your wins! Everyone fails from time to time and we seem to focus more on what we did wrong and not spend time celebrating what we did right. So if anyone wants to share something you have been able to accomplish since learning about ChatGPT and what AI has helped you with in your business or life, I'd love to hear it and I'm sure your fellow community members would too!

I'll start. I became certified in Chat GPT after taking

's course and got super excited about the possibilities. After that it felt like a fire hose of information each and every day for the next couple of months and I felt somewhat overwhelmed. I started keeping track of links, videos, prompts and articles using Notion.ai and then created a few chatbots just to practice and see how it worked. Then I created a website so I could use it to show clients how the bots worked and set up a YouTube channel using some AI tools and put up a couple of how to videos regarding building prompts correctly. Then I created an Etsy site and put office related products with an AI theme, coffee mugs with AI sayings, desk mats using Midjourney to create the artwork and a 2024 calendar using Midjourney to create the digital art for each month. Everything is up and running but I haven't really done any marketing yet but I now know the possibilities of what AI can do for me.


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